Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 09)

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Hey guys, Sorry being late….hope you all can understand my work tension. Not getting time to post it. Pls bare with me yar.

Here is the next chapter,

Chapter 09 – Anonymous Feelings



I look at the locked door helplessly and feels so restless seeing him with her. I don’t know why but one thing is sure, that i don’t like him touching the other girls.

“Means, you like when he touch u?”

i get shocked listening my mind questioning me, i stand blankly without even answering by looking at the locked door. I take a step forward towards the door and now i am in front of that.

I slowly raise my hands to knock but somewhere i am scared and shivered to do so. But i gathered some courage and knocks the door.


I knocked it once again and this time with little force. The door opens after a minute and i see her standing on the door step giving me a disgusting look.

“wait..wait…i should be the one to give that look to her”

I lift my head to look at him inside the room but she blocks my vision to look further. I glare her with so much of angry and grits my teeth saying, “I want to talk to him”

“He is not ready to talk to you” and she replied with lot of guts. I am shocked hearing her reply and how can he not talk to me.

My hidden angry and jealous now arises to the top, i give a reply, “Let him say that and you don’t poke you nose in between us”

“He is not even ready to see your ugly face. Just get lost from here and don’t come here again” she shuts the door on my face making me drops the tears.

I stand still starring the locked door but this time, i am getting angry on him not on her. Why he did not stop her? What was he doing? Is he really don’t want to see my face?

I couldn’t stand there more and immediately runs to my room and locked it.

I let my tears flow down of unable to bare this ignorance from him. I know that there is no relation between us but still i feel pain seeing him with her. They way he holds her, i feel disgust thinking about that again and again.

I sit on the floor and put my head on the bed and cries silently. What else i can do?

I remember the day when i met him first, infact my first kiss with him.

I couldn’t think more than that, i close my eyes tightly but his face keeps on haunting me, the way he saved me from the goons, the way he served me the food, when he saved me from his idiotic guards, the dresses he got for me, and more than that he did a naming ceremony also for me…Senorita. A fade smile appears on my face remembering the time he pronounced it.

I hold my head and murmurs why i am thinking all this. My perception was wrong. He is also same like other men. He needs ladies only to fulfill his lust. Even he expects the same from me, when i refused he searched another girl.

But i didn’t refuse him today. In fact, i didn’t stop him when he touched me, i started liking his presence around me. I feel some secure when he is with me in this house. When that goon dragged me forcibly i prayed for his arrival to save me and he came. I felt like my life has come back. Really, i feel so safe being with him. No matter what he thinks about me, but for me he is always my Savior who always protects me from the trouble.

There are two contradictory thoughts are running inside me. My Mind is saying he is just like other men who lusts around the girls. But my heart points his good behavior and his care towards me.

But as i decided already, without any doubt my heart wins again and makes me remember that He is not bad. But why this girl again today?

“What is bothering you when he is with other girls? Why you are worried so much? Yes, you did not refuse him when he touched you but whether you ready to give him willingly or situation made you accept his touch?”

I refrained from my thoughts when my mind retorted with the questions. Yes, why it is bothering me? According to him i am also one of the sl*ts whom he likes to have in his bed. Yes, today i did not refuse him was just because of the situation, it was not my will to let him touch me. My body accepted his touch but not my heart. My heart still refused his touch.

I slowly falls into a deep slumber after a lot of thoughts running around me, i slept as it is in the sitting position.

I woke up when the first sun rays falls on my face through the window. I squeeze my eyes and get up, my left hand is paining a lot coz of my sleeping position. i just slept keeping my head on that and now it is paining a lot.

I go to washroom to refresh and pour some hot water on the painful areas, i feel it little better now. I am about to open my door but stopped thinking about them. An unknown pain appears on me, i just shoves all the thoughts and goes down to meet Sita ma. She was sleeping when i left her, i have to go and see her now.

I don’t find her in her room but i heard a noise in the kitchen and i am pretty sure that she is there. I see her doing the work, i couldn’t stop myself but starts scolding her, “Why are you doing all this? Can’t you sit at one place and take rest?” i just grabbed the things whatever it was in her hand and made her sit on the table kept there.

I make a strong Tea for us and Coffee for him. My mind stopped working when i think whether she is still there with him or she left. Sita Ma snaps her finger on my face asking, “Where you in the world? I am asking you something”

“What?” i asked in return.

“Is Sanskar..i mean your Savior woke up?” she smirks seeing me.

“I don’t know about anyone” i immediately replied her back with angry look.

She widens her eyes looking at me and is about to ask something but stop when we both listening a voice from the kitchen doorstep.

We both turn to see only Sanskar standing there in his night tracks and a Red & Black Sleeveless Tank top casual slim vest, having his hands on the tracks pocket and his eyes are starring only on me.

I gasp for a second seeing him, his fair rough skin just complimenting the suite he wears or we can say the contrast combo compliments him. Whatever, but I couldn’t move my eyes from him but still i struggled a lot and turn my face to other side.

I just closed my eyes tightly and exhales my breathe slowly to not give any symptoms of my actions. I stand showing my back to him and try to cut the veggies on the table, my hands are started shivering, i couldn’t hold the knife, i just slapped my thoughts and begin to cut.

But soon, my body feels some heat and shiver, i stop cutting the veggies and rolls my eyes left to right, my breathe gets uneven suddenly, my chest is heaving up and down with a speed, before i understand what it is, i find a pair of hands travelling beside my waist on both the sides and holds my hands which has knife in one and veggies in another. I don’t need to see who it is…in these days i very well get to know his touch.

I feel his hot breathe on my collar bone, he keep his chin on my shoulder and whispers in my ear, “Shall i get my Coffee?”

I close my eyes tightly and drops the knife & Veggies on the table and push him back slightly to move to get his coffee. I could sense that he is little amused of my behavior. Yes, even i am amused. Coz, i am not getting scared seeing him now, but still some nervous is there with me whenever he comes near to me.

I sense him at my back and starring at me, i found sita ma no where and probably he would have send her out. I prepared his coffee and move the cup beside me and steps towards the hall, but stops at the place when he holds my wrist. I immediately winces in pain when he hold it, yes he held my left hand which is already paining little coz of sleeping position.

He immediately frees my hand hearing my wince and comes close to me by holding it softly asking, “What happened to your hand?” his voice clearly shows me his caring on me but my mind flew on yesterday’s thought and i remove his grip from mine saying, “Nothing” and starts moving from him.



I see her…my Senorita. She stands on the stairs and looking at me confusingly, but her confuse changed into a jealous mode soon when she saw a girl in my embrace. We both wobbling towards my room and often my eyes fallen on her but i made sure that she won’t find it. She kept on starring me, i just ignored it and walked to my room.

I controlled a lot seeing her, now i cannot. I decided that i am gonna spend this night with the girl i got. We both entered inside and i locked the door, while doing so, i saw her approaching to my room, but i locked it immediately before she could see me.

I walk to my bed and throw the Coat on bed and goes to washroom. When i came out, i saw her on the door step and heard the last words , “don’t come here again” and she was locking the door, there i see her hazel browny orbs with tears.

I wiped my face but still i have the drug influence in me, i see her coming to me and i smirks seeing her extending her hands, i held it and pulled her towards me, holding her waist tightly and we both fall in the bed. She is beneath me and pulling me more on her. I am completely out of my control and leans on her face to kiss her.

But i did not, infact i couldn’t kiss her. When i leaned on her face, i get a flash of my Senorita’s face. Her teary eyes keeps on haunting me and before i realize it, i am pushed back on the bed and she is on my top leaning towards my face to kiss me.

I stop her abruptly when there is an inch gap between our lips. I don’t know why but i don’t like to kiss her. I simply push her beside me and got up from the bed. I turn to look her who is in shocking mode starring at me of not knowing what to do or what i am doing.

I take a bottle and starts drinking again, she sits confusingly looking at me. I finished it at one sip and tells her..i mean mumbled her to sleep and i instantly fall on the couch and soon get ruled by a deep slumber.

I open my eyes little at first and gets the rays of morning light directly on my face, i hide my face by my hands and turning here & there to continue my sleep but i couldn’t. I sit on the couch and look at the girl sleeping on my bed. I slowly remembered yesterday’s incident and goes to washroom to get fresh.

When i come out, i see her cradling inside the blanket. I just come out from the room holding my head, it is paining a lot. I really need a strong coffee for my head ache, i keep walking to Kitchen but stops at the door when i hear the voice of my senorita. I feel so bliss hearing her but what she told when Sita ma asked her about me , “I don’t know anyone” i am like really?.

And those are the words came out from my mouth, “Really?” and i see both are startled and look at me surprisingly. True, they did not expect me there at this time.

My eyes gets fixed on her, i did not even flinch a little from her. She also feels it and soon turn to other side to avert my gaze. I just signed Sita ma to go out, but at first she hesitated but still she obliged me and went out.

I just walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction, i finally halted my self behind her so close, i smirks at her shivering body, i could feel every inch of her, she is breathing heavily on realizing my presence.

I slowly slither my hands on either side of her waist in between her hands and keeps my chin on shoulder by blowing my hot breathe on her collar bone. She is breathing heavily and i actually like that in her. I hold her both hands and whispers in her ears asking for a cup of coffee.

“Too much scene for a cup of coffee” i again get mocked by my mind and i smiled slightly because of his presence in unusual timing but i just shoved it off and looks at her blushing.

The most amusing moment for me is, she did not get scared and she pushed me back little and moves to prepare coffee. Seriously i stand there amusingly looking at the guts of my senorita.

“Not bad. After all she is staying with you” i don’t know what to do with my mind, i slap it little on my forehead and continues starring her.

She diligently concentrates on her work and move the cup beside her for my vision. And she start moving from there which i don’t like at all. I immediately grabbed her hands and pulls her slightly but the very next moment i released my grip hearing her winces.

I am panicked seeing her wincing in pain holding her hand, i moved to her and holds it gently, i could see the pain in her face.

“What happened to your hand?” i asked gently with so much of worry in me.

“Nothing” and that’s what i get in return and the way, the tone she used is not liked by me at all.

She again removes my hand from hers and starts walking out of the kitchen. My blood boils in anger and i stride across her by blocking her way.

She stops where she is and moves her gaze from me, she is not even ready to look at my face.


“I already told you, i need a response when i ask you something” i give her a kind of warning in a cold tone.

She jerks a little hearing my voice, but still did not ready to look at my face but replies, “I slept in a wrong position. That’s y it is paining”

I taper my eyes and looking at her facial expressions and i clearly understand that she is avoiding me and i know why. In fact, now i feel happy seeing her annoyance on me and i am enjoying it actually.

“Sita ma, get the pain relief” i hold her hand again and takes her with me to the couch.

She struggles saying, “I will manage. You don’t need to do anything. Please leave my hand”

I didn’t bother about her words and simply doing my job, make her sit on the couch and get the Pain relief from sita ma.

She pulls her hands to her saying, “I told you right..that i will manage. Leave me” she gets up to go but i pull her down beside and with that force she falls on my lap and blinks at me.

I want to laugh seeing her state but i control it. She keeps on blinking at me sitting on my lap.

“I told you to sit on the couch, not on my lap” i teased her and she immediately slides down from my lap and her face becomes crimson red.

Once she settled down i raised my forefinger on her warning, “Don’t Move”.

She flinch a little but i hold her hand strongly and sprays the pain relief on her hand. Sita Ma just smiles seeing us and moves to kitchen to prepare food.

I see her getting up and walking towards kitchen, but i grab he wrist and pull her to me with a force, she again falls on me and this time, i hold her tightly by her waist, my fingers are experiencing her bare skin which is hidden in her Saree.

She wraps her one hand in my neck and another in my chest. I keep moving my fingers on her skin and she too moves her body accordingly.

She bow down her head and stares my chest heaving up and down & close my eyes tightly when she feels my face near her cheeks.

“I..ha..ve..to….help…sita ma” she some how finish her sentence and is about to get up again. But i tighten my grip on her waist saying, “She will manage. Be here”

She wet her dry lips and my stare now moves on her wet rosy lips, my hands moving upwards, cups her face in one hand and i pull her close to my face.

She looks at my face once and immediately looks down and close her eyes. Our faces are just an inch apart and my gaze fixes on her wavering lips.

I am about to kiss her but we both gets disturbed listening a voice from the stairs, and there the girl for one night stand, looks at us angrily.

I just ignored her but she immediately jump out from my grip and steps to kitchen again. This time i did not stop and let her go.

“Sanskar, what are you doing with her?” Mahi, yes her name is Mahira. She grits her teeth in between her words.

“That’s none of your business” i replied instantly and continues, “Leave from here”

She looks shocked but her face turns towards Kitchen and i know what she is thinking now.

I snap my finger on her face to look at me and she immediately move her gaze on me and stares me angrily.

“LEAVE RIGHT NOW” i again tells her but this time in a cold voice and she starts walking towards the entrance.

“Your amount will be credited in your account” i said casually having the newspaper in my hand.

She stops for a sec and walks out without even turning back.


Thanks to all who voted for me. Hope you all like today’s part.

So, what is happening in between Savior and Senorita? So far, we understood that Swara is falling for him. But What about Sanskar? He still have only lust on her? or Love?

Do you think he will fall for her so soon? keep guessing and keep voting.

Will meet you soon in the next chapter.

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