NEVER RUDE TO U (SanDhir os)

A big hy to all sadda haq fans … this is my first os … i hope u all like it … and also point my mistakes … so that i can improve my writing


One man is sitting on a sofa of a lavish hall … he sees a picture and starts thinking about his life

Flashback :

A 5 year old boy is listening to two persons arguments … he starts throwing things on the floor … this was not the first time when his parents are accusing each other for any bad thing happens in this house … this becomes daily dose since one year

Arguments increased day by day … he started to divert his mind into study and sports … he joined extra sports classes … only to avoid heated arguments in the evening

He becomes emotionless … he started behaves very rudely to everyone … he started to get angry on every simple thing

He works hard to learn basketball … in a short time he becomes very good basketball player

When he was in 8th grade, he demands for a school which was far away from his city … so that he can live peacefully in hostel

But now rudeness was in his every action … he had no-one to share his victory when he becomes champion in competition …no-one to share his joy when he comes first in school in any exam … so become first becomes his habit … and not a big deal for him

It was the first day of 9th grade … so many new students came .. one boy came and instructed to sit next to randhir … new boy introduced himself as parth … parth became his new roommate …

in a week, parth understands all the situation … after someday parth fell so sick … he was shivering and suffering from fever… rd came to know about parth’s situation … he helped parth to get rid of illness … now they became best buddy … rd started listen to him … slowly parth could manage to control rd’s anger … rd became polite to him … but could not control his anger to others … but parth tries to manage situation when rd miffed with some others

Year passed … they were in 10th grade …they started to study together as it was board … rd top again in final… parth secured 5th rank… this time rd enjoyed his success with parth which gave him really good feeling … they completed 12th … this time both top in final

Meanwhile , rd’s parents has taken divorce … but now he didnt care … just the way they didnt care for him when he needed their love

Rd wants to do engineering with parth from FITE … and he shared his thought to parth … parth didnt give him answer … rd wants to know the reason … he again asked parth … parth replied that he wants to study engineering from abroad … parth’s reply shattered him … he lost his control and again started to throw thing on the floor …this happened after a long time that rd lost his control … parth tried to make him understand … but it was of no use


One girl is running towards a class and collides with rd … rd becomes furious and about to raised is dangerous voice … but when he sees a girl he becomes numb … he cant even utter a single word … she apologies to him and left

When he goes to a class he sees the same girl … but after watching her face he became more calm … faculty entered and he diverted his focus from that girl to a study

In the evening , classes get over … he follows her … she goes to a library … she selects 4-5 books to issue … this made him shock as it was the first day and she issued so many books …. She tells herself as sanyukta agarwal to the librarian …she left the library and goes to a girls hostel

Week passed

It become his routine to follow sanyukta … he notices that she gives too much attention to every lecture and studies sincerely … most of the students has bunked at least 3-4 lectures in this week … but she didnt bunk a single lecture …. He desparately wants to know the reason

It was about a month since the college started … she was a mystery for him … he wants to know the reason for her behaviour …

On the other side , everyone were excited for a freshers party … but he was not interested … he also get to know that she is also not going …he wants to talk to her … but she was always busy with her work … or may be he is making excuses … but why ?? …he wants to get so many answers

It was the day , when everyone left for the party… very less students were there in the hostel … suddenly light goes off … he went outside building and sat in the garden … he was looking at the sky … phone rings … it was parth …. He did not bother to receive

He heard a soft voice from his back greeting him….he turns … it was sanyu … he lost in her eyes … this gives him a peacefulness … he felt very relax … seems like nothing is bothering him … he came to his senses

She asked him with a soft voice so u r in my class ,right ??? … he nodded positively … she again asked u r randhir na ?… he again nodded positively … even he dont know why he became speechless … she introduced herself as sanyukta … she sit next to him

He wants to ask so many thing … but her presence made him speechless … his mind become very cool … only he could felt was peace which he wants from childhood

After sometime , he asked the reason for studying so hard … she replied that if she will not top the class , she has to left engineering … as her father thinks that she is not capable of being an engineer … so she promised him that she will top the class … and he will allow her for studying engineering for four years

Meanwhile , again rd gets a call from parth … he rejects it … and sanyu asked him the reason … rd did not know why but he felt that its her right to question him … he tell her his story

Sanyu tried to make him understand that every one has their own choices … just because he didnt accept ur wish that doesnt mean that he doesnt care about u … everyone has different priorities at different stages … so he had a wish to study from abroad, so he followed his dream … even u choose ur dream ,FITE … u didnt even left ur dream for ur friend … then why he should left his dream

This explaination realized him his mistake in a 2 mins … which parth couldnt made him realized in 2 months … he thanked her … he calls to the parth … and talk with him the whole night

Next day

She was reading in the library … he asked her to go to a canteen …in the canteen he again thanked her … and asked her to study together … this made her happy as she needs someone to solve her doubts

They started to study together … sanyu clears even a small doubt from rd … she became more confident … he feels very happy to help her … he asks parth a reason … he replied him that he will come to know the reason if he asks this question to himself … but rd become busy in exam preparations

Exam gets over

It was a result day … sanyu was very nervous … rd tried to boost up her confidence …

She checked her result … she was top in the college … she was extremely happy … she checks rd’s result … on her surprise he was 2nd … she gets shocked … as the questions were same which they have solved together during preparations … and rd had cleared even her small doubts from all those questions

She goes to rd … she asks him angrily why he didnt fully attempt his question paper … rd left from there … she followed him and asked him again and again … he shouted on her because i love u

both stood there silently for sometime … she slap him and asked him why did u take so much time to understand simple thing


One little boy takes family photo from rd’s hand and runs in the hall … rd follows him and catches him …u r very naughty … my parth …. Parth again runs from there … one woman comes to him and asks him go otherwise parth will have to wait for us at airport and he will meet her and our little parth for the first time and very excited to meet that person who can control my husband and his rudeness… rd stares at her and says i was NEVER RUDE TO U MRS SANYUKTA RANDHIR SHEKHAWAT … she winks


I hope u like it … and sorry i have mixed all tenses …

  1. It was awesome ?.I loved the epi.rd was so cute in this.keep writing s.

  2. SidMin

    So cute loved it ‘s’ you write really well and when emotions are there grammatical errors do not matter

  3. superb dear…very nice…i love it..

  4. It was awesome…. Wish it could be story of our sadda haq…. Plzz write more ff on this page… Really awesome…..

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