SWASAN- A hate story (13)

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Sanskar got up early in a excited mood. He turned and saw swara sleeping which irritated him. He went to washroom and came out after few minutes. He lost his temper seeing her sleeping peacefully . His hate is dominating all the other emotions. He tiptoed to her and leaned to her ears. He then screamed her name.
Sanskar: swara!!!
Swara sat on the bed in one stroke and looked around in confusion. She saw sanskar smiling mischievously and under stood the situation
Swara: how mean sanskar! Don’t you have minimum common sense to not to disturb one’s sleep!
Sanskar: I cannot see you sleeping peacefully.. Regarding commonsense, I have it more than you
Swara stamped her foot against the floor and went to washroom while sanskar went to balcony and started reading news paper.
Sanskar:( shouts) swara!! Swara!!
Swara came to balcony wearing a traditional suit..
Swara: what do you want now?
Sanskar : a cup of tea.
He said without taking his eyes from news paper.
Swara: what do you think of me..a servant.
Sanskar looked at her

Sanskar: my personal servant ! You are my wife right!
Swara: so you have started using using husbandary rights on me. You don’t know about me sanskar. I will…
Her words were interrupted by sanskar’s hand on her waist. He pulled her so close to her and wishpered in her ears.
Sanskar: you don’t know about me swara.. I am a man and you are a woman….he tighten his grip… I think you understood what I can do.
He left her and sat on the couch.
Sanskar: now get a cup of tea for me
Swara left the room in rage and came after five minutes with a cup of tea. She forwarded her hand.
Swara: here is your tea.
Sanskar forward his hand but swara intentionally spilled it on sanskar’s shirt. The boiling tea harmed his chest region.
Sanskar: swara!!
Swara rolled her eyes.
Swara: sorry..it spilled by mistake
Sanskar went inside the washroom while swara smirked.
Swara: it is not so easy to ditch swara MAHESWARI.
Sanskar was cleaning the burnt part with cold water but it pained a lot as it was a sensitive area. He took bath again and went to the bathroom mirror.
Sanskar: how bad she is. I have tried to lessen her pain when her hands burned but she gave me pain by spilling tea. Yes..Being selfish is not wrong. Thank-you swara for teaching this lesson.
He tried to compose himself but his heart is paining for the mistake of concern he showed to her till date.
Sanskar came out of the washroom and got ready. He then left the Manison not even caring to look at swara.

Sanskar: vaishu!! Where are you?
Vaishu: almost reached dear.
Sanskar: come fast!
Vaishu: I am coming sanskar. I came like a thief from my house and you are scolding me.
Sanskar: I am waiting for you.
He disconnected the call.
Swara came to some place and called varun.
Swara: where are you varun?
Varun: I am near the icecream parlor .
She started walking towards the parlor and searched for a person talking on mobile.
Swara: where are you varun?
Varun: I am standing just infront of the parlor.
Swara: please wave your hand.
Swara saw someone waving the hand but couldn’t see his face because of the crowd. She moved forward for two steps and was hell shocked seeing the person.
Swara: what is the color of your shirt?
Varun: yellow.
Swara started breathing heavily as it was none other than sanskar..
She immediately disconnected the call and ran to one of the magazine store nearby and purchased the one having varun’s fiction. She turned the pages in hurry and her eyes widened seeing the name at the bottom.
Swara: sanskar maheswari!!!
She remembered varun saying that he will disclose his name in the last episode. She turned back and saw sanskar coming forward and hide herself behind a pillar. Her eyes were filled with tears. Her mobile vibrated flashing varun’s name. She composed herself and attended the call.
Sanskar: where are you vaishu

Swara: I …I ..actually I got a phone from my mother indicating that…her health is not good…so.
Sanskar: its okay vaishu. take care of your mother. We will meet next time and don’t forget to see my original name in today’s episode.
Sanskar left the place. Swara reached the home lifeless. She collapsed as soon as she entered their bedroom.
Swara: betrayal..worst betrayal by destiny
She started weeping bitterly.
Swara: why me God why me?? First of all you snatched my only friend then married me to a beast and now you ditched me giving the same beast with different name.
She remembered words of varun and their friendship.
Swara: varun was so pure and mature. I just loved his charecter but he turned to be my husband sanskar who hates me a lot. What is this God..please save me..
Sanskar applied ointment in the burnt area. He then leaned in his office chair and started thinking about vaishali..

Writing was his passion and he used to write short stories from his schooling itself. But he started writing a full length story just before four months. He received many appreciation letters but vaishali’s letter attracted him the most. The language and the words she used were of high maturity. He thought of replying to her but didn’t take any move in it. It was then his friend adviced him to publish his mobile number in one of his episodes to get that girl. He immediately brought a new sim and published that number. As expected, many called him and finally he found vaishali and saved her number in his other sim.

He came out if the thoughts when his attender served him hot tea that he missed during breakfast.
Swara was lying of the floor thinking about varun..she finally got his number but didn’t want to disclose herself and so she made a story saying that she was a college student studying engineering third year but she never expected that this lies will ruin her dreams.
Swara was in room all the day except that she went down stairs for lunch. She looked at the wall clock for the tenth time and it struck twelve. Sanskar came inside the room by slightly pushing the door. His unsteady walks revealed that he came home drunk. He turned and looked at swara who was fuming in anger as he was drunken. She didn’t want him to spoil like this and knew that it was his first time.
Sanskar: down your eyes swara.. I don’t like your gaze falling on my shadow even.
Swara: why did you drink sanskar. What if bade papa comes to know.
Sanskar folded his hands.
Sanskar: I am sorry Madam. Please forgive me and bade papa won’t say anything because he knows the pain that I am going through.
Swara: pain..which pain sanskar. Have you ever tried to feel mine?
Sanskar: shh swara..please don’t act. You have hurted me till date. I really thought that you are a good girl and it was me who behaved rudely with you but your behaviour today proved it wrong
Saying this, he slowly rubbed the burnt part of his chest and then came near swara standing near the bed.
Sanskar: tell me one thing swara..did I ever try to hurt you physically? No..but you did it.
She felt bad for her behaviour.

Swara: sorry sanskar. I really..
Sanskar: please swara. I am fed up with your behaviour. Leave me and my life.
Swara: sanskar!!
He tried to move back but twisted his leg and fell on swara which resulted her falling on bed with him on top. Sanskar’s lips were so close to her’s.
Sanskar: why do you hate me swara? Why?
Swara stopped breathing for a while just not to inhale the alcohol smell. Sanskar moved a bit back but was still on her.

Sanskar: it is not that I won’t like you or love you but I hate your attitude towards me..that pride you got because of your wealth, beauty. I just hate them swara.
Swara: you are taking me wrong sanskar.
Her eyes welled up with tears listening his reason for hatred which she thought would be some other thing
Sanskar smiled sadly.
Sanskar: wrong..uhh. No swara. I was wrong till now thinking that you have a good heart.. I hate you

Saying this, he fell in her nape. A tear rolled on her left cheek. She quickly wiped it with her left hand and slowly tossed the sanskar to his side on the bed. She then got up and removed his shoes. His words are echoing in her ears. She saw him suffocating and removed his shirt.
Her eyes welled up but this time with guilt seeing the burnt parts. She sat beside him crying.
Swara: I thought that you hate me because I never payed any attention to you but….. See me sanskar..do you find any signs of proud or ego on my face…I have never had a thought of being proud of dad’s wealth..

Time passed, the night became silent. Only her emotions were making noise but they failed to reach sanskar’s heart.

To be continued..

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    1. Thank-you shradda. I have read your previous comment on my episode and really felt happy reading it and the way you call me ms.Limitless love is just awesome..I mean I loved it dear.

  2. Wow harini..Wow…..Superb…Finally swara knows y he hates her so much….Now swara stop hating him….and see the real sanskar…I loved this epi….

    1. Yes but not to full extent. You will see a different swara from the next episode.

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  4. It was awesome

    1. Thank-you angel.

  5. Rina Sivaguru

    Wow……. Awesome twist….. I really hope u can post another update today…..

    1. I will update it dear. Probably by night.

  6. Awesome didn’t expected such a big twist wow can’t believe it’s just wonderful Lve u update the next part soon can’t wait at all plzz update fst ????????????????

    1. Seriously…but it was expected by many and is completely predictable. I am glad that you loved it Khan.the next part will be at 9:30

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    1. I read it dear but didn’t had time to comment because of my exams and they were phone friends. I don’t consider that you are greedy dear.will upload the At night

  9. Wow sweetheart I know u have so much talent but this varun and vaishali twist was really unexpected ….awesome Dr luv u loads ..aww waiting for love to thrash their hate in its legs …:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank-you dear but I am not talented as you think.

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    1. Thank-you anuhya,ns and nav for commenting.

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      1. I thought that someone will raise this question while writing and you did it. Actually swara and sanskar didn’t talk to each other on phone much and I tried to convey this. If you observe my episodes, swasan mobile talk was only once but varun and vaishu weren’t like that. I hope you got your answer. Sorry if it not convincing and forgive me even. Swara never mentioned anything about marriage to varun but sanskar thought of saying but again denined. I have mentioned it in previous episodes.

    2. ur ans is not convincing dear……..
      u did not get my point exactly……..
      swara ne varun se aur sanskar ne vaishu se baat ki hai phn pe…….

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      fark kya padta hai swara ne sanskar se kitni bar baat ki hai……. point yeh hai ki ek baar me hi usko aisa nahi laga ki yeh aawaj pehle suni huyi hai…… jis tarah unki friendship hai(swara-varun,san-vaishu) matlb vaishu ko khane me kya pasand hai yeh bhi shayad sanskar ko malun hai…..means they r good friend….. aawaj ko to pehchante honge……

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      1. I accept with you dear…according to my pov, swara and sanskar didn’t had many mobile conversations and I bet that one’s voice gets changed on phone. Because they were not used to talk more than they didn’t recognise the difference. Sorry to hurt you dear. Really sorry.

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    1. Don’t say thanks dear because I am going to upload another part even.

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    1. Thank-you jaf. Will upload in half an hour.

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    1. Twist..It was an open secret dear. They will understand their love towards each other but you need to read further.

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    1. Thank-you Priya and vins. I am glad to know that you were regular reader of my previous fiction and I am happy that you found my fiction today.

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    1. Sorry for late reply dear. Yes varun and vaishali charecters are important but they dominate swasan. I have just created them for confusion.

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    But honestly says loved ur Ff..each line its mindblowing. Don’t feel bad as I mensioned these things.

    1. Actually I wrote this on basis that swara and sanskar had very less mobile conservation and so they are not that familiar with mobile voices and secondly when we talk to some stranger that too with excitement of talking to them for the first time, we won’t pay attention to their voice but I am really sorry that it hurted my readers. I think I have used se foolish idea dear. I am.sorry

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    1. Thank-you aditi Singh.

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