Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 18)


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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 18)

Sanky come close to her and sees her hair flowing in air. He moves it from her forehead and tuckles it behind her ears and says, “Simple…Marry me”

Swara becomes numb and shocked. Sanskar is smiling seeing her shocked face.

Swara, “If am not”

Sanky, “Just now you told you will do anything for ragini’s happiness. Just see there” he points little far there raglak enjoys talking to each other and ragini looks so happy.

Swara gets tensed seeing them and looks at sanskar face and says, “You are blackmailing me?”

Sanky, “Very late. Hmm yes. So what will be your decision?”

@ Swara’s home

Shekar, Sharmista, Dadaji and dadi looks each other face and gets into thinking. Shekar, “AP ji, we did not expect that you will ask this suddenly”

AP hesitates and says, “Even i don’t have any idea shekar ji. But after seeing swara, i just got this thought. Anyway you also will be happy if your both the daughters lives in the same house right?”

Shekar, “Haan..but we have to ask swara once, then only we can decide”

Dadaji interrupts and says, “No need to ask her. I am ok with this alliance. Make her accept this.” by saying this he goes inside followed by dadi. AP feels odd and gives a fake smile. Shekar tells her that he will discuss and finalise it. AP goes to guest house to take rest.

Shekar comes to dadaji and asks, “Y r u behaving rudely when it comes to Swara?”

Dadaji, “Did you forget what she did? She insulted us, cheated us and ran away from here. You forgot that so easily when she came back to you”

Shekar, “Papa, i know she did wrong but she realised it and when she came to after realising her faults, then it is my responsibility to take care of her.”

Dadaji, “Did she tell you where she was all these days? No right…i can’t take this easily Shekar. I don’t have any hope on Swara”

Shekar, “I believe my daughter papa. Though she did not tell me where she was and what she was doing…but she promised me that she did not go in wrong path..and that is enough for me to believe my daughter. But still as you said, i am also ok with this alliance but i will talk to her once before fixing this alliance” he goes.

@ River side,

Sanskar, “I did not get any answer yet Swara. What you are thinking still?”

Swara is about to say something but she gets a call and it is Shekar. He tells her to come home soon. Swara calls Raglak also and all the 4 reaches home immediately.

Gadodia family and Maheswari family both are in living hall. Shekar goes to Swara and asks, “I have something to ask you”

Swara just gives him a look and he continues, “I like to make your alliance with Sanskar maheswari. R u ok with this?”

Swara is speechless and stands silent. Ragini gets happy and holds swara’s hands and expresses her acceptance through her eyes. Swara is stumbled and looks at ragini’s face who once lost everything and now so excited for her new life. She remembers Sanskar’s warning also.

Shekar again asks her and waits for her answer. Swara takes a breathe and says, “If you are ok then am also fine with this papa. I believe you”

Shekar gets happy and hugs her, Ragini also hugs her happily, but swara does everything just like a robot and her sight falls on sanskar who stands at one corner and gives her a winning smile.

Elders blesses the young couples and they goes to check for the good muhurtham for wedding preparations. They checked with the priest there in that village and decides the wedding in next 3 days and decides to do the engagement that day evening only. Swara is tensed seeing everything is happening so quickly.

Sharmista and Dadi are busy in doing the preparations for engagement wherein Swaragini goes to get ready for the engagement. Swara does everything just for the sake of ragini and for her family. Once she broke her family’s trust on her but now she wants to do as per their wish.

There in the guest house, Sanskar is busy in selecting his engagement dress, but laksh simply stares him though. Sanky notices his reactions through mirror and asks, “Lucky, today is your engagement too…you are not excited or what?”

Laksh, “More than me you looks excited, happy and seems like you have won in some challenge”

Sanky understands his taunts and says, “Yup…leave that. Come here do detective role later, now select your dress for the function. We are getting late”

Laksh is about to ask something but AP comes and tells them to get ready soon. Laksh decides to talk to him later and s getting ready.

In the evening, The mansion is decorated with lights and flowers. All are buys in doing the final touch for the function. The pandit calls the couples for the engagement. Sharmista brings Swaragini and AP brings Sanlak.

Swasan and Raglak looks each other and gets mesmerised seeing their partners. Sanskar is awestruck seeing swara in this attire and he never imagined swara will look this much beautiful. He just lost himself in starring her but laksh pats his arms slightly and makes him come to reality.

Swasan and Raglak stands with each other and is ready to exchange the rings. Swara is not looking at Sanky’s face but Sanskar stares only Swara. AP and Sharmista gives the rings to both couples and pandit asks them to exchange the rings. Swara makes Sanky wears the ring and Ragini too does it for Laksh. Then sanlak also makes them wear the rings but Sanskar place a soft wet kiss on swara’s hand after putting the rings. Swara immediately pulls her hand and starts rubbing at the place where he kissed and stares him angrily. Sanskar whispers, “So this is the technic to make you stare me. I will follow this from now on” by saying this he winks at her. swara did not give any reactions since everyone is starring them smiling.

The function is over and everyone blesses the couples. Dadi informs AP that tomorrow is their sangeet ceremony and next day will be the haldi function. The go to prepare for the next function.

Precap: Cute Romantic dance by swasan in Sangeet. Swara prepares mirchi coffee for Sanskar.

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