Swasan – Hatred Love (13)

Hellooooo everyone

Aap kaisi????

R u readyyyyyyyyy

Coz im sure u ll have so much fun…..

I know most people dnt read this but please read the following lines

Please hold anything else ur phone so u dont break it….

Easyyyyyy…. maximum easssssyyy ok

Or haan haaan…..


Start counting goals between

The egooooo,,,, the marvilious,,,, the handsome……

Sanskaaaaaaaaaar Maheshhhhhhwaaaaryyyyy


The cute,,,,,, the sweeeet,,,,, the bubbbblllyyyyyy

Swaaaaraaaaaaaa Gaaaaaadodiaaaaaaaaaaa

Lets start and enjoyyyyyyy


fine. ( that what swara said going upstaires when sanskar said he ll follow her then smiled evilly, he got out of cabin and took his car and leave. Swara watched him from upstairs window and tear fall on her cheek).

Sanskar drove his car smiling since his first step in plan is done.

Sanskar POV

Hahahaha swara jiiiii, I took first step to break ur ego. Enjoy next hours of misery ….. What can hurt woman more than disregard, specially beautiful one woman like u and above all on wedding day!!!!!

Hahahaha, The moment that all girls awaits, u swara gadodia ll spend it in cry of leaving u and pain of ur dignity.

I stopped at market and buy 2 bottles of beer. Then head to lonely place and start drinking imagining swara teary face, hahahah let the game begin swara, well done me, really really good am.

(1-0 For Sanskar the waaaaw)

Around 10 pm i reached my cabin again, i wasn’t drunk but i smelled like that, hahah good. i head upstairs and had smile already on my face, she must be broken but try to hide but i know hahha. Victerious smile but it faded quicly as i reached stairs top and saw swara.



sitting on coach in kurtha pajama, already moved all jewelry and dress and all, even the flower decorates wasnt there but, was watching tv (jab we met movie) and laughing while eating popcorns. my jaw dropped. This…this is not as i thought ever,

Sanskar unbelivengly; swara!!!

Swara smile; aaari Mr. Maheshwary. Whr u gone??? ( she stands and came toward me carying the popcorn), I hope ur business whatever it was is settle. Now u want dinner or popcorn with me??

I was speechless and blinking… i was full blank…. i just couldnt get it: what is this? Whr is ur dress? Jewelry? Y u remove them? I should do that!! The decorates…

Sanskar POV over

Swara had a smile look on her face that make him more angry: dress and jelwary in closet, as u see I changed to house cloth, its my house now na. And decorates…. com on yaar hw to sleep in this all flower stuff … uff bride style they say… wyaaak …. and about u remove them, kyu????

We r not lovely dovely couple, we r game players Mr. Maheshwary ( with smile on face and whisper) good luck Mr. Maheshwary. ????

And if u had any thoughts of being (pointing on him and her) couples or anything, then sorry to disappoint u. now enough talk wanna eat dinner or popcorn?

Sanskar was angry, furious to max????????????????, feel that all his plan came down, he gone to bath immediately without telling a word before he kill her and slam door behind him.

Swara danced of joy whispering (yss… yssss swara… hoy hoy hoy hoy ah ah ah aari aari yessss) she jumped on bed sevral times ( 1-1 for swara haaaaaàaaaan) then jump to coach and make a sit jump on it back to movie and popcorn???.

Sanskar was showering.. water flow across his well fit body, steam was all over but u cant know is it from water or from him, he wanna break everything and anything come infornt of him and thought (damn, hell damn, what does she made off, i dupmed her and she was…… eating hell popcorn….. seriouslyyyyyy….
I must have thought… i must have knew that she is not like anyone, but it never crossed my mind she ll b like tat…. Damn it) he finished his shower and out, swara was on bed already reading a book. He laid on his part of bed calmly.

Swara put book aside and off the light next to her and lay to sleep giving her back to sanskar,

Sanskar: wont u fight me?

Swara: y?

Sanskar: coz i didnt sleep on coach…

Swara look at him and burst in laugh: hahahhaha…. really…. hahhah no no…. i would fight u if u slept there… its ur room mr. Maheshwary… so pls sleep on ur bed… if u want…. i mean if ur not comfortavle OR afraid of urself i can sleep on coach??

Sanskar??: now what does tat suppose to mean????

Swara: i think u know… mr. Maheshwaryyyyyy ( she turn and give him her back again then laughes) hhhhhh coach!!!

Sanskar look at her back fumming and wonder, hw she is so comfort to sleep, laying next to aman she hates alot n wedding day and all normal, his eyes fixed to her hair so silky and black, he neck her body….. Swara could feel his gaze into her and she was hell afraid she gulped slowly and managed to hold.

Sanskar: aren’t u afraid of me?

Swara; y?

Sanskar: I’m ur husband, I have rights, no one can blame me if I take them right away.

Swara: hahahahahahahhaaa I would like to see u try maheshwary coz I swear to god I won’t make it that easy.

Sanskar wanted to hit her with some vase but he knew tat ll only make ger win more
So hr maaged calm voice: hah really, sorry to disappoint u. u r not my type.

Swara: thank god coz ur not my type either.

Sanskar got shock of her reply: ur type??? Then what’s ur type miss gadodia?

Swara burst in laugh while sanskar wished to smash her face: hahgahahahahah what u hahahahahah for ur information just hours ago i became swara maheshwary ????
And for the type thing!!!… guess what? Its none of ur business, now let me sleep, yarrrro. Ur bohat noisy

Sanskar hold his temper, pull blanket to sleep before he commit a murder.

Next morning Sanskar woke up, he found bf on table, and swara not there, he called her name couple times but not reply, the he heard cabin door being closed and she came up. She was in pruple training suit, dripping sweat and breathing bit fastly.

Swara: good morning.

Sanskar: whr hav u been.

Swara: Polite people reply the greeting first

Sanskar shout: Swraaaaa

Swara shouts also: What is wrong with u? r u blind?? I was doing exercise!!!

Sanskar felt so dumb, he sit to eat. She gone to shower, then out

Swara: Lets go

Sanskar: Where??

Swara: U r mrathin na? so u have pray now. Challo we ll b late.

Sanskar: I don’t pray.

Swara: What?????????

Sanskar: Not of ur bussines ok

Swara: As u wish but I’m going. Bagal

Sanskar: What u say??????

Swara: Hmmm?????

Thn swara run from there

Swara enter the house in her green kurtha, they were at the temple to start,

Anaborna: beta. U here?

Swara: Sure mom, I would never miss a poja.

Parinita step in to prepare poja

Anaborna: no Parinita, new bride ll do it. Chaloo beta. (Parinita was fuming in fire)

Swara made the pooja perfectly and sing in anglic voice, and when she trun around she saw Sanskar

Anaborna; beta!! U.. came..

Sanskar: I just wanted to cheek swara for her clg, want me to ride u there. (swara give the blessing to each)

Uttra: aari bhabhi, clg???!!!, no honeymoon!!!

Durga: uttraaaa. Bas. Adrhash we r leaving

Anborna and Parinita left for kitchen

Uttra got sad face but swara reach her: uttraaaa, what is that? on ur forehead?

Uttra: What is it bhabi?

Swara: That!!

Sanskar; nothing there!!!

Swara: Aaari there is. These sad, tototot not god. Uttra face made to smile, so …???? pls

Uttra laugh a lot and hug swara: ufff bhabi. Ur so cute.

Swara: Aaari cute nahi. Tum bohat cute hu. Also, honeymoon can be here till my exams overrrr naaaa???

Uttra: Aaari bhai found a match aaaaaaa

Both girls laugh Hahahahahahah

Sanskar was just amazed he fast she got used to uttra



What u think so farcahhh ahhhh

Wast it gooood

Waiting for ur comment

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