Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 3)


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Sanskar was sitting infront of the lady wid boss style.
UK:Can u please leave now ….I dnt wanna see ur face and spoil my mood.
Sanskar:Actually ragu baby u have to face me because the person u r waiting for is none other than me.I am Mr.S.K full form sanskar Kumar.
(The girl was ragini)
Rag:what the hell……
Sanskar:(smirk) for u its hell only baby.

rag:Stop calling me that sanskar I am going to marry your brother.
Sanskar:Even I am not interested in u anymore.
Rag:Ya why not ur interest is not in one girl I know that.
Sanskar:Thats true but now I am married n I dnt wnt many girl any more.
Ragini was shock.
Rag:What r u married ? Dont lie sanskar everyone knows u r not married type
sanskar:Itz ur prblm u dnt blve.But I am married.
By saying this he went away.

Sanskar come back home and went to his room.
Swara was sleeping at that time.
Sanskar come n saw her sleeping a strange feeling came in his heart which was occupied by the hatred towards women in his heart.
he went near her grab her body n start kissing her near her neck.

Swara getup by his touch n was horrified by remembering last nights’ torture.
Sanskar saw her scared face n smile seeing her.

sanskar:Do u know baby u look so cute while being scared.
Swara:Sir please leave me .
sanskar:I dnt even started baby wait till I get sleep after that I will leave u.
By saying this he kiss her lip n exploring her body.
He remove her shirt which was covering her dignity.
Sanskar:Wow I think u were ready for the night thats why u wore my shirt right.
swara:No I dnt have anything to wear so I have to wear ur shirt
Sanskar:Ok I dont mind now lets start our work.
swara was scared n was crying too.
Sanskar was kissing her body .
soon he entered into her but this time not like animal his inner beast was somewhere supress by her cute face .
But for how long soon his beast again overpower his inner human.
he was forcing himself into her.
Swara was not able to hold anymore n push him with her full force.
Sanskar fall on the floor.He was burning with anger n shout.

Swara:I am sorry sir but I am also a human I also feel pain please spare me atleast be a human dnt be a beast.
Sanskar:*laugh*who said I am human I am an animal dnt u know . Everyone knows that .
n do u know who gave me this title my family.
Swara was shock.
Sanskar:Dnt be shock .Yes u hesred it rit my own family gave me this name.They disown me they punished me forthat crime which I hd not done.
I hate them.His eyes were filled with tears.
Swara notice that n went near him wrapping herslf in a bedsheet.
swara:I am sorry sir I dnt mean that but it really hurts .
sansakr:Yes it hurts .he compose himself n speak again. Now go n sleep on the bed .
swara:No need sir u sleep on bed I will sleep on the floor.
Sanskar went on the bed n sleep.
(Oh sorry I forgot to say that sanskar was drunk)

precape:Sanskar’s soft corner for swara.

Credit to: Smiley

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