Swasan: love rekindles part 1

Hey guys I’m back with the first part of my ff
Thanks for supporting me and continue to do so criticism is also welcome coz it’ll help me to improve

Note :guys I forgot to tell the age of season children
Samaira:25 yrs
Sparsh:22 yrs
Shweta:20 yrs
And also sanskar lives in Australia with his children

Let’s begin
Kitchen is shown
A woman is seen cooking breakfast
Woman:sam baccha come fast your in-laws will come in sometime have your breakfast and be ready

Yes the woman is swara she is wearing a Saree just like shomi uses to wear before her marriage

A girl comes and hugs her from behind
Girl:mom don’t stress yourself I’m ready and my in laws won’t mind me being late bcoz you’ve chosen a very good family for me

The girl is samaira
SWARA:oh so buttering is going on anyways it’s you who have chosen your in-laws and to be hubby and came and told me that mom I’m in love

Samaira:offo mom now stop teasing me
Swara:but seriously now my gudita rani will go away from me to her in-laws house and I’ll be alone
She said teary eyed
Samaira wiped her tears and said:mom plz don’t cry or else I’m not going anywhere nor I’m marrying
Swara:arre don’t say like this and ita normal while marriage time to be emotional and you can’t stop me OK chalo now eat fast

They at and ate their breakfast
After breakfast
Samaira:mom were you also tensed before marriage
Swara:yes beta I was so tensed but Sanskar supposed me his love supported me
She said absent minded but after realizing it she looked here and there and teary eyed
Samaira:you still love dad no
Swara:leave it OK now I’m telling till marriage you have to spend time with me OK
Samaira:don’t change the topic mom I know you miss him but don’t show anyways he’s coming 2Moro right
Swara :hmm your father is coming and Sparah and shweta are also coming don’t know how they will react sewing me
Samaira:oh mom they will be happy seeing g you they love you

Swara nodded while Samaira in-laws came they talked about some Important the GA and then they left and samaira left with karan Fri a lunch date and movie date

Swara was alone now she sat and thought
Swara(mono):tomorrow your are coming how will I face you but what you did after that I don’t think I would have seen your face but for our daughter I’m doi g it I’ll have to face you

Screen shifts to Australia Sanskar house

Sanskar is seen sitting in his study completing his work so that he can enjoy in his daughter wedding
After work
Sanskar(mono):finally I’m goi g to India never thought will go to India will meet her but destiny has its own plans I guess I’ve to see her

Shweta and sparsh corm to him
Sparsh:dad I’m so excited to meet mumma and di
Shweta:yeah I miss di so much but don’t know why mom left us doesn’t she live us
Sparsh:princess don’t say like this
Shweta shooked her head
Sparsh:dad you’re also excited no to meet mom and di oops sorry
Sanskar was sad but didn’t want to show but his children knew it

Precap:Sanskar shweta and sparsh in Mumbai
May be shaken meet

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