Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (21)

Swara: Sanskar, what did I say about getting close to that person haah? Didn’t we say you won’t be friend with him

Sanky: I am not, I am taking him as a father.

Swara shouted: YOU CAN”T DO THAT

Sanky yelled too: why mumma?? He is good to me. My father don’t want me. Fine, I will have one.

Swara: Sanskar, you will stay away from him do you get that?


Saying so he ran to his room and choto swara was hugging laksh in fear so he carried her up “did you really needed to ruin his happy swara?” he said while walking away soothing his little girl.

Swara fall to the couch, she never yelled at sanky but it happened today, she made him actually cry and it hurt her a lot. She moved slowly and entered sanky room where he sit on his bed hugging his knees and burying his face as his back was visibly rising and falling as he cries. She moved and sit at the end of the bed..


But Sanky didn’t reply and turn his buried face to the other side away from her.

“my baby boy, come to mumma na … please”

“mumma shout to me”

“huh I am sorry my boy, please come na”

The boy run to his mom’s lap and hug her crying: mumma, please don’t make me stop him, he is like a papa, I want one mumma please.

“I am here na baby, I will be your mumma, papa, sister and brother”

“nahi, I want him, he make me laugh, happy and good. Boys stopped mocking me when I told them he is my papa. Please mumma”

Swara was sad, she knew how other kids may treat him like, but that means to be closer to Sanskar again and she knew she will fall for him more and more…

“I don’t want him to break your heart my boy as he broke me”

“nahi mumma, never. Sanskar ji love me a lot, he said that”

Swara mumbled: yea he said that to me too

“what you mean mumma?”

“I mean you should start tell me all you did today, come on I am so egar to know”

She spoke in funny manner making sanky weep his tears and giggle then told her about his day but secretly swara decided not to give up.

Next day was normal day, sun rises like every day, birds sing like every morning, gadodias have their normal breakfast, laksh lifting the kids to school and swara left the house too.

It was supposed to be fully normal day except for one fact, the fact that swara had took 2 hours free in the early morning of her work just to stand at the place where her life started.

Swara stood looking at the building entry that had changed and now had a platinium huge sign say

“SwaSan Company”

and a logo of intertwined two SS… she stepped quitly and meet the receptionist

“I need to meet Sanskar Maheshwary immediately”

“and who are you ma’am?”

“swara shah”

“do you have a pre appointment?”


“I am afraid you can’t meet him, he is busy in his meetings, please call this number and set…”

“I don’t have time ok, call him and tell him swara wants to meet him”

“hoy don’t shout, we are used to girls like you come here to meet sir claiming knowing him, without appointment you…”

Swara didn’t wait to listen to the foolish girl and start to make her way up, the main building structure didn’t change a lot so she made her own way.

Guards came after her shouting and asking her to stop but she don’t listen to any till she was at employs offices floor as they security have a hold on her arms

Swara slowly: you wouldn’t like it when your boss find this out, let go of me now.


Swara looked at the small guy shouting at her, he was definatly younger than her

“I am here to meet Sanskar, you better let me meet him now”

“and If I don’t”

“you wouldn’t like it”

“take her out and never let her in again”


On the other hand Sanskar was in his office planning for something when he heard swara shouting and he numbly stood on his feet and ran to the voice source. When he saw sara cought by guards dragging her his anger rose


Everyone froze on their spots, Sanskar took strides and give one glare to the men making them almost wet their pants, then he softly look to swara but kept his unfazed face then his eyes roamed the place as all employee looking at the drama…

Sanskar looked at the security: you three and the receptionist are fired go pick your financial salaries

“bhai??!” said pratap who shouted swara before.

Swara knotted her brows in confusion: bhai?!

Sanskar realize that she still didn’t know him: pratap ram Maheshwary. My brother.

Swara was shocked and couldn’t find words to tell

Sansakr: I won’t repeat myself, you are fired. “he looked to swara” please come with me.

As they walk pratap said: who is she bhai?

Sanskar needed only one word to answer him: swara

Paratap widen his eyes in shock realizing his big mistake and he head to his office giving them time. As swara enter Sanskar office memories hits her emotionally and strongly as a wave of Repeal Ocean

Sanskar said quietly and softly: I couldn’t change the furniture ever, it had your scent.

It was true, everything was the same, not even one change, since the day she stepped in here blaming him for what he did to aman, not even a flip changed.

Sanskar walk to his desk: I knew you would come, but not that soon.

Swara faced him slowly: what are you doing?

“sitting in my office talking to you”

Swara warned: sanskaaar

Sanskar put his humor: it’s the truth

“stop making relationship with sanky, I can’t stop him but I will stop you”

Sanskar stand up again and head to her: oh really


“Is that a challenge swara??”

Both had many memories flashed remembering their challengues and fights and how their life started.

Swara: why you do this Sanskar, first my company and then sanky! You know we cant be toge…..hmmmmmmmmmm”

Sanskar seized swara talks as he took her lips in his, she tried to pull back as she snap out her seconds shock but Sanskar was faster and hug her waist tight and start enjoying his love taste. He kissed and kissed not leaving her time to reply or get mad about it, he licked for permission but swara didn’t give and he didn’t push but he kept kissing until both were out of breath…

Sanskar: here you firstly said my name, here we had our first romance and her I first to kiss you after so long, hmmm you still taste so amazingly strawberry shonna. (since swara was so shocked to say anything he continou) I am not giving up on you or my son swara, believe it or no, accept it or no that doesn’t really matter to me now. I. Am. Getting. You. Again. In. my. Life. End of the story swara.

Swara pushed him: how could you.. do this… I am not…

But again Sanskar push her to a wall and kiss her again but on her neck at due to surprise instead of shout swara moaned “Sanskar”. Sanskar smirk and print his kisses not wanting to stop, he remember all swara body details and her weaknesses, he kissed her neck sweet spot and swara moaned again and Sanskar felt her clutching her gown so tight, he bit her sweet spot and swara whimpers in pain and Pleasure. Sanskar lift to look at swara watching her heat condition as her eyes shut and her breath totally un even and her heart beat drums with his as in some African song.

Sanskar huskily and heavly: the best in us swara that we both know we love each other, we don’t need to prove it, and more we know that our peace and rest is only together. but you are fighting it, you are scared and unsure and its my fault, my guilt and my duty to break it and make you accept it again.

Swara opened her eyes slowly watching Sanskar smiling lovely face, she watched him as he cupped her cheek and lend printing a kiss in her forehead making it last long then to her other cheek. Swara eyes had tears pearls falling upon her cheeks and he shoved it away

Sanskar took steps away from her: now against my own mind, heart, body, soul and my twitching below hip I ask you to leave before I peel your dress and take you just over that desk.

Swara didn’t move, she knew he say this to scare her or put some humor but in strange way it tangled her heart as she wanted this and same time she didn’t. heavily she walked out not achieving anything she wanted from coming to this place. She meet pratap again and this time he bow in respect and she simply nodded walking forward.

Sanskar in his office after swara left touched his lips and then start to dance like a crazy one as he is on the way getting in the way, when pratap came in he his jaw reached the floor watching this side of his brother but then Sanskar order him to prepare the work with the karma company.

Swara on the other walking in the street rethinking of what happened with Sanskar

Swara POV

I am the greatest idiot ever, aaarrgghhhhh. I wish to hit my head to a wall now. How did I thought I will enter the lion’s lair that easy and win. I knew how much power he have on me sill I went to him thinking I have better control on myself. I did great control, fiiiiishhhhh.

“good morning bheina”

As palan said this I was least bother and reply a smile only, luckily, our windows were opened and it’s an outside mirror type so I saw fastly my reflection and an almost gasped at my neck, it was marked. I covered it with my duptta in a hurry just in time sahil and kavita came in looking very suspicious.

If you looked well, sahil is all ok but kavita had un tied strands and little shirt pull at her back and a miss buttoned button. So abivious they were making out.

Our cabin was a room inside room with glass wall separating them, inside room belong to sahil sir and outside to us containing our three disks.

Palan: I studied about Maheshwary project shall we start with the remarks.

Kavita: yea sure

“you better look in the mirror kavita”

She give me those look I don’t like and then looked at palan who lowered his head knowing what I meant she looked in window and what disgust me she didn’t care about it

“well its adventures, but what can you know about it behengi”

I felt my neck spot sting me making me remember Sanskar but I shook my head “just please let’s start the work we have meeting soon”

And like that we started our work



Now the fun really begins

I know you wait for saza but its not eaisy writing about now so be patent with Me

Love u lovlies????

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