Aryukta – Part 3

Sorry guys for the late update
Ff begins
At girls room
K – sanyu aryan said somthing
S – no ….
Sa – what this is not fair
V – yes he should have said somthing so not done
S – leave this and lets go for pkcs class
Boys room
Parth coughed
A-what ?
P – i didnt said anything but ifbyou want to say something you can tell
R- yes we are best freinds
A – no lets go for the class

In pkc class
Everyone is there ecept for sanyu and aryan
They both enter and smile
Sanyu and aryan was occupied by yoyo and kausto as aryan , parth and randhir sit together and sanyu , vids and tanya sit together
Kausto and yoyo sit at the last row were there are only two seats
S- kausto go to your seat na
A -yoyo go to your seat
Kausto nd yoyo said together that seatat last is for fresh lovers now you both have to seat there
Pkc- sanyu and aryan whats the problem the last two seats are empty go and sit there
They both went there and sat
They were not looking at each other
Sanyu s pen fall down and she sat down to pick it up so does aryan
Then they have an eye lock sanyu holds aryans hand ten aryan kiss sanyu
Pkc turns back and look and said where is sanyu and aryan
Everyone also get shock as they didnt knew were they were
The bell rang pkc went out
R – where they wwnt any idea
K – nope
Sa – i think romantic date par gaye honge
P – maybe lets go but we wont ask them anything ok
V- ok

Sanyu and aryan broke their first kiss sanyu got so shy that she got red like a tomato and ran out aryan littraly started dancing
Everyone gathered in the hall as there was a special annoncement
Pkc – thankyou students for gathering this is to say sorry for dylaying the freshers party due to some tecnical issue so only 1 days left for your freshers party
All the girls shouted what
V – i have buy drees
Sa – accesories
K – shoes
Tanya – make up
S – think about new hair style
R – yaar these gils only think about dreeses and stuff but we have to think about important thing like you know
All the girl oh shut up
All the boys ecept aryan why should we
And the fight started sandhir ,vidarth ,vishad and tanya but this time yoyo and kausto also started fighting
Aryan got counfused how to stop this fight
Sanaya was sitting laughing and said bhai bow i know how we would look while fighting
A -shut up and help me stop them
Sa – ok fine

First they stopped kausto and yoyo as they were not using there hands
Then vishad and tanya and vidarth
After that the most dangerous fight sandhirs
A – sanyu plz stop
Sa – randhir plz stop na
R -tell her to stop
S – no i wont
Then every one pulled them apart
A – ok girls i have a car i will take you shoping
All the girls together aww you are so sweet ♥♡
All the boy were in shock
P – no need i will take vids with me there will be no space in the car for her
V – we are really thin we can fit
Parth cluched her hand and said i will take you there thats it
R – ok ok i got an idea we all boys have bike we all take a girl with us
K -no need
And all the girls went with aryan in his car exept kausto
K- i forgive you yoyo lets go
Y – oji sachi bale bale
They went in the bike

In the mall
All girls were busy in shopping
Yoyo and aryan were talking about the party
Sanyu was really counfused between two dresses
Aryan got up and went to sanyu
A – so what happen
S- accually i am really counfused im both of these dress
Aryan holded her hand and put it on the black dress
A- you will look preety in black
Then they have an eyelock
Aryan then went away
After 5-6 hours the girls were done with there shopping
Sa – bhai pay my bill fast i am really tired
A -sanaya kya puri dukan karid li hai
Sa – mann to kar raha tha leken
A – rehne do
Aryan payed for sanaya and sanyu
S – aryan no need i will pay for it
Everyone went i the car
A -i have the full right on this after today
Sanyu smiled
And they went the car
They reach FITE everyone was sleepy so they went to there rooms but sanyu slept in the car so aryan picked her up and dropped her to her room
And he went to his room and slept
They both dreamed that they were singing sab tera

Precap-romantic moment in the freshers party

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    Aria don’t show aryan always win over rd like you did in shopping debate please give equal preference to him as his character was actually charm of the show .he was the loved character in every poll of sadda haq and don’t glorify aryan that much

    1. Aria

      Accually ths ff is about aryan so i have to make him in every thime but my next ff would be about sandhir as i like both couples equally

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