Sangini – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – The Happy times have started

“Hawww” Lavanya’s mouth forms an O as she stares at an extremely busy Ruhaan in her arms frisking the tube attached to her hand. He stares at her afraid with wide eyes and coos making Lavanya smile, “Oh no no baby, bua is fine” she says nudging him and he smiles at her widely again and grabs her locket.

“Ruh… ” Swara tries to scold him but Lavanya signs her not to, “Please Bhabhi, I’m so bored of this hospital and Tv don’t snatch my only source of entertainment please… ” she pleads with puppy eyes.

Swara sighs, “Fine, I’m not snatching him but he’s not letting you rest Lav.” She comes and stands next to Ruhaan, “Baby, bad manners” she says trying to remove the Locket from his hand but his grip seems too tight to budge.

Swara frowns, “Leave it Ruh or you’ll choke your Bua” she reprimands. Ruhaan stares back at Lavanya as if asking her permission and she couldn’t help but smile at her cute nephew. “No baby, Ruh never hurts his Bua. Mumma is being bad scolding you like this, Bad Mumma!”

Ruhaan glees as if agreeing to her last two words making Swara frown, “Shaitaan!” she holds his ear lightly making his eyes watery.

Swara holds her hand back as Ruhaan starts crying, she feels bad but thanks to Lavanya’s antiques and stupid expressions Ruhaan’s cries change into cute laughs. His cries seemed to have alerted someone because Swara’s phone starts ringing, “Ragini” she exhales.

“Swara, is Ruh fine?” Ragini asks her extremely worried, “Yeah! What can happen to him when his parents are here” she replies back sheepishly.

This time both Ruhaan and Lavanya give a blank stare to Swara. She stares at Lavanya, “Because he annoyed you” then to Ruhaan, “Because I’m a good mother.”

“Hahaha” laughs Laksh entering the hospital room making both Swara and the nurse glare at him and whisper yell in unison, “Behave, its a hospital Sir/ Laksh!”

“Sorry” he murmurs holding his ears, “But I just couldn’t help it wify, take it you are a good wife and bahu and all” he winks walking towards her as the door behind him shuts. “But a good mumma? Thats totally my Bhabhi”


“Yeah, I mean our bhabhi” he says moving towards Lavanya and side hugging her. He kisses her hair and Ruhaan frowns, “Jealous are we?” Lakshya teases forwarding his arms towards him but Ruhaan seems to have something more important to do.

“Swara?” Ragini tries keeping calm, “Ouch!” comes Sanskar’s voice through the phone making everyone amused.

“Ragini!” Ragini stares at Sanskar guiltily and removes her foot from his, “If heels could kill I would’ve been dead by now” he says rubbing his foot as she hits the breaks.

“I’m sorry” she murmurs getting her hands of the stirring wheel and rubbing Sanskar’s back. “Does it hurt?”

“No, I’m just checking to see whether my foot exists jaan” he gives her a fake smile. Lavanya and Laksh start laugh at the other side, Swara too couldn’t control and bursts out into laughter.

“Even in pain Mr. Maheshwari calls her jaan so romantic and look at this idiot of mine sleeping all the time” Lavanya complains staring at a sleeping harsh next to her on the hospital seat.

“IDIOT OF MINE?” Laksh and Sanskar both yell at the same time. Laksh stares at Lavanya as Swara mumbles, “Guess the brothers have got their nerves on bye bye sister” Sanskar tries to take the cellphone from Ragini who switches it off immediately and throws at the back seat. Sanskar glares at her, “I wanted an explanation!”

Ragini flinches, “Okay! but not on phone. We are going to the hospital only Sanskar, continue your interrogation session there.” She hits the gas pedal and drives off not letting Sanskar to speak any further.

“Laksh?” Laksh’s fists are clenched as he stares at an oblivious Harsh laying on the hospital seat and rubbing his eyes innocently, “What happened any problem?”

“Since when?” Laksh shoots making Lavanya flinch, “were you sleeping here?” Swara tries to complete her stupid husband who has got his super possessive brother mode on.

“Huh?” Harsh frowns but then Lavanya stops him from speaking further, “I’m hungry harsh get me some food now!” Harsh jumps up his seat, “What’s with you two siblings and yelling at me?” he asks leaving the room.

Swara shakes her head slightly thinking, “Not two but three three Harsh! Three brothers to handle” she stares up at the ceiling, “Please help him and protect him too god ji.”

Laksh turns to Lavanya who immediately shifts her gaze towards Ruhaan, “Please save me from your Daddy, tell him he’s making me afraid by glaring like this” she makes a puppy face at Ruhaan and he bursts out into giggles.

Laksh walks to her, “You know what you said might better be a slip of tongue or we both brothers won’t be that much horrific but he has three more men to handle” Laksh sits next to her shrugging his shoulders. “Who Adarsh bhai? He’s so sweet, Papa and Chachu seriously? What can they do?”

“Well, you are really taking them the wrong way Lav… ” Swara widens her eyes and keeps her hand on Lavanya’s shoulder…

“You and my sister No problem at all!” Adarsh says calmly smiling at Dhruv who eases up. Laksh glares at his brother and is about to say, “But there are a few conditions which you need to fulfill or I won’t mind killing you and get someone even better for her. Actually theres no one better than us three brothers for her so yeah after your dead probably she’ll stay here with us forever.” Adarsh nods at his own statement making Laksh stare at his big brother proudly, “Bhai, I’ll help you too in this”

All the Ladies stare at the duo in disbelief, “Adarsh ji!” Pari hits her husband on his shoulder “He’s already so much afraid and your talking of killing him?”

“What’s wrong in that Pari?” Adarsh asks her innocently.

Pari is about to speak but Durgaprasad interrupts her, “Bahu, my son is right besides you didn’t understand him properly he meant if Dhruv didn’t budge to our conditions then he’ll kill him not now itself.”

This time the ladies stare at Durgaprasad as if he said something totally illegal, well killing is really illegal though. “I didn’t ever think that I’ll ever say this in my life but Papa I agree to you completely!”

Swara hits her own head as Annapurna pulls both her sons ears, “First of all you two sent uttara out in the morning and didn’t let her know about this secret meeting of yours and now you’re making him afraid like this. Ji, I understand about them but you also?” Annapurna asks her husband totally shocked.

“Yes! I got it done Bhaisaa!” Ram comes yelling and dancing behind him is Sujatha who is holding her head in distress. Annapurna signs her asking what happened and she shakes her head in reverie, “Well done Ram where is it?” Durgaprasad gets up from his seat and turns back to his brother hugging him proudly, “But so much time little brother, what took you so long?”

“These women I tell you brother, Sujatha was reading the list and started yelling at me saying how big it is and that we are insane” Sujatha glared at her husband in disbelief as he complained to his big brother about her like a small kid.

“LIST!” Both Adarsh and Laksh got up together and ran towards them, “Not Fair!” they complained. “Calm down sons, see first let us give him this trailer if he finishes it of then we’ll give him the movie too!” he says opening the chit which moreoff looks like a long long and really long roll of paper.

Swara snatches it from Laksh and Adarsh’s hand and starts reading, “Wash all the utensils yourself or get a maid, clean the house yourself or get a maid, Make food for both you and Uttara and it better be good or we’ll fry you and feed to the dogs, Wash all the clothes both yours and Uttaras or keep a dhobi, Never let her cry or we’ll simply kill you, Shopping – Well its boring but if she insists go with her atleast till the mall if not inside the shop and don’t set any limits let her shop how much she wants…… ”

“Hello!” Adarsh peeps through the hospital room door and smiles widely at Lavanya who’s in a trance currently, but smiles back at him. Someone pushes him from behind and he lands straight inside the room facing the opposite wall, “Adarsh ji! Its hospital not our home where you can block the door like that” she whines.

“Huh! Whatever” he walks towards Lavanya and hugs her tightly, “How’s our little princess?”

“Listening to how difficult it would be for my future prince charming to impress my family and fit in, I heard you guys are a lot amazing is it true Pari bhabhi?” she taunts peeping behind him at his better half who nods sadly.

“What should I say now, My patidev is such an amazing man!” she widens her eyes and he smiles at her not realizing what she actually meant. Both the girls laugh making Ruhaan coo and Laksh hit his head lightly, “Bhai, where’s Ragini Bhabhi and Sanskar?”

“Aren’t they here?” Adarsh asks Laksh who shakes his head in a No, “Oh! Is Ragini driving?”

This statement makes Pari and Swara glare at Adarsh, “Yes Bhaiya! It was me driving because as usual your stupid brother was so busy in finding exact directions and traffic free road that I thought at least we would reach here sometime maybe late but at least we reached!” she exhales and Adarsh squirms in his place.

“Lav… ” Sanskar trails off, “Bhai! Look I seriously didn’t meant anything what your thinking me and that idiot no ways!” she huffs folding her hands.

“What? You called me idiot you bandariya (Female gender of monkey)” Harsh rushes in pointing his finger at her, “What ever says the Gorilla?”

“Yeah, how can I forget the wicked witch from harry potter!”

“There’s no such witch you stupid dumb moron!”

“STOP IT!” The nurse yells entering the room whilst the others are just appalled, “I must thank the head doctor that today is your Last day here in this hospital, your family members are no less then animals left out of zoo, especially the men. And now you too Miss. Malhotra?”

“I’m sorry” she replies upset and the nurse nods, “Get changed, your father might be here soon to take you back home and yeah Take care of these animals please” the nurse smiles making Lavanya smile too.

“She just called us animals from the zoo can you imagine?” Laksh asks still in trance. Swara giggles, “Maybe because thats what we are, aren’t we?”

Everyone burst out into laughter as Lavanya hugs a pretty confused but happy Ruhaan in her arms.

“Dad?” Lavanya holds onto to her fathers arm clutching it tightly as he helps her walk. Her eyes are covered with a strip of cloth as they walk inside, it seems familiar but not like their house. The Maheshwari’s are both shocked and surprised to see her there, their daughter is finally home, “Lavanya… ” Annapurna whispers as a tear escapes her eye and falls down, Durgaprasad keeps his hand on her shoulder concerned as they watch their daughter enter their house back, it feels as if the history is repeating. After years it still feels like Shireesh is entering there with their months old daughter tightly safe and secured in his arms.

“Dad!” Lavanya whines as he loosens the cloth strip making it fall on the floor. Lavanya opens her eyes and is taken aback by a hug, it’s Uttara. “I missed you” she weeps and Lavanya reciprocates, “Me too, little sister!”

As they separate, “Promise me love you would never enter that house again!” the words repeat in her mind and she takes a few steps back but Shireesh stops her, “I’m the one who decides whether you keep a promise or break it my child, I really got so selfish and involved in myself that completely forgot about you. I’m sorry, so from now this is your house the place where you truly belong and dont worry your daddy is not that of an easy man whom you could leave so easily. I’ll be keeping a tab on you and one small mistake these Maheshwari’s loose you to me again this time forever its a promise!” he winks at her and she giggles.

Sujatha comes running with a thali, “Mom?” Sanskar stares at her in disbelief. “Even jiji didn’t stop me years back from doing anything for her, she’s my daughter first isn’t she jiji?” Annapurna nods at her with a smile and she continues with her tantrums.

After doing her aarti she puts a teeka on Lavanya’s forehead, “Your so cute, just like Mr. Muffins!” Lavanya chirps making Sujatha blush. “Whose Muffins?”

“My pet dog!” Harsh remarks coming inside and the whole mansion bursts out into laughter, “You compared me to a dog?” Sujatha snickers.

“Aww” Lavanya pulls her cheek, “I love him even more than Dad, which means I love you more than anyone in this world Chotimaa!” she says throwing her hands in the air.

“What did you call me?” Sujatha’s eyes get moist as Lavanya innocently replies, “Choti Maa… If you dont.. ”

“I love it” Sujatha hugs her tightly, “Seems like the hug day has come up soon in your calendar Babes!” Harsh whispers and she hits him with her elbow.

Good News Number 1. Lavanya going back to the Maheshwari’s (Checked!)

Good News Number 2. Guess Guess Guess? (In the next Chapter!)

Until you guess let me prepare the second one 😉

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