swasan: A heart beat (Episode 12)


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recap: sanskar gifted swara a waist chain. parneeta blessed with baby girl. lucky holding rag.  sanskar tells laksh that he is in love. .

at night ragini’s room:
ragini wants to sleep but feels rest less as her heart is always reminds of lucky. she goes to balcony fresh air. swara comes to her. 
swara: rag don’t u sleep till now..?

rag: no swara I’m not getting sleep.

swara: oh may be because of new place.

rag: may be. swara why did u come here.? may be jiju is waiting for you. She pulls swara leg.

swara: not like that.  lucky and sanskar are discussing something. so I thought to come u and spend some time.

rag: oh. . then come here. I too want ask u something.
They both sits on bed. 

rag: swara how did you find sanskar is perfect for u? how have u concluded ur self that u r in love with sanskar?

swara:  I felt so strange when I think of him. When I’m with him I lost my self. when he is with me nothing bothers me. I feel so protective. I really enjoyed his company. I always think about him even though he is not with me. His attitude, character are very similar to mine.  so I think he is perfect for me. I dont know when I started loving him but it happened. when u find ur soulmate that person makes u feel very special about ur self and everything seems to be very beautiful. it happened with me. When sanskar proposed me I could not stop my self accepting it..

rag: wow.. is it every one feel the same when they are in love.?

swara: no swara it happens different to different people. . but why are you asking me all these so suddenly? what happened? ?

rag: nothing swara.  I thought to ask you so many times but didn’t not get time to ask u.

swara: oh. . k. sleep now. I’ll go.

rag: ha u should go.. otherwise jiju will feel bad. .

next day morning:
ap reminds dp to attend for their relative’s son marriage. dp says he has work and asks to send laksh and sanskar. ap agrees and informs sanskar and lucky about it. sanskar agrees but he asks ap can he go along with swara because relatives may ask her.  meanwhile lucky grabs opportunity and tells that if we go to marriage swara will be feeling bored. so how about taking ragini with us. ragini must be feeling lonely in swara’s absence. ap nods and asks them get ready.
swara comes to sanskar.he asks swara to come on date as they didn’t go anywhere before marriage and they can’t go to honeymoon for a month because of his work. swara agrees but rises on doubt that how can they go on date as they have to go to marriage. sanskar I’ll manage everything with help of lucky.

next day:
four of them start in sanskar’s car. swasan sit at front seats.  lucky is with ragini at backseat.  They crack some jokes. swara enjoys the beauty of nature. sanskar enjoys seeing her. lucky is listening to music. rag is reading book. They pick one chips packet at same same.  They both fight for chips and ends up with an eye lock.  swara enjoys their fight. sanky observes their eye lock. but their eye lock ends with horn sound. All four are start playing and enjoying. They reach to resort. They all get down.

rag: jiju where are we? We need to go to marriage na?

sanky: yup rag. its late. If we go there by this we might reach mid night.  It won’t be good.  so I arranged stay to night. We can start there early morning.
All are convinced.

at swasan room:
it is a lavish room. They get fresh up.  sanskar asks swara to get ready for dinner. sanskar goes out of room to attend call. swara mesmerised with moons light and the night view of that place. she thinks to surprise him. She gets ready and goes to him. raglak too get ready and come to there.sanskar planned a special dinner for them. lucky knows this. lucky asks sanskar to go them while he drags rag and says ragini and me join with you later.

rag: why did you drag me? ?

lak: understand bhuddhu. . They are newly married na.. They want some privacy.  let them enjoy this night.

rag: hmm k. but what will we do?

lak: come with me. I’ll give company. He takes her to the lounge and they had dinner meanwhile something is there at ragini’s face.  He shows her but she could not able to figure it out. lucky comes close to her and removes it. They have a deep eye lock. 

lucky: ragini. . come with me I’ll show you something different. He blind folds her eyes.

rag: what? where are we going?
they come to pool side. where everything is decorated with white rose flowers and some balloon lights. lucky opens her eyes.  He sees sparkle in her eyes.

rag: wow. . such a nice place. But who did  all this? Is it for swara and jiju. .?

lucky: no. .. it’s for u. . I mean for us.

ragini shocked to hear this. She don’t understand anything.

lucky: ragini. .. I don’t know how to start where to start. . I don’t know any poetic lines to impress you. He collects his words hardly and tells her.. I’m in love with you ragini. I want to be with u forever.

rag: what..? ? is it joke? ? I know you are joking. stop kidding me laksh.

lucky: he holds her and he sees her with intensity.  I’m not joking ragini. . I’m serious. I’m deeply in love with u. since you came to my life.  u made my world very beautiful. I want that beautiful world with me forever holding your hand.  tell me. . do u love me? ?

ragini: u told me all the sudden. I don’t know how to react..  but I can tell you that I can’t say “no” to u. .
lucky feels happy and he hugs her tightly with joy. . He lifts her and twirls her. I know you accept my proposal. They have enjoy the moment.

swasan at dinner at garden:
swara and sanskar comes there and have a light dinner.  They enjoy the cool weather. After finishing dinner. Both sit on bench.  swara sits beside sanskar and leans her head on his shoulder and they have a romantic talk. swara asks sanskar to go to room. They go to room while holding their hands.
sanskar opens the door and shocked. It is decorated with candles,  red rose petals and flowers. sanskar looks at swara amazingly.

sanky: swara. . have you done this?

swara: y? ? u only can give surprises? can’t I? ?
He observes her waist chain.  He smiles and touches that.

sanskar holds  her waist:  oh. . so my wife is getting so romantic. not bad at all. . you should be even more romantic.

swara: yes. . I should be more romantic to match u.  she places her hands around his neck and leans on him totally.

They come very close and sanskar holds her and keeps her on bed. He comes closer. swara gives romantic looks. she takes out her Saree pallu and gives a hug.  They both hug each other and intervene their hands. sanskar goes on to feel the beauty of swara. swara switches off the light. They make out their love. They consummate their marriage.

Credit to: Queeny

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