Sometimes strangers are better than known ones – Ff (Episode 14)

Recap: a proposal for Twinkle from kunj which she accepted.they spend some time together and back home

Episode 14

* 4 years leap*
In these four years Twinkle adjusted well in sarna family. All love her a lot. Trio were besties but twinj share more stronger relationship. They used to do everything together their masti teasing and all was done together. Kunj has developed the feeling for Twinkle but he could not name the feelings. Twinkle was now happy in her present she almost forgot her past(gonna reveal soon).
Sia and Twinkle completed her studies. Twinkle was a top neurosurgeon in New York while sia was a famous fashion designer.
A office was shown where seen kunj hurriedly instructing someone.

K: ok listen. Deal with all meetings and give me details latter and handle everything here. I am going to airport now will be back in office tomorrow. If their is some urgent work then inform me.

PA : ok sir I will handle everything here. U go and not take tension

K: ok bye now ( he is lil frank with his pa as he was his junior in clg)

Kunj left to airport and reached their in half an hour. He was waiting impatiently for flight to land. Suddenly their was announcement of landing of flight from London. And passengers start coming out after a while. He was searching someone and then he saw a girl who was wearing miniskirt and top and stoller around her neck. She was looking super hot. Kunj rushed towards her and hugged her tight to which she also reciprocate.

K: finally u r back twinki( she was Twinkle). I was getting bor here without no masti and all.

T: I was having great fun there in my meetings ?. Idiot I too fed up with the meetings.

K: hmmm…. Ok so we will do fun now

T: yes but first let’s go to home I want to meet daai MAA and Sia
They drove to home and as soon she entered she ran to daaii MAA and Sia and hugged them.
D: u came back puttar. I am very happy to see u . Without u this house was so deserted. And these two irritate me a lot

T: aww my sweet daai MAA I too missed u but meeting was too much important and u two (seeing towards Kia ) why u irritate my daai MAA.
Both give a sheepish smile and said:

K/S: we didn’t irritate at all and that was our love for u na daaii MAA saying this both hugged daaii MAA.

D: dramebaz kahin k and Twinkle puttar u go and fresh up I will make food for u

In Chennai
Someone was tied with ropes and was shouting continuously . He was in a room. Another man was also there he moved outside. There was a lady standing with teary eyes.
M: he again had an attack. But he deserves all this. He destroyed my life. He destroyed her life. She was innocent. He betrayed us ( the man was having hatred in his voice ).

Lady: I know you hate him. I know he did wrong and u r right at ur place but what to do I am his mother I can’t see him like this. Plzz do something for him. He is ur brother beta.

M: he is not my brother he died for me that day only. And hatered is small word for what I had for him.

L: plzz beta for me I beg u do something I can’t see him like that

M: don’t beg MAA I had found a doctor. She is best neurosurgeon in New York. But one thing I am only doing this for u

L: thank you beta and hugged him.

The man was having tears in his eyes. He was saying in mind
” Where r u yr I know I did wrong but y u left me. I searched u a lot but u disappear like air. God knows u r fine or not”


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  5. Awsm episode..
    But the last part was little bit confusing..
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  6. amazing episode
    i think these ppl are connected with twinkle’s past ?
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    Amazing!! The leap was unexpected though…
    Twinj have grown closer, and their bonding is such a treat to read of…. Looks like Twinkle’s past is back to haunt her now…. But I am confident that with Kunj by her side, she would definitely get along fine… Please post quickly

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    That was so amazing ❤️❤️❤️
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