Meri Saasu Maa 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence and bunty’s outhouse
His sister calls up Bunty, who is enraged to know that she is at pari’s place. Bunty is misguided with his presumption, and doesnt listen even when pari tries to clarify. he is full of revenge and swears that he shall render her humiliated and severely insulted, as she shall have to pay heavily for her sins. he tells his allies that he shall go alone only, to settle this once and for all.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Maasa is tensed as she overhears a young girl, telling her mother, about the spicy affair of her teacher, pari with her boyfriend, bunty, which is leaked on social media. seeing the guy, she remembers havng had his help earlier. she realises that its the same bunty, and walks on tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Pari’s residence
Bunty lands at her place, and screams for her. she comes and he starts to reprimand her for being oversmart, while she tries to explain. he also insults her in the society, saying that she came in the outhouse, and has now kidnapper his sister and emanding money for the same. pari is aghast and distraught, but he goes on, until he is stopped by his sister, who reprimands her and tells him the truth. he is silenced. she asks him to apologise. he complies, seeing no other option. he apologises to the society and to pari too. she stands tensed and stunned. but he comes to her, and amusedly whispers close in her ear. He warns her that he is still the same, and not mistake that this game is over, as he wouldnt let it be. his sister comes, and thanks pari. he again pretends to be caring, and then leaves, while smriking at her, as pari stands shocked. her father disperses the crowd. maasa watches him leave.

Inside also, shashi refuses to believe that pari is innocent, but thinks that this is all a plan. she continuously reprimands her, while she stands distraught.finally, her father stops her, saying that its enough, and if she cant give respect, she doesnt have right to defame them. he reminds that this is his house, and if she is so full of hatred for pari, then she can find a new place, as they shall leave here only. after he leaves, shashi again reminds her of her widowed status, and asks her to behave. she leaves fuming angrily.

Scene 3:
Location: Outhouse
Bunty in traning and venting out his frustration, at having to apologise to pari, whn his allies come in. they inform him that some woman has come to meet him. he turns to find maasa standing with laddu and chilli too. he chooses sweet and then she comments that its good, as when her sons made mistake, she used to feed them chilli. she informs that she is pari’s mother, and says that she thought he was a nice guy, but he defamed and insulted her, and warns him to stay away. he says that its due to her, that pari is like this. he mocks her that he is very scared. she says that its good, and warns him not to get near her daughter again. he comes and takes the chilli, and gulps it down. all are shocked. he asks her to beware herself, as she hasnt had a son like him ever. he greets her, signalling her to leave.

Scene 4:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari is about to sleep, when she is tensed about his advances, and wonders that h shall have to be stopped. maasa says that she knows what she is thinking, but asks her not to worry as al is okay. pari asks whats the matter. maasa refuses to divulge what she did, and tells that the lord shall keep them safe and sound. meanwhile, oblivious to all this, bunty stealthily yet casually enters in pari’s residence ad casually relaxes. then he starts surfing around, and finding the fuse. he turns it off. as the lights go off, he starts throwing off the things from their places. hearing the noise, shashi and her husband rush out, and switching on the lights, they find that nothing has been stolen. pari hears and rushes out, instructing maasa not to come out. she leaves.

As pari is lurking around in the corridor, a guy snatches her and then drags her forcibly inside a store room, and closes it. in the light of the matchstick, that he alights, bunty watches pari as he corners and pins her against a wall. she is shocked to find him gagging her, and standing amused, watching her plight, as she squrims under his grip, to get free. h says that she cant get free, and that he landed in her bed room so easily, and says that he came here to say, that she shouldnt involve her mother in their fight, as she would be bothered unnecessarily. he wrenches her by the hair, while she winces in pain. he warns her and her mother to stay in control. in their tussle, a cannister of flakes fall from above, and they are locked in an awkward embrace. her family starts hollering from outside, if she is okay, and why is the door locked from inside. The screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: Bunty comes to the school, and tells pari, that now they are related together, as she too has entered his room, and has begun to instigate his sister. she is boggled, and asks whats she did. he says that he is coming to her house for tea today, and there she shall know what he means. he asks her to keep the tea strong, just like he likes his girls. she is shocked at his innuendo.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Dear writers,we know the reason why u changed the lead,but honestly the serial will soon fall off its trps…so we make a humble request to bring sattu back…

  2. First tym update was done v fast

  3. Please pearl ko la kar aao aur humlog serial nahi dekh rahe bas online read kar rahe hai kyunki pearl ke return ke wait kar rahejab who aaye ga tab he serial tv kar dekhe he

  4. Pearl please come back show is so boring without pearl and people lost interest

  5. Trp goes down day by day and bunty is so irritating mamy people including stopping this any more

  6. this sshow has taken a very boring leap and is very much off the concept of meri sassu maa
    maasaab seemsto have no interesting part

    1. Yes seriously I agree with you . I have been watching the serial because of Maasaab her acting and the story link was wonderful. After the death of Sattu, the story totally became new with the irritating Bunty. But the only thing I admire is the love between Maasaab and Pari so loving and touching. So miserable life for both of them.

  7. Wat is his problem with pari n i think his stupid sister is setting pari up everytime

  8. Jada

    I like Bunty’s character as a villain but not a love interest. There should be an episode where he is like about to slap Pari or something and then BOOM Sattu’s hand catches it and Pearl V Puri makes a cool entrance back into the show….

  9. He said in an interview that hes not quitting

  10. Y sattu die ¿

  11. Alisha

    I don’t know why, but I am getting a negative feeling that something is going to go wrong. Even I like Bunty, but there a huge difference in Bunty being a villian or being a hero. Of course the TRPs would go down as people used to watch this serial for Pearl and Hiba (including me). I am still watching the serial cuz I really like Sid’s acting. It’s said everything is fair in love and war, the writers need to understand the difference. It’s not necessary for every single serial to change the hatred between the heroine and villian into so called love. Like seriously? How can we forget the on screen and off screen chemistry of Pearl and Hiba? Anyways.. What so every the writers want to do, they can.. We just need them to bring Sattu’s character back. Please!
    Anyways, coming to my negative wali feeling… The promo gives me a negative vibe. From Bunty’s dialogues it seems like… I don’t want to say this and I even don’t want this to happen but.. It seems like he is gonna bring a marriage proposal for Pari. I know you guys must be feeling like killing me right now, but honestly! It would be better if we watch the serial before assuming anything. The last thing:

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