Na bole tum…Na main ne kuch kaha (twistwala) episode 3

Khushi again greets Raman but still he doesn’t response. Priti goes infront of him.
Priti: What’s this Raman? She is your daughter don’t behave like this.
Raman: I won’t care her because she didn’t care my dream.
Priti: I dont understand you. All the dreams can’t come true. She is following her dream. Oneday she will be known to the world.
Raman: Shes not following her dream. She is following your dream. Rember that.
Khushi: Stop. Papa go from here. I dont want you two to quarrel like. And its none of your dreams. Its my good wishers dream.
Raman goes angrily. Khushi goes up and Priti looks confused.
(Its about 10 and Khushi, Priti and Shusma are taking lunch.)

Priti: Khushi, forgot eveything that happened morning. You know us.
Khushi: No I don’t know you. You both were so good couples but when I’m aheading you have changed a lot. You fight for your dreams not mine you both don’t care me. But I care myself. I will make my dream true.
Priti: Darling we are not playing with you. You have full rights on your dream. Live your dream.
(At the same time at Amit’s house)
Megha: (Angrily) Amit! we are being late. Have fast.

Amit: Oh di, relax. We don’t have to wait for bus.
Megha: Shut up.
Ambika(Megha’s mom): Oh ho! Megha, why do you always pour your anger with him? He’s not being late.
Megha: Hurry up Amit.
(Its about 11 and Khuhi and Priti are seen at reception.)
Khushi: Wow ! what a beautiful place! (loudly) Amit.
Amit: What a surprise! What are you doing here?
Khushi: I too have joined this school. Now wd will again have competition.
Amit: If you just have become the runner ups, then you would already have joined here.
(Flashback is shown)
(The anchors call Amit and Khushi to perform for top 4. They had to perform duet. They go to the stage and perform on ‘Moh moh ke dhage’ but Khushi makes some mistakes and she remains as 5th.
(Flasback ends)

Khushi: Leave it. But we are again together means something great is going to happen.(Both of them laugh and go to their class.)
(Somewhere like tv studio is seen. One young man is sitting on chair turning to wall. He stands and he bangs on the table. One man is standing near him.
Young man: How can you be such a careless? Its second time that you have failed. From today onwards you won’t be getting this opportunity I will appoint a new person. (his face is seen slowly and its Mohan)
Man: Sorry sir.

Mohan:(Angrily) No you have done a big mistake. You won’t be excused. I want that man anyhow. You know na he is brat of industial business. I can’t let him sucess his plans.

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