Swasan – Hatred Ends with love (Episode – 29)


Hey all….thank u so much for ur lovely comments…and yeah i am alright now and started going to office. Thanks for ur love and care. So here is the ur second last episode of this ff and hope u enjoy reading it.

Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 29)

Recap: Swasan and Raglak consummate their marriage

Next day, Swasan sleeps in each other’s arms by hugging tightly. The sun rays falls on their faces. Sanskar wakes up and looks at her angel who is sleeping peacefully ignoring the hot sun. He smiles seeing her face and thinks, “My doll becomes a tigress yesterday. I dint expect this kind of surprise”. By thinking like this he kisses on her forehead. Swara did not open her eyes but still smiles realising the wet kiss on her forehead. Sanskar sees her smiling, pulls her nose and says, “So you are awake already?”.

Swara opens her eyes and looks at him says, “ur kiss make me awake. Good Morning my cuuuuuuteeeee hubby”. saying this she kisses on his cheeks. he turns completely to her side and now their position is like Swara is down and Sanskar is halfway on top of her. He keeps his hands around her waist and pulls her up to him.

Sanskar sarcastically, “So my one kiss makes you awake means, what will happen if i kiss you continously?”. he winks at her.

Swara gets blush and pushes him back and gets up from the bed. Sanskar tries to catch her but she runs from there before he gets her.

Both takes bath and gets freshen up and comes down. There they see Raglak also in fresh mood but still they did not come out from their romance. Swasan laughs seeing them and coughs intentionaly to grab their attention. Raglak gets embarassed and winks at each other. All 4 plans to go out and spend the whole day outside.

They all goes out and roams the city completely and returns home tiredly in the evening. AP and DP already back to their home sees all the 4 puts their body on the sofas tiredly. She makes them to have milk and sends them to sleep.

All falls asleep peacefully by hugging their partners. Next day, they wake up and gets ready and comes down to help AP. Ragini gets a call from her parents asking her to come to their home and stay there for some days. Ragini informs to AP and DP and tells Laksh also the same. Raglak gets ready and leaves to Ragini’s home.

Swara makes Sanskar, AP and DP sit for breakfast and she starts serving it. She is standing at Sanskar’s right side where he can see her bare waist clearly. He couldn’t control seeing the soft milky skin and checks their parent’s concentration and suddenly he pinches her lightly. To this sudden attack, Swara screams in shock and stares Sanskar angrily. AP and DP looks on and each other and continues eating their breakfast silently.

Swara murmurs by scolding him badly and sits opposite to him. Sanskar smiles seeing her and winks at her. After the breakfast, DP informs him that He and AP are planned to go for the pilgrim tour and they will be back after 10 days. Sanskar gets excited and looks at Swara sensously. Swara also feels happy but did not show it to him.

Ap and DP blesses them and leaves for the tour. So in that big house now one and only Swasan is there. They enjoys their marriage life into different level by surprising each other daily with new gifts. They both started enjoying the loneliness and does the romance wherever they want in that big house. They both are fulfilling each other’s needs and feels satisfy in their love. On the whole 10 days, they both make love passionately and not even leave the other one for a sec. Like the days goes, their love also got increases day by day and it creates a very strong base in their life where no one dare to seperate them. Soon his parents also comes from the tour and all the 4 leads a very happy life.

2 months passes, Inbetween Ragini’s father becomes unwell and Raglak decides to stay with them. AP and DP agrees for it and Raglak shifted to her home. Sanskar and Swara misses their besties but still they 4 meets each other in their workplace.

@Sanskar’s home,

One day while having breakfast Swara feels vomiting and rushes to washbasin and starts vomiting continously. Sanskar worries and runs to her and rubs her back. She stops vomiting and washes her face and leans back on the wall for the support. She breathes heavily and looks tired. Sanskar looks worries and ask her what happened? She couldn’t say anything and nods no. DP and Ap makes her sit in the sofa and gives her water. Meanwhile Sanskar calls their family doctor and informs about Swara’s unwell. He cuts the call and takes her to their room and makes her lean on the bed and he sits beside her worriedly. After sometime Doctor also comes there and checks her health. She looks at the worried face of Sanskar, AP and Dp and smiles at them and informs the good news saying, “Nothing to worry, soon a baby will be coming to this home”. She congratulates them and leaves from there. Swara stares Sanskar emotionally and her eyes filled with tears of happiness. Sanskar becomes statue for a while. Shailu runs to kitchen and takes sugar box and feeds to everyone. DP & AP blesses her and leaves from the room to give privacy to their kids.

Sanskar still stands at the same place and looks at Swara shockingly. His eyes also filled with tears and he slowly moving towards her. He sits beside her and cups her face and kisses her forehead. Swara also holds his hands tightly and says, “Thanks for this lovely gift. You cannot give a better gift than this. LOVE YOU Sanskar”.

Sanskar smiles and happy tears comes from his eyes and she wipes it gently and says, “Be ready for the war from now onwards. You are already bearing my torture soon, you have to ready with additional one”. SHe winks at him. He laughs at her comments and hugs her tightly and says, “I am so happy today. Today is my best day in my life. This baby is symbol of our love. Thanks for coming into my life.” By saying this he hugs her more tightly and she too reciprocate it.

Sanskar informs her not to continue her work and better take rest in home and she too agrees for it. Next day she goes to office and finds Ragini nowhere. She informs her health issues and gives the resignation and leaves from there. She informs to Sanskar also the Raginie and he tells her that he is coming to pick her up. In the meantime, Swara goes to the opposite shop and looks for the things which can buy for baby. She gets happy by seeing the tiny things for the baby. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice from her back and turns to see who is that. It is none other than Manoj. He stares her tensedly and asks, “What Swara? Looking so happy right?. I did not forget what you gave me that day”. He rubs his cheeks remembering her slap.

Swara did not get scared and replies him, “1 slap was not enough is it?”.

Manoj: Yeah…because am expecting more from you. He said this in a sarcastic way.

Swara feels disgusted and tries to move but he holds her hands tightly. Swara tries to take it off but she is not. She winces in pain and closes her eyes. But soon she heard Manoj screams in pain and opens her eyes there she sees Sanskar holding Manoj’s hand angrily and it makes him to scream in pain. He leaves her hands and stares Sanskar angrily and says, “You always interefere in my life. First you stopped my marriage and you married her and now also you stopped me. You ruined my life Sanskar. I wont leave you so easily”. Sanskar gives him a hard slap before he continues his sentence. The security comes and drags manoj outside. Sanskar goes to Swara and looks at her hand which becomes red and he hugs her and assures her that she is safe. He takes her to the car and they both leaves.

Swara keeps silent and Sanskar also did not talk anything inside the car. After some time Swara breaks the silence.

Swara: Sanskar, if i ask you something will you mind?

Sanskar: If you not ask means then only i will mind.

Swara: Today whatever manoj said is it true? Did you stop the marriage that day?.

Sanskar gives a sigh relief and says without looking her, “Yes. I only made Manoj runaway from the mandap”.

Swara is little shocked and asks, “Why?”

Sanskar: Swara, though we were seperated, but my mind was always thinking about you. Though i did not get chance to keep you happy, i thought atleast the person whom you marry should give you all the happiness. That’s y when i got to know that you are engaged i made my man to spy on Manoj after your engagement. I was getting all the information about him each and every day what he was doing. I got the information in a positive way and i felt happy for you. But before the marriage day i got a call from my man that after your reception he met your friend and leans on her side seeing her money and beauty. My man heard the conversation between them and he said to her that he is marrying you only for the money nothing else. Without thinking more i decided to stop this marriage and informs my man to kidnap him to my place. I threatened him to run away from you and never ever come back to your life. All were happened as i expected but the unexpected was our marriage.”

He stops and looks at her and shocks seeing her smiling. He asks the reason. SHe says, “Whatever happened is good only, otherwise we both will not be seated like this right. Just for this i should say thanks to Manoj.” She smiles seeing him and kisses him on his cheeks. He gets happy and makes her lean on her shoulder and drives to home happily.

Precap: 8 months leap. (Last episode)

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