Bismillah, This story somehow based current track of my favorite serial, Swaragini. wish you enjoy this
boring ff, bear many grammatical and spelling error, please let’s start….

“Please don’t marry her!” she said in pleading tone to him, to the man in front of her who
busy to put his gaze to something without even bother to turn his face to see her.
She stood beside him in desperate, pain,guilty and sadness portrait clearly in her face. The
tears started flowing from her bubbly eyes. Waited his response, she spread her gaze to
surround,to their room or ex their room which gloomy and full darkness, it’s swept away their
sweet memories, their sweet memories that happened before more than 6 month ago.
She turn back her gaze to that man when she hear the sound of pouring water.
“Sanskar! stop it!”She snatched the bottle from Sanskar’s hand, made him jerk off from
the chair and he pushed her away.

“Stay away miss Bose!just stay away!” Sanskar shouted and pointed his finger to her.
She felt pain to hear miss Bose word from his mouth, even though those words lil bit familiar
nowadays, but the effect still same.
“Sanskar! please don’t do this!please don’t hurt yourself!”She couldn’t control her tears
anymore to see his state, his devdas face killing her.
“Huh! who are you to interfere my life ha ?you are just my wedding planner miss Bose!”
Sanskar said with his bitter smile.
“correction Mr Maheswary, i’m Swara Sanskar Maheswary, your wife!” Swara retorted back.
“Wife ? my wife ? you lost your rite once you left me, mind that!” Sanskar yelled.
“It was you Sanskar! it was you,who said that our relation was over!” Swara cried and yelled
back, Sanskar’s words triggered her anger.

“For God sake Swara, i was angry those time, how couldn’t you understand me!how could you
take my words for granted!” Sanskar threw away the glass to release his anger,made Swara
“you said that twice sanskar! twice!those time i called you, worried about your safety as
aadarsh bhaiyya told me about your death, meanwhile here, he pointed guns to us but you
didn’t even give a damn time to listen to me! you told me about our separation,you tried to
kill your brother sanskar! your anger hurt me!” swara cried.

“and you hurt me more swara! you didn’t know why i was so angry rite ? let’s me tell you!
It was you who made me angry, your lie, your betrayal gave the worst pain, the person i love,
the person i trust most, betrayed me!when my family betrayed me, i can accept because i have
you, my love, my better half, but you broke my heart in to pieces with your betrayal!”
Sanskar sat as he was powerless remembering his pain.
Swara shocked, she never imagine that the pain was soo deep for him.
“I’m sorry Sanskar! i’m sorry! i know i hurt you,but i will betray you thousand times to
bring back your happiness,their accusation on you killed me, i couldn’t bear to see your pain
in your eyes!but i didn’t expect this kinda love from you, the love that can harm others!”
Sanskar laugh evilly,but full of pain.ace, she fist her palm to get strengthen.
sanskar stared her perplexed. no utter a word.
Then immense silence appeared between them, just sobbing sound.They were busy with their own
“Please cancel this marriage Sanskar!”Swara broke the silence, remember her reason to talk
to Sanskar.

“No, i won’t!” Sanskar answered.
“Why ?dddoo yoou love her ?” Swara felt something stabbed her heart,
“Why ? don’t you remember my punishment ? i want to give you pain and yeah i love her!”
Sanskar laugh evily,but full of pain.
Swara became statue to hear his answer, she wanted to die those time,maybe death was better
than knowing the fact to lost her love.She stepped back as she about to fall ,but then she
thought something else which made her more hurt and murmured in crying
“As if i will get the pain”.
“what”Sanskar shocked to hear her words.

“Nothing!i’ll try my best for this wedding” She run away from that room burst out her tears.
Sanskar confused yet disappointed with her departure, he banged the table in front of him.
Swara walked down the stairs crying when she heard Sujatha called her
“Swara beta!what happen ? where will you go ?”
She shed her tears and walked to Sujatha, bend down to get blessing from her.
“woohh,, nothing mom!i want to go back home!”
“what nothing !” Sujatha in fake anger.”you are crying Swara!did you speak to Sanskar ?”

Swara nodded. “He still in his decision ? “Sujatha asked worriedly.
Swara nodded again. “you should convince him more Swara, please beta !”
“I can’t mom! i’m sorry!” swara lower her gaze.
“What ? but why beta ? you should..!”
“Ma please.. i have to go home now!” swara cut her sentences.
“Arrey,ask Ramu kaka to drop you! Laksh and Ragini go out just now!” Sujatha hugged her.
“No mom! i will with taxi!”
“but Swara..!”
“it’s OK mom! bye!” she bend down again to get Sujatha’s blessing.

She walked aimsly as lifeless body in the street, the moonlight gave her light only to show
the tears that fallen continuously in her cheek. His words echoed in her mind, his pain for
her,just for her. “why Sanskar! why you love me that much!” she screamed, she remember when
she yelled to him those time, blamed him those time, even thought she knew he was crossing
the limit at least she should stand beside him, not leave him, she remember her mom’s words

—-flash back—–
The first night in Baadi of Swara’s decision of leaving Sanskar.
Swara sat on bed, She leaned her back on board, cried. Her hand hold her mangalsutra.
“Swara beta, can i come in ? ” Sumi mom knocked the door.
“ha ma! come in!” Swara shed her tear, adjusted her bed sheet.
Sumi come in to the room, walked to Swara

“where is Ragini ?” she asked in confusion.
“she slept in her room ma! seem she tired due crying!”
“and now, it’s your turn to cry rite ?” sumi sat and gave a side hug to her.
“maaa!”Swara put her head on Sumi’s shoulder, started crying.
“why you left him beta ? you know you will suffer,” Sumi caressed her hair lovingly.
“i dunno ma! i just thinking about ragini’s condition and his anger!”
“But you couldn’t choose your sister over your husband, Shona!”
“We are swaragini ma! how can i let her to suffer alone.” Swara pull away her head protested
“you were Swaragini, Shona! but once you in marriage, you are Swasan, and she is Raglak.

Your husband should be your first priority, he should on your top list in your life, above
your parent, your family, his family.Moreover, he is good husband, so he has full right
on you!” Sumi smile wisely.
“He was the one who want this separation and tried to kill his brother, he was wrong ma!he
overpower by his anger”

“i knew he was angry, he was wrong, but instead of bring him, show him the right one, as
a wife you run away from him, you facing his anger with your anger!it’s your ego Swara!
He is your husband, not your enemy!”
Swara cried in her guilty feeling for Sanskar,She did the same as Sanskar, Sanskar yelled
to her, she yelled back, when Sanskar didn’t give her a chance, she paid back.
“Oh God! i did it ma! i hurt him soo much! i paid back everything his wrong behavior to me!”
swara regretted.
“Tomorrow you go back to MM ask apology to Sanskar, beta!now you sleep!”
“i can’t ma! i know i’m wrong but i can’t let Ragini alone! she ever tried to suicide
for Laksh few times!i’m afraid she will do that again! wish Sanskar will find him soon!”
Swara in helpless state. Sumi surprised, she never though about that, she forget how fragile
Ragini about Laksh.
“Ma! please stop thinking much!at least i know it’s my fault, i’ll bear every punishment
from Sanskar! thank you so much for showing me my fault!you are the best mother ever!”
Swara hugged and kissed her cheeks, Sumi kissed her forehead and assured her to sleep.

—–flashback end——

” i know it’s my fault,but i never asking apology to you in this 6 months! my ego still
over power my love to you! now everything is too late! i loose you Sanskar!i loose you!”
“SANSKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!” She yelled out loud and fallen down, burst

out crying forgot about surrounding, she just want to burts out all pains she hidden from
everyone, she felt so tired to act to be strong.. she cried and cried.It was her fortune
that no one passing by on that street, not even cars for sometimes.
It’s about a half of hour when a car passed by then stopped beside Swara, A handsome boy in
last twenty stepped out from car, he removed his blazer and put it on Swara’s body.
Swara’s back to sense after lost in her thought, lil bit startled with his action, she
turned to give a gaze to that boy and whispered “Arjun!”(imagine ahem Sharma)
“Are you mad ? how can you sit here ? how if anything bad happen to you ha ?” Arjun yelled.
“Let’s go!” he opened the car’s door.
“Swaraa! let’s go!” he dragged her hopped to car, on passenger’s seat.
He was about starting the engine when Swara said ” can we please stay here for a while”.
Arjun starred her sadly, her eyes just blank, tears fallen continuously.
“So,you spoke to sanskar already ?”Arjun broke the silence.Swara nodded.
“How is that? Sanskar forgive you ?He cancels the marriage ? Arjun concerned.
“No Arjun! i loose him! i loose him forever!”She covered her face with her palms and burst
out crying again.

“Swara!sssssshhhsst…stop it!” arjun tapped her shoulder.” you still have time! the wedding
will happen the day after tomorrow, rite ?”
“i can’t Arjun, i can’t ruin his life anymore, he said he loves her!”
“And you believe him ?”
“I should and i wish he loves her truly!”
“Whaat ?”Arjun surprised to hear her answer. “Are you mad ? it’s mean you lose
Sanskar’s love Swara!”
“I know it will break my heart, but at least he is happy, Arjun! I can’t imagine if he do
it for punish me only, instead giving me pain, he will more in pain to live with someone who
he doesn’t love.”Swara said bitterly
“But you can try more to convince him ?” arjun demanded.
“Today i just realize that i’m not the perfect one for him. I left my husband for my ego
and anger, be a lover i didn’t understand that i’m the sole reason of his pain and anger,

i just blamed him in everything Arjun! in everything!” Swara in guilty tone.
“And you think she is the perfect one for Sanskar?” Arjun somehow amused.
“Ya, she is beautiful and kind heart, i ever meet her, i think you will fall in love to her
if you know her.” swara faintly smile.
“I will, i guess.” Arjun smile slightly unnoticed by Swara.”So, what your plan for your
future ? maybe you should move on to heal your pain Swara!”
His words made Swara’s face changed to anger.
“Don’t insult my love, Arjun!my love is not tissue papers which you can throw after you use
it! my love is not a soccer game when your player get problem you can replaced it with the
reserve player!” Swara almost yelled.

Arjun lil shocked with Swara’s reaction.
“But Swara, Sanskar moves on in his life.”
“It’s him, he deserves happiness, he deserves to get better one.please Arjun, can you take
me home now.” She looked out the window.
meanwhile in MM,once Laksh entered with Ragini.sujatha came to him signaled something. Laksh
run to upstair toward Sanskar’s room.He opened the door, saw Sanskar sat on bed crying.
“Bhai!” Laksh stopped awhile walked to Sanskar and sat beside him.
Sanskar shed his tears.
“Bhai! i’m sorry for everything, it’s all my fault, if only i didn’t accuse you those time,
if only i didn’t runaway those time, swara won’t leave you”

“No Lucky,it’s not your fault, it’s my fault, Swara was right, i forgot that i’m your
elder, i forgot how to behave being elder brother for you, Swara ever tought me a lesson,
when Ragini tried to kill her, when Ragini tried to ruined her life, what Swara did to her,
swara just simply forgave her, love her, lead her the right path, but me! when you accused
me, my anger overpower me, instead trying to stop you or search other way, i went against
you, tried to kill you from behind,in your unaware state.I’m such a coward Laksh!” Sanskar
cried, guilty face.
“But bhai, your anger justified, we were in same position those time, i was so angry to
Ragini’s betrayal, you were angry to Swara’s betrayal, your anger peaks to highest level
since you love Swara so much, you should proud with your love to her!”
“Love!” Sanskar smile bitterly “what kind of love which disrespect someone life ?may many
people will proud with that kind of love,the love that can go many extend even if we should
kill someone, but my Swara doesn’t, and i feel ashamed to give her such kind of love, for
her, she can give her life to me, but she won’t harm anyone for expressing her love to me.
She knows value of love, that made me proud of her, my precious Swara!” Sanskar in blankly

“But now i loose her, Lucky!She doesn’t love me anymore!my stupid ego and anger made
me loose my love!”Sanskar burst out crying, fallen down from bed, sat on floor.
Laksh shocked and perplexed to hear his statement.
“No bhai! it’s must be wrong, Swara loves you so much! how it can be!”
“No luck, everything is over now, when she met me, asked me to cancel this marriage, i was
so happy, but then she gave up, the way she said that she feel no more pain, the way she
promised that she will give the best for this marriage ceremony, i knew it, i knew that
there is no more love for me.” Sanskar in desperate state.
“But Bhai! it can’t be happen!” Laksh still in his confusion.

“Why should it can’t be happen ? during this 6 months, what i can say to her just
my harsh words, about my punishment,i didn’t even think to say my grateful for her hard
work to united our family, to save badipa and badima from Aadarsh bhai’s torture, my anger
swept away her love to me!it’s my fault!” Sanskar sobbed.
“Try to speak to her once Bhai!”
“No Luck!it’s over! please let’s me alone now!please” Laksh hugged him and walk away in
hesitation state leaving Sanskar who busy in his crying.


Morning in Baadi,Swara got fresh up and prepared break fast, as usual she hidden her pain
acted as strong person, her phone rang,she picked it up.
Swara:”Hello Arjun, what’s up ?”
Arjun:”just checking you! are you OK ? where are you know ?”

Swara:”Hmm, i’m still at home,preparing break fast, will go to MM after break fast.”
Arjun:”need my help today ? should i go to mm with you ?”
Swara:”No need,just send my orders faster, i need them in MM as soon as possible.”
Arjun:”No worries, it’s ready to deliver now, it will arrive there before you!”
Swara:”Oh thank you!so, bye for now!”
Arjun:”bye! take care Swara!”

She hanged the phone and started to prepare the food on dining table.
“Paaa, maa! breakfast ready!” she sat on chair.
Shekar and Sumi walked toward dining table,shocked to see Swara’s face,the face that
indicated longtime hard crying.
“Shona, what happen ?” Sumi worried.
“Ma, can we please just eating breakfast!” Swara said in pleading tone, Shekar and Sumi
can’t do nothing but accepted her demand.
brimmed on her eyes, than fall on her cheeks one by one.didn’t eat for a week.
Shekar who sat beside her, just squeezes her hand assured her to lil bit calm. the tears
brimmed on her eyes, than fall on her cheeks one by one.

“I’m done, i have to go mm now!” Swara jerked the chair stood up and took her purse.
Shekar and Sumi followed her to the door, they just starred Swara with their pain sight, no
utter word. Swara bend down to take blessing.
“hug me ma!” Swara hugged Sumi tight. “hug me more tight ma,hug me more! don’t let me fall!”
Swara couldn’t control her cry anymore.they hugged for sometimes.
“Of course beta!of course!” Sumi cried. Swara felt wet on her back
“Please ma don’t cry! i need your strength now!” She released the hug swept the tears
in Sumi’s cheek. “Bye Ma, Pa!” Swara walked away.
Sumi burst out crying. “Our Shona Shekar! our Shona!” She was about to fall but Shekar hold


In MM, afternoon, Swara was busy to arrange the hall, run to and fro to ordered her employer
to do their work properly.Sanskar stood in upstairs, his immense gaze fall to Swara only,
the tears fall on his cheek continuously.
“No no no Amrit! the pattern must be white yellow white yellow, change them!” Swara shouted
to his employer when Ragini came to her.
“Swara! have your lunch first, i prepared for you already.” She tapped her shoulder.
“Oh OK! let’s eat!”, they walked to dining table.
Swara ate in the same manner as her morning breakfast, she ate much food fastly.
“Swara! can we talk?” Ragini said slowly.
“Hmmm!” Swara nodded, chewed her food.
“I’m so sorry, because of me, for supporting me, your life ruined.” Ragini started crying.
Swara stopped her meal.

“Don’t blame yourself, it’s my own decision Ragini,i’m your elder sister, it’s my duty
to support you during your bad time, to worry about you.” Swara tried to smile.
“I know it your duty but then everything wrong on you!”
“Everything wrong because i did it in wrong way.” Swara answered sadly.”If only i asked
Sanskar politely those time,i’m sure that he will allow me to company you, to support you,
because he knows elder’s duty,but i yelled to him, blamed him, even left him without his
permission.He is a good person,but i spoiled everything.”
“Then now onward, stop worry about me Swara! i can take care of myself.” Ragini said.
“If you want me to not worry about you, just stop to crossing limits for the name of love,
because it’s not love, it’s obsession Ragini!i’m done!” Swara stood and walked away.
Ragini look on.
Swara continued her job, checked the beverage and food supplies, arranged everything
until evening time.

Night in Baadi
“Ma! can i sleep with you?” Swara said when she entered to shekar-sumi’s room.
“sure beta, come here.”Sumi gave direction to Swara to sat beside her.Shekar kissed Swara’s
forehead and left to chotu room.
Swara put her head on Sumi’s lap.”i want to crying here ma! i’m so tired.”
“cry as much as you can, pour everything in your heart beta.” sumi caressed her hair.

Meanwhile in MM.
“Sanskar beta!” Sujatha entered to Sanskar’s room, shocked to see sanskar’s condition.
Sujatha sat in bed, put Sanskar’s head on her lap.”Let’s me crying here ma!”
“sure beta, you can cry here as you want.”She caressed Sanskar’s hair.
After sometime Sanskar got call.He went out.

Morning, Wedding Day in MM
“Thank you Arjun to coming here,i need you for my strengthen” Swara said once their
stepped out from Arjun’s car which parked in front of MM.
“You are welcome Swara, you are my best friend.” Arjun smiled.
They entered MM,Swara chanting mantra on her mind “strong Swara, it’s for Sanskar happiness”
she repeated it continuously on her mind to made her focus.
“Swara! i need to talk to you now.” Laksh said.
“Im busy Laksh, i have to arrange everything.can we talk later ?”Swara pleaded.
“But Swara it’s important.” Laksh in adamant state.
“Please Laksh! i promise we will talk once the wedding over.” Swara pleaded again and showed
him that there are many guest that arrived already.

Laksh took deep breath “OK, we talk later.”
Swara continued her work after Laksh’s departure, but her eyes just try to search her love,
but in vain since morning, even Arjun disappeared .
When the mandap ready, she couldn’t hold her pain anymore, She walked out silently,
sat on bench in the garden, cried and cried for sometime, when a voice shocked her.
“Why you gave up for your love ?” Sanskar yelled to her.
“Sssssaanskaarr!”Swara stammered, shocked with his presence.”Why are you here ?”
“Answer me damn it! why you gave up for your love!” He yelled again.
Swara took deep breath and said “i never gave up for my love, mind that Sanskar!and why
are you here?”she yelled back, but then she cursed herself to yelled to him.
“Then what is this, you let me marry to someone else ?”He taunted.
“It’s because you said you love her, what can i do then ha ? begging you? ruining your life
again ?” Swara cried.

“And you believe it ? do you think my love is tissue papers which you can throw after you
use it? my love is not a soccer game when your player get problem you can replaced it with
the reserve player” Sanskar in fake anger.
His words made her perplexed, his words was her own words when Arjun and she had
conversation 2 nights ago.
“Sanskar! hhoow you can…Swara said in confusion but cut by Sanskar’s words.
“How i can what Swara?” He can’t hide his smile anymore to see her confuse state, His heart
didn’t allow him to pull her leg anymore. She got more confusion to see his smile.
He cupped her face. “Swaraaa! how can you believe that i love someone else ? how can you
believe that i able to marry someone else ha ?”

“So, you don’t love her? you don’t marry her ?” She cried again,happiness feeling oozed in
her crying face, is not a dream ? but no, it’s not a dream, she felt his touch on her cheek,
his thumb caressed her cheek, swept away the tears.
“Of course i don’t! how can i replace my precious wife with someone ?it will be my worst
life.”Sanskar put her in his embrace,hugged her tight.
“No sanskar, i’m bad wife, i left you, i blamed you in everything, i didn’t understand
your love, i just give you pain! I’m sorry Sanskar! i’m sorry, i’m sorry!” Swara released
the hug,She lowered her gaze, tried to sat on bench as she felt powerless due her guilty

Sanskar shocked to see her condition, how vulnerable she was, his strong Swara no more.
He felt pain in his heart.He sat on his knee, cupped her face.
“Swara, Sweetheart what is this? where is my strong Swara ?” he tried to cheer her up.
“I’m sorry! i’m sorry Sanskar! i’m sorry!”
Sanskar shook his head then said “i’m sorry too! we both are wrong Swara, not just you!
i’m sorry to threatened you, i’m sorry to yelled to you, i’m sorry to didn’t understand your
love, i’m sorry to give u another pain for my ego.”
“I’m sorry to choose my family over you.”Swara still guilty. Sanskar thought to tease her,
to changed her mood. He stood suddenly.
“Ya rite, it’s totally your fault, how come you choose your family over your husband and
left your handsome, hot, s*xy husband alone ?how if there are any girls take your husband
away ?” he said in attitude.
“yeah, it’s almost happen.” Swara said sadly.

“Ha, and you let it, you didn’t try to fight for me, your love so weak Swara!” Sanskar
in fake anger.
“I’m sorry if my love for you so weak,my love isn’t kinda Ragini’s love to Laksh which
support him in everything,i doesn’t deserve you !” Swara pouted.
Sanskar couldn’t control himself to see his cute wife, He smiled widely and pinched her
cheek.”my cute wife, don’t try to talk nonsense!”
“Aaww Sanskar! it’s paining, what nonsense! i talk the truth!” Swara rubbed her cheek.
He put his hand in her waist “what truth ? it’s nonsense, the real truth is i love your love,
i need your love and i want your love, the love that support me in RIGHT thing,
not in everything.” sanskar smiled, they shared eyelock.
“Really sanskar ?” Swara felt relief.

Sanskar nodded.He put his arm on Swara’s shoulder,around her neck.
“You know Swara, if only i’m the one who did smuggling, you will scold me and didn’t let me
down to do another smuggling, if only there were any fake video that laksh trapped me,
you will stop me to believe that video and tried to shorted out the problem. Between brothers
i saw Aadarsh bhaiyya crossed the limit because Parineetha Bhabhi supported him,i saw Laksh
crossed the limit because Ragini supported him, i’m the one who lucky to have partner like
you, who will angry if i cross the limit, a better half that won’t let me down.”
sanskar cupped her face, “you are light in my life Swara!so never said that you doesn’t
deserve me, never leave me again! I LOVE YOU SWARA! I LOVE YOU!” he hugged her tight.
“I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR! I LOVE YOU TOO!I promise i won’t leave you again” She hugged him
back tightly.

“Promise me that you won’t harm yourself for me!” Sanskar released his hug.
“what ?” Swara confused.
“I knew that you tried to shoot yourself in front of badema and badepa those day, that why
i threatened you, because i can’t imagine to live without you Swara! how if something happen
to you ?it hurt me alot.”
Swara hugged him, hide her face in his embrace “and you should promise me the same,
you know what when i heard you tried to kill laksh, i just thinking about you, how if it’s
happen, the guilty feeling must be killing you, and it’s hurt me alot also.uugh Sanskar!
i miss you soo much!” she tighten the hug.

“I miss you too Princess!hmm i want to give you punishment!” Sanskar burried his face on
her neck.She shivered to feel Sanskar’s hot breath on her skin and blushed hard.
“wait sanskar, how can you be here ? who is the groom then ?” swara tried to divert
the topic.
“Oh shit! i should back to marry.” Sanskar in fake panic.

“Sanskar! stop joking!, i’m serious!” Swara pouted.
“What serious, you trying to divert the punishment topic rite ?” Sanskar smile naughtily
swara blushed, she hit sanskar playfully.He smiled to see her antic.
“Ok! OK! i’ll tell you, the groom is Arjun, your friend cum my best friend!”
“Whaatt ? how come ?” Swara surprised.

“Arjun is my best friend in college,about 8 month ago he moved here since his fiancee,
Radhika, doesn’t want to live far away from her parents, so, he tried to start his business
here as supplier, about 5 month ago, we met, i came to know that you are his customer,so,
they gave me favor to give you punishment,but the trap almost trap me back when i thought
that you don’t love me anymore, lucky me Arjun recorded your conversation and made us
patch up.”

“This Arjun, huh! how mean, he lied to me!” Swara pouted.”but i can spare him now since
i get back my love.”
“So, love! let’s us do my first punishment.” Sanskar pulled her closer, his hands on her
waist.”Sanskar! don’t be shameless.” Swara tried to push Sanskar, but in vain.
He leaned his lips closer to her lips, they about kiss when a voice disturbed them.
“Sanskar! Swara!you are here ? we are looking for you everywhere!” Sujatha called them, there
are many people in terrace because it’s biday time for the newly married couple.
Avoiding embarrassment, swara run toward them immediately, leaving Sanskar and his annoyed
Swara joined the family and Ardhika couple to gave the couple her best wishes for their
wedding when Sanskar walked to them and looked at Swara angrily.
“What is this Swara ?” He shouted to her.

Swara shocked with his behavior, what happened to him, she thought.
“Kya Sanskar ? what happen ?” Sujatha asked.
He looked at Sujatha for a while and walked to the couple who stood beside their car.”
“Congratulation Buddy,enjoy your honeymoon, keep in touch!” He shaked Arjun’s hand and
hugged him.”Radhika! be a good wife OK, don’t like someone!” He stole a glance to Swara.
“sure Bhai.”they were shaking hand.
Sanskar walked to Swara and said “You promise me for not even 5 minutes, and now you
break it? what kind of wife are you? “he walked to MM and went to his room.
“Sanskar!” She called and tried to follow him but then stopped, she walked to Ardhika to
congrat them, and excuse herself to back following Sanskar.When she passed Laksh, she stopped
remembered her promise”Laksh! what you want to talk to me ?”

Laksh just smiled wickedly and said “Nothing Swara, just enjoy it!”.
Swara lil bit confused with his state, but then continued her journey to Sanskar’s room,
Once she came to the room, she searched him and called him “sanskar!sanskar!”
She heard a bolted door sound behind her, she turn only to see Sanskar stood there, starred
at her.”Sanskar! what happen ? why you angry on me?”
He just simply walked toward Swara and caught her by waist, kissed her sensually and
whispered to her ear huskily “Now, ready with your punishment”

Her body shivered, she clutched her saree, blushed hard.”But wo woh, you angry on me.”
Sanskar poked his forehead”Hi Baghwan! my smart wife nomore.”
“what is that mean” Swara narrowed her eyes.”Ugh, my anger just tactic to get chance
spending time with my s*xy, hot, cute wife.” he pinched her cheek softly.
“Awww, my husband smarter now” she pinched his nose”but just for doing shameless thing.”
“Because i love to do shameless thing with my own wife” He caressed her cheek lovingly.
“Thank you Swara!, i want to say it since those ages, but my ego stopped me, thank you
to united me and my family.”

“No sanskar, actually it’s my selfishness, it’s for my happiness only.” Swara smiled.
“Ha? how come ?”
“you know, if you are in pain i’m in pain, if you are happy, i’m happy, soo.. i did it for
my happiness.”
“Wow, my smart wife, did a good selfishness.”
“what a good selfishness !” Swara giggle.
“Ya,selfish if you did something for yourself, but good selfishness linked to someone’s

“what a line,” Swara smiled.”But even i’m thank you to always stand by me Sanskar, to be in
my side everytime,no matter what the situation”Swara in grateful feeling, tears brimmed on
her eyes.”
“I did it for my self too.” Sanskar shed her tears.”someone said, Love is not at all a
quantity which is measured by the things which are done for each other(credit to Avyu),
love is about giving,love doesn’t expect the return, no matter how much i should give,
whatever i should do, it’s my love for you, i love you.”

“I love you too sanskar.”Swara hugged him.
“So, enough for bak bak, let’s continue romance” Sanskar released the hug, threw away her
dupatta, leaned closer to kiss her.

“but catch me first Sanskar!” Swara run away,she stood on bed, made a face to Sanskar.
“Swaraaa!” Sanskar frustrated, he run after her, tried to catch her, but in vain.
He stopped and poked forehead”Hei Bagwhan Ji, i try to make a kid, but my wife is playing
like a kid, why you send me a kid wife ?”He folded his hand.
Heard “a kid” word, Swara stopped and pouted her lips.
“See,how cute she is now.” Sanskar said.It’s enough for Swara, her face changed to
angry mode. She walked toward him with attitude, made Sanskar lil bit scared. She hold
his collar and wishpered to his ear in husky tone. “I’m cute outside, but b*tchy in side,

wanna taste?”, She smashed his lips with her rosy lips, he widened his eyes, puzzled with her
sudden action, but it didn’t took time for him to captured her soft lips, tasted them,
it’s soft, slowly and gently in the beginning, but then turned to hunger passionate one,
they poured all of their feeling into the kiss, their love, their desire, their missing
feeling of almost 7 month separation.They hold each other back hair to give more intensity
on their kiss.
“my wild wife” Sanskar murmured between kiss.
“just feel it Mr Maheswary.” She kissed him again.

He smiled and ovewhelmed with her action, bent down slightly and carried Swara in his arm,
their lips still busy in kissing.
He put Swara on bed, then come on the top of her, kissed her again.they rolled to side,
His tongue tasted every inch of Swara mouth,his hands busy to untie Swara’s dory.Meanwhile
Swara’s hand busy to unbutton his shirt, released it from Sanskar’s body and threw it away.
Swara came on top of Sanskar body and pulled the bedcover to covered their naked body.

——————————T H E E N D —————————-

A/N : -Well for me both our Swasan in fault, no less no more.
-I wish there are not third person in their hate love story, it’s will insult their
pure love.
-Some of you may think that i’m supporting Swara, the truth is i defense Swara since
many of you blaming only Swara.
-Never ever comparing Ragini’s love to Laksh with Sanskar’s love to Swara,

comparing blind obsession love of Ragini with Unconditional, precious love of Sanskar.
you insulting Sanskar’s love by this and i won’t spare that !!!!
-I upset when Swasanian blame Swara, but then i found out that the SOLE PROBLEM IS you
hate her for supporting her reckless sister Ragini, made me understand your situation.
But,i hope you don’t insult sibling bonding by your anger.

Guyz,being elders, supporting their little sibling is a must, it’s an elder duty, no matter
how naughty/reckless their little sibling are.

Swara’s support for Ragini is RIGHT, she did what every elders should do.THE WRONG thing was,
Swara didn’t ask her husband permission, She yelled at him instead of ask that politely.
So, you can blame for the way Swara support Ragini, not Swara’s support for Ragini.

Being elders, they are second parent for the little ones..
Sometime, they should Stand in front of their littles to PROTECT them.

Sometime, they should stand beside their littles to SUPPORT them.
Sometime, they should stand behind their littles to LEAN THEM TO RIGHT PATH.

wish you all get my point……
enough for my bak bak, wish you enjoy my FF..
thank you for Louna (to describe Swara anger to Sanskar) and Avyu/ Navya
Negative comment accepted..
ups btw, if you have time you can read this FF, especially part 20, totally mindblowing
All parts

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    Sanskar had never been a saint, when he’s angry, then he can’t see anything else… years ago, he could come back home and ask Laksh why did betray him about Kavita mariage, but he choose walking out and returning back just for revenge… for finding love too πŸ™‚ and then he meet Swara and all his world gone in the right way, but when Swara is not here, if he feel her letting him, then darkness can comme and surrounder him, she’s his light in life like you said πŸ™‚

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