Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 9

Kaurvaki dad gather everyone. Kaurvaki asks what this was about. Her father told her ashok will be going to school with her from now on. Kaurvaki was shock, ” papa you can’t be serious. Ashok.. he… I mean we know nothing about him”

Her dad smile ” your right, but he won’t be their permanently. Just temporarily until we find his parents. ”

Kaurvaki felt like her life was ruin. Ashok going to her school Is a very big problem. Ashok ressures her that, he won’t cause any trouble. He will just observe. Ayan on the other hand says why couldn’t ashok come to his school, he says they would have so much fun..

” sorry Ayan, but ashok is Kaurvaki age, he fit more at her school the yours”

Kaurvaki excuse herself before going upstairs to drown herself in her misery. ” is this wise” her mother says

” give her time, ashok is a good companion for her, she just needs to believe in him and trust him.” Her father says

The next day the family with ashok went grocery shopping. Ashok was finally getting use to the car ride.when they reached the store ashok was amazed at the size. He asks if this was a castle, Ayan says ” it is, it has everything you want inside”

” really, then I shall go and seek what I am looking for”
Kaurvaki dad told them to grab school supplies for themselves and also food they will need. They all nod, ashok was to busy looking around amazed. He saw people on a machine putting stuff in a bag. Some on the steps stocking. He walk some more and notice the manager yelling at an old women. He was about to throw something at her when ashok steps in.

Ashok says ” raising a hand at an elder is wrong, it shows how much of a dishonest person you .” The men asks ashok to butt out, but ashok refuse. He says ” I will tell father about you, what is your statues?”

The men told ashok to leave, but ashok says ” he won’t until the man apologize ” the man calls for security. When they arrive the men told them to remove ashok from the store. They walk to ashok, but ashok move to the other side. The other guy tried to catch him, but ashok ran. They chase after him passing by the milk section. One police officer fell on the milk cart. Getting milk all over his hair and clothes.

Ayan seeing ashok, calls for him, but ashok wasn’t listening. The guard scream for ashok to stop, when he didn’t he calls for backup. The manager says how can you not catch one kid. The security guard says ashok was to fast. on the other hand, Kaurvaki, was buying books, when she felt a wind. She turn to see ashok, jumping on things, while the security guards falling on stuff they stack. ” not again” she says

” come Kaurvaki, let’s leave this place.” He says grabbing her hand, Kaurvaki told him to let go, but he didn’t. One of the s ecurity guards grab Kaurvaki and ashok pulls out his sword ” you shall let her go”

The security guard laughs and say what will ashok do with that toy sword. He touch the sword to push it away, when he felt a cut. The man realize the sword was real. He quickly call for backup. ” theirs a boy with a dangerous weapon. We need backup, he is wearing weird clothes, and his holding a girl hostage”

Kaurvaki tried telling him that she wasn’t being kidnapped, but ashok quickly grab her and move back. More security guards we’re on their way. Ashok lift her up bridal style and ran with her to the front area.he puts her down before telling her that they need to free the people in the store. ” ashok this has gone way to far. Stop this nonsense ” Kaurvaki says

” what nonsense? These people are being in slave, it’s unjust” when he said this one worker says ” yes low pay, and we rarely have any break. The manager is an ass*#”

” see” he says

Kaurvaki shook her head. She says ” why me, why me”

Ashok stop in the middle to talk to the people. He cleared his voice getting everyone’s attention. ” my people, I see the unjust that’s happening, and I think it’s time for us to stop this once and for all.this man ” he says pointing to the manager ” has not only been unfair to you all, but to me as well. And I ashok will not stand for this. Do you want a ruler that doesn’t care about his people, or do you want one who cares, and will stop at nothing to insure that you all are good.”

The workers agreed with ashok. One worker says ” his right, this job sucks. And I’m tierd of sucking up to that asssh”

” yeah!” Another says

” let’s go on strike until we get a new manager” one says

” yeah!!!” They all scream, dropping their things and stepping out

” look what you did ashok” Kaurvaki says

Ashok smile ” I have set them free”

The manager boiling with anger kicks ashok and Kaurvaki out of the store. He says they are banned from entering the grocery store. Kaurvaki mouth widen, while ashok puff his chest ” I did all of this, but I still didn’t get what I was looking for”

Kaurvaki parents came out asking what happend. He says why are they protesting outside. Ayan asks about her stuff, she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. They walk to the car and went home, awaiting for another day.

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    really kanie di,i don’t know from where u get such awesome loads of ideas,truly loved this one…

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      Lol thanks. I’m just very creative

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