Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 10)

Hey dears, how are you all? It’s been a long time seeing you all….guess nobody missed me  very bad. Chalo no pbm, now i am here with another chapter. Lets get into today’s chapter. Enjoy reading and tell me your views

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Chapter 10 – First Outing

I blurted out Nothing and just walking on but blocked by him, though i struggle, he get hold of my wrist and warns me in the cold tone that he needs my response. I jerked hearing him and mumbles, “I slept in a wrong position…that’s why it is paining”.

I don’t know what he felt, his face gives me a reflection of small flashes of light. I felt that he is happy seeing me in pain and that’s what he is doing all these days. I make faces and tries to walk away from him but he stops me and tells Sita ma to get the first aid box and drags me to the couch in the living hall.

I scuffled a lot to get free from his hold, and said, “Leave my hand. I will manage” but looks like all my words are floating in the air and he did not even listen me once. I get angry and gets up from the couch to walk but he pulled me again and this time i landed on his lap…my heart beats faster than ever…even i could hear my own beat. Butterflies tickling in my stomach and i hardly control my blush looking at him so closely…i could do nothing but blinking at him.

“I asked you to sit on the couch…not on my lap” he literally teased me, i quickly slides beside him and perfectly landed on the couch. I saw him snigger seeing me…my face becomes beet red and before i do another act, i get a warning from him, “Don’t move” and this time i simply pay a heed to him sits silently.

I flinch a little cause of the pain n my hand, but he did not loose the grip till he does the first aid, after that i felt his grip is little relaxed on my hand and i used the chance to run…i immediately get up and is about to step forward, but i have been pulled back with a strong force and i exactly landed on his lap again…this time it is him who pulled me in his embrace.

I feel his hands over my waist is rubbing my skin sensuously, i feel the heat rises up in my body and i breathe heavily of unable to control my emotions. I feel my emotions are getting sensual and passionate seeing him so close and being in his arms.

I feel so thirsty, my lips are so dry…i make it damp and feel his gaze on mine and discern his face leaning on me. My hands on his shoulder on his bare skin, start shivering coz of the arousing sensual feeling in me.

But we both gets some sense when we hear her screaming. Yes, there she is. How could i forget her? She is the one whom he spent his whole night and now moving close to me. I feel so disgusted thinking about me who can be so weak in his touch. I immediately moved to Kitchen and this time he did not stop and i know the reason why? Now she is there for him to satisfy him.

I run inside the kitchen, and make myself hide from his view and cries silently. I felt a touch on my shoulder, i wipe my tears and replied, “I am fine”. But she turns my face to look at her, i lift my eyes to see her, tears blurred my vision.

I see her smiling at me, i get annoyed seeing her and turn my face again to hide my weakness. Yes, i should learn to hide my weakness in front of all. I moved beside her to do my work, i feel her giving a sigh relief and walking out. I just stopped bothering about anyone except mine and curse my fate for being spineless creature.

I soothe myself and continues cooking one of his favorite dish. I walk out of kitchen and finds no one in the hall, i go towards my room and it is very difficult for me to think whether they both are together. I just hate myself for thinking like that.

Before i step in my room, i heard him calling me with the name he gave.

“Hey Senorita, where are you going?” he comes to me closer with a smile on his face. I looked at him once and them drop my eyes down to avoid his gaze and replied, “to my room”

“Then who will serve me breakfast? And i remember that you should have your food with me when i am in home. Do you forget that or i should make you remember that?” he walks to me dangerously…i mean…with all his sensual killing look.

I gulp seeing him and stammers, “I…i…don’t want anything. I will have it later” and is about to move on but he stops me and forcing me to come again.

I am with lot of patience replied, “My legs are paining…i can’t come down and climb stairs again. pls leave me” and again steps forward but the next moment i feel like i am flying in air.

I see him lift me in his arms and gives me a smile in a silly way saying, “I won’t let you feel any pain. I will carry you down” and he did not wait for my response and taking me down leaving me appalled.

He put me in the chair beside his and calls for Sita ma to get the food. She comes and serves for both of us. I am not feel like eating and playing with the food in my plate.

I jerked and starts swallowing the food hastily when he said, “If you don’t feel to have it by your hands, then i am ready to feed you also” he winks at me when i lift my eyes to look him.

I finished before him and blinks at him when he stops me in going. He too finishes his breakfast and comes to me to lift again.

AGAIN !!! I simply steps backwards saying, “I am alright. I can go by myself”

He exclaimed seeing my reaction and said, “I guess, you are getting enough guts to stop me or reply me back. Isn’t it?”

I keep quiet and rolling my eyes everywhere except looking at him and my bad he caught me.

“Look at me” i shifted my view to him immediately when i hear his cold tone. He steps towards me, and i steps back with fear. I hit the poy behind me and he hold me by my waist and pulls me to his chest.

“I won’t eat you” he husks in my ear and continues, “I will be back early today and want to take you out with me. Be ready my dear Senorita”

I don’t know how to refuse because i am not interested to go with him anywhere…i look at him with fear and stammers, “I…i…am not interested to come with you”. I feel proud of myself thinking how can refuse him on straight to his face.

“I never asked your opinion. You just have to obey me and be ready, will meet you in the evening” i face palmed myself listening his reply and of course even i know that…my opinion never matters when it comes to him. He pats my cheeks when i was in my deep thoughts and i look at his face with a much annoying look.

He just smile at me and goes out. I look at Sita ma who is cleaning the table…i sighed and walks to my room.

I avoided talking to Sita ma also when she came to me to give my lunch…i don’t feel like having anything. I sent her out and falls on the bed. Only God knows, when i slept forgetting his order.

I feel like someone is patting my cheeks, i slowly open my eyes and looks at the face who is leaning on my face so closely. I jumped and crawl back to the bed seeing him there, before i touch the end, he pulls me to him by my legs and now i just placed myself in front of him.

I still in sleepy mode and blinking my eyes continuously. He chuckles seeing my face and gives me a parcel saying, “Refresh yourself fast and come down in this dress. No arguments”

When i am about to say something, he just slammed the door and goes out. I look at the parcel and takes the dress out…it is a party wear…i am like “WHAT THE CRAP?”

In my lifetime, i never wore this kind of dresses even in my dream..but how can i now? I want to say no but again, i don’t want to fall prey for his words.

With lot of hesitation, i wear the dress he given to me and looks myself in front of the mirror. I see a box on the dressing table, with much anxiety i opened it and gets stunned seeing something sparkling like a diamond.

No, actually it is a diamond. A diamond earrings with a small chit inside the box tells, “Decor this by wearing it and come down. Waiting for you”.

An unknown smile appears on my face, i don’t know the reason for that…but i smiled. As he said, i decor those diamonds by wearing it and i leave my hair float freely. Before going out, i just check out my appearance once…i am becoming so tense and nervous thinking he should be happy seeing me. I let out a sigh and walks out. I descend the stairs and my eyes falls on him..actually his back who is on call having his one hand inside his pant pocket.

I slowly descending down the stairs without making any noise, but to my surprise, he just turned and gives me a glimpse of him. I just meet his eyes on d way and gets stuck seeing him in his black tuxedo, i am getting confused thinking whether his fair complexion compliments the suite or the suite compliments him by making his complexion sparkles.

I blush seeing his gaze on me, i break my eye lock and moves it down walking towards him. I stand beside him with lot of tensions in me, but he place his hand around my waist and pulls me to a side hug and husks in my earlobe, “You look damn s*xy…i am trying very hard to control myself”

My face becomes so red, actually more than my dress color hearing his statement. I roll my eyes to other side. He smiles seeing my tension and takes me out to his car.

First time, the very first time i am going out after coming here. Looks like i am getting released from my House arrest. I felt the chillness everywhere and i feel the cool breeze on my face. I smiled inhaling the fresh air. I feel his strong gaze on me, i scold myself to control my emotions.

He makes me sit comfortable beside his seat and he takes the driver seat and seeks permission from me to start off.

“Are u comfortable? Shall we start?”. I simply nodded my head and start looking at other side through the window. I am first time looking at the place, i was unconscious when he got me here and now i am enjoying the location in and around the house. But it looks like an outskirts.

We reached the venue soon cause of his rash driving, i closed my eyes when he raises his speed and opens it when the speed reduces, and i hear his chuckles…i understand that he is playing with me.

He gets down first and helps me to come out, and grabs me by my waist and walks inside the venue. It looks like a party…a pure business party. I could see so many people who greets each other and they greets him also, and gives me a warm smile..I just reciprocate it when he nods at me.

He goes to one of his friend who arranged this party and greets him and introduces me as his partner..just partner. I feel bad when i hear that…but that’s the true..we don’t have any name for our relation. I just fake my smile at them and stands quiet.

I see him mingle with his business friends, i feel i am standing alone. I feel awkward realizing some odd glances on me. Soon that awkward gets increased when i see her walking to me…no not to me..towards him.

At this moment, i just wanna hide him from her sight…but i stand helpless looking at her smirking me. She goes to him and gives him a warm hug saying, “Hey Sanskar, i am so happy seeing you here again” she looks at me behind him while hugging and gives me a challenging look…i don’t really know why she looks me like that.

But one thing i understand is, i am getting jealous seeing her in his embrace. I fold my fist in anger and gives her an angry and jealousy glare.

She mingles with other persons too and i feel like i am completely alone there. I find weird when someone starring me from the starting, i don’t feel to be good so i avoided his glare on me and waits for Sanskar to care me at least by now.

They all walking to the center stage with their partners and starts dancing for the music. I have no choice but simply starring seeing him going with her…LEAVING ME ALONE.

Tears are in verge of flowing down, i hardly controlled it and turns away from that sight and goes somewhere else inside the party hall. I don’t know where i am going…i stopped when some one holds my hand and pulls to him.

“Where are you going?” he husks and i sense his liquor smell, i am moving myself back from him but he pulls me again by tighten his grip and tells, “You are so tempting. I just wanna have you tonight for me”

That’s it. Tears rolling on my cheeks without any barrier and am struggling to free my hold from him. He continues, “He introduced you as his partner, are you his bed partner or what? If so, add me also in your partnership”

I just wanna run from there, i couldn’t let my hands free from his grip, i cried and looking around for some help and when he leans on me closely, i feel his grip loosen and next moment he is on the floor.

I see another man who glares him angrily saying, “That’s the limit Sahil. Get lost from here”

Yes, the man who falls down his name is Sahil and he gets up and shouting at the opposite one as, “It’s none of your business Laksh. Just get the hell out of here”

I simply glared them back to back with tears in my eyes, and the later blocks my way from the former saying, “I won’t. it’s time for you to go from here”

I don’t know what he understand, Sahil the former one just goes from there giving me a sharp glare, and the later one he turns to me and tries to compose me and i mumble to him, “Thanks”

Laksh, “That’s ok. Please be careful” he tells me with lot of care in his eyes.

Before i say anything, i hear a growl..it’s from him…My Savior.


That’s it for today guys…Only our Senorita POV. I will post the Savior View soon..it’s in progress. How is the today’s part? What will Sanskar do now seeing his senorita with his traitor?

keep guessing 🙂

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