Swasan ki love story (Part 1)

Hi guys this is Tehreem . Here is first part of ff
So our story starts from the track where swara leaves mm
So here we go

After 6 months , everything has changed our swaragini has become wedding planners .
One day while sans kar was passing by his car got damaged , so he went to a mechanic shop (I don’t know what to say) there he saw his bestie , his mate , his bro there Laksh in the attire of a machanic shop. He hugged him so tightly , he took him to badi and called everyone there , everyone had no boundaries of happiness seeing Laksh there ,
Ap: atlast both my son and my dil will home and live together
Sans kar : no mom only 2 sons and 1 dil will come and that is ragini , swara will not come ,as she has broken all the relationships for her sis
Ap: sanskar what r u saying

Sanskar: no mom I will not come if swara comes
Swara: no mom if sanskar wants I will not come
Sanskar : I want to announce something , I want raglak to get married again , but I will also get married but with someone else and I want miss swara to become our wedding planner . ( sanskar was now in tears ,with a stone heart he said everything )
Swara : of course mr sanskar I will become , so when should I start
Ragini : if swara doesn’t come I will also no go
Swara : ragini u should go as u got ur love back
Ragini : but
Swara : no ragini

Sanskar : u may start to day itself
Swara ( went to make a.call )
Ap : sumo if u don’t minidress can I take ragini with me today itself
Sumi Yaa why not ap ji . I will get her ready
All left badi ,on the way ragini asked sanskar if they can go somewhere else before going home
Sanskar agreed , they went to a place where swaragini r preparing for engagement , there they saw swara laughing and hugging someone ,
Sanskar couldn’t bear this so he went to the car
Laksh : swara who is this
Swara : he is our business partner cum bro cum bestie ani cum aniket
Laksh hi aniket
Ani Hi mr may I know who r u

Ragini ani he is my hubby Laksh
Ani hi bro ( hugged him )
Swara said I have some work so I will be leaving now swara went in her scoots
All the mm members were shocked seeing the scene in front of the

No suspense so here is the part 2
All were surprised bcz there were many workers taking flowers and lights with them and decorating the mansion from outside
Dp ( he he he this is his first dialog , how can they stay with out talking for so much of time )
Do: what’s going on here
One of the worker : preparing for the engagement
Dp: but who told
Worker: swara madam

Swara comes
Swara : so I have started my prepariotion
Sanskar very impressive
Swara thank u mr sanskar
Swara goes to badi after hugging ragini and bidding bye to everyone

So here is my first ff
Hope u like it
I know ki swara is very fast
I am ignoring other members as I have to concentrate on swasan


  1. Adishu


    |Registered Member

    post the next soon…. n reveal the suspense fast…. can’t bear this second marriage n all…. nice part… osm…

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