SwaSan : Happy Ending ( Episode 9 )

Hello guys.. after a long time m posting happy ending.. sorry for that.. this ff will end in next 5 to 6 episodes.. so enjoy..

Recap : 5 months leap.. swara in coma.. shattered sanskar!

Sanskar : ( holding lifeless swara's hand ) How can I frgt that day swara.. the most painful n miserable day of my life.. I.. I just can't even tell you.. how.. I.. felt.. seeing.. u.. like that.. ( cries )

***************** Flashback *****************

Gunshot is heard.. Swara shot herself n collapsed on floor.. Sanskar was all numb he sat down on his knees n cried out her name loudly.


Swara was lying there in pool of blood.. Sanskar was too shocked to react.. all previous incident started to revolve around his mind.. suddenly he got up n rushes to swara..

Sanskar : ( took  her head in his lap ) Shonaa.. jaan.. heyy.. wake up.. wake up na.. jaan.. I.. I ..know.. u r.. teasing.. me.. hai na?.. u r.. teasing.. me.. cz.. ( sniffs while sobbing ) I.. left.. u.. alone.. after.. d very next day of.. our marriage. .. dats y.. u r angry na.. ha?? Say na.. ( hugs her tightly n talks like mad ) I knw.. u love me.. alot.. n.. u.. wont.. leave.. me.. never.. ( nuzzles his head in her neck ) I.. wont.. let.. u.. go.. ( looks at her n caresses her face ) Jaan.. u.. sleep.. ha.. u.. r.. tired. . na.. I wont.. disturb. .. you.. jaan.. shonaa.. arey.. now.. y.. r.. u.. silent? Accha.. ok.. m sorry.. u sleep ha.. m here only… ( pats her head hugging her very tightly.. as if he leaves her she'll go away.. leaving him.. )

Soon police arrived there.. They went near sanskar and tried to make him understand situation.

Inspector : Mr. Maheshwari, what are you doing.. ur wife is injured.. omg.. ( looked at gun ) I think she got shot by bullet.. ( checks her pulse n felt no pulses ) Mr. Maheshwari,  your wife is DEAD!!

Sanskar : ( got furious hearing inspector words ) Just shut up.. How dare u to say like that.. how dare you?? Can't you see she's sleeping. ( caresses her hairs ) look.. how peacefully she's sleeping in my embrace. ( smiles )

Inspector :  Try to understand Mr. Maheshwari! Please! Control urself.. she's no more.. Let us take her for PM.. ( hehe guys.. PM means post mortem. Not prime minister. )

Sanskar : ( hugs her more tightly ) No.. no.. I won't leave her.. she's mine.. and what the hell u r speaking.. she's alive.. my swara.. is alive.. she's just sleeping.. u'll see after smtym.. she'll wake up n scold me.. ( hugs her again )

Constable n Inspector tried to seperate swasan.. bt sanskar was out of control. He dint let anyone touch his life.. his swara.. suddenly 1 constable feel moment in her hands..

Constable : Sir.. sir.. Mrs. Maheshwari is alive.. I saw her fingers moving..

Inspector immediately checked her pulse n gets shocked n surprised.

Inspector : Yes!  She's alive.. We need to hurry up.. Mr. Maheshwari! Ur wife is alive.. take her to hospital immediately!

Sanskar looked at inspector n then at swara.. Reality hits him.. He looked at her bleeding forehead n in fraction of seconds he lift her in his arms n left for hospital.

In hospital –

Swara was being treated in ICU. Sanskar was sitting outside lifelessly. Tears were dried. After 3 hrs doc cm out n called him..

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar : ( looked at him n rushes to him) yes.. yes doctor. . How’s swara.. she's fine.. hai na.. nothing happened to her.. ha? Spk up dammit!

Doc : ( sighs ) Mr. Maheshwari! Ur wife lost lot of blood.. luckily bullet passed just touching her head.. ( yes guys.. bullet just passed touching swara's head as her grip on gun was loosened cz of her dizziness ) or else it will be very difficult. Bt..

Sanskar : bt what doc??

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari! We tried our best. Bt it seemed like she doesn't want to live anymore. She lost her hope.. She's in big mental trauma.. and m very sry to say Mr. Maheshwari bt ur wife slept into coma..

Doc leaves..

Sanskar’s world turned upside down..  He couldn't blv his ears.. He sat there wid a thud.. while tears were continuously flowing from his eyes..

************** Flashback Ends *************

Tears fell down from sanskar's eyes.. He wiped it.. someone tapped on his shoulder. He turns. Ragini was standing there having tears in her eyes.

Ragini : Sanskar. You miss her so much na?

Sanskar : ( painful smile ) Ha Ragini.. Very much.. You only tell how can a man live without his heart beat? She's my heart beat Ragini.. I can't live without her.. bt look at her..  hiw she's sleeping peacefully. Not even caring abt my condition. Let her wake up.. then see how I'll take her class..

Ragini : ( smiles n wiped her tears ) Ha sanskar. Let her wake up.. we'll teach her good lesson.. now u go.. I'll sit here.. u must be getting late..

Sanskar : Ok.. M leaving now.. take care of her.. ( kissed swara's forehead and leaves )

At evening –

Sanskar was sitting in his conference hall talking with some clients.. suddenly he got someone's call.. He picked it..

Sanskar : Hello..

OP : ………….

Sanskar : ( Shocked n phone fell from his hand )

Sanskar's friend cm PA saw this and wrap up the meeting. He went near Sanskar who was sitting all shocked n numb..

George : Sir.. What happened? 

Sanskar : ( whispers ) Swaraa..

Precap : 440 volt shock! ?

So guys..
Who called Sanskar?
Y sanskar is shocked?
What must hv happened?
Eager to knw?
Haha.. wait till next epi.. which will be shocking!
Bye bye..
Want more cmnts then only will post soon.. Otherwise wait till next two weeks….
hehe.. white mailing.. ????

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