Swasan: my incomplete love story ( chap- 21)


Swaras pov:
What the hell is wrong with them, first they stare at me like i am an alien from outer space, now they are asking if i love him, of course i love him but shud i say this to them.

Well i will say and note to self teach them a very good lesson.
swa-(casually) yes.
Sans friends in unison- WHATTT!!!!!
Swa- what the hell, dont shout.
Moh- is he aware of this?
Swa- no and dont any of u dare to say him or else….
Haf- Or else what darling, we will definetely say. We all will love to see the reaction on his face. Kyu guys?
sans friends – of course.
swara looks on.
Vin- look at her, oh baby dont look scared… Hahaha.
They all laugh.

Arjun ( still laughing) looked at swara and immediately stopped laughing.
All others stopped laughing when they saw swaras face. She was neither angry nor crying, she was
She was…. She was smiling? Not happily but a cruel smile was playing on her lips.
She tossed her long hair behind her

Swa- r u done? Well guess u all forgot what happened at the market right if u did shall i remind u?

******** FLASH BACK *********
Swara was walking in the market and saw arjun, mohit, vinod, hafeez teasing some girls. But everyone was busy in their own works to notice.
Swara went towards hafeez as he was pulling girls near him, and gave him a tight slap. All four of them were shocked and they were angry so they surrounded swara.
Vin- what do u think of urself huh? Mother india? Well u saved that girl now whos gonna save u?
Swara looks shocked and takes a step behind. She took a quick look around and s took another step back as they were nearing her. And stopped and smiled. ( the same cruel smile)
They all were confused to see her smile.
She tossed her long hair behind her.
She gave a sweet smile to all of them and forwarded her hand.
Swa- am swara nice to meet u and u are?
Arjun looked confused but forwarded his hand anyway and they shook hands.
Arj-( still holding hands) umm hi i am…….
Swara dint lets him complete she pulled him towards her and sprayed pepper spray in his eyes. The other three came to catch her but she escaped and them and sprayed pepper spray in their eyes and slipped two pocket knifes in vinod and mohits pocket without their notice.
And yelled.” help! theif! Help!”
And fortunately that took peoples attention.
Everyone surrounded the five.
Swara immediatly went towards the 5 police men standing there and,
Swa- please help me, they are trying to kidnap me and they also threatned that they will kill me if i scream..
Mohit who had managed to get the effect of the pepper spray off said,
Moh- she is lying we were neither trying to kill her nor tying to kidnap her.
The Policemen looked at swara, she quickly shook her head and said
Swa- no they are lying, look at the knife in their pocket!
One look at the knife and the policemen needed no explaination. They immediately surrounded the boys and
police1: u are trying to kidnap a girl? Now see what happens. And all started hitting the 4.
All four looked at swara angrily while getting beaten. Swara was laughing her head off and when she noticed them glares she smiled at them and winked at them and went away laughing while these 4 were getting beaten.
********FLASH BACK ENDS*******

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    1. Ameera

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  1. Yar it is very short give a long one but a funny episode

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      ikr! well sorry sonu qnd i will give longer one. glad u liked it, keep smiling

    1. Ameera

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  2. Awesome episode!!! Waiting for next part !!!!!

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      hi and glad to know that ur liking my ff, even i love ur ff. keep reading and smiling

  3. Niku

    Nyc lesson to them…….. awesome chp.

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    1. Ameera

      thank u glad u liked it and keep smiling

    1. Ameera

      thank u glad u liked it keep smiling

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    Nice but very short

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  6. Nyc and interesting

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    Nice….update next one soon

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    Awsome one yaar… brave swara.. hahaha nice waiting for the next one dear…

    1. Ameera

      Ikr! She has this character hidden from sanskaar. No reason y. And i dont know i am blabbering and glad j liked it and i w have already posteed next. Love u keep smiling. I know whatever i typrd here doesnt make any sense but still… Keep,smiling.

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      ( note: i am extremely sorry for my idiocy and i honestly dont know y i put half the stuff there and i just felt like putting it so….(shrugs) loads and loads of love and a great big hug from ameera to u. Lol love u)

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    Too great and yea funny, loved it but not more than you, and stop underestimating yourself… Love you Keep smiling 🙂 , I like it when you talk a lot of stuffs, never ever consider them as blabbering but sweet sweet loving talks, thanx for being my beztie…

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