Ishqbaaz by ishqkum ( epi2)

Hi guys I am back .Sry guys for killing shivaay name in the last episode .and tanq for who all are commented and tanq for silent readers also.
Let me go into the story.

Anika kidnapped. Shivaay misunderstanding about anika revealed .

In shivaay’s room

Anika sitting and crying
Anika’s POV:
Yy shivaay u think that much low about me .I don’t no wat feeling is crushing me when u don’t trust me .u hurted me all the time but this time u killed me shivaay .I hate u I hate u she cried.and slept by sitting

Shivaay came to his room and saw her sleeping he took her and placed her on the bed .and he cried and said I did wrong with u anika I am a fool .I am sorry anika he cried and slept near her holding her hand.

Its morning

Shivaay woke up and saw anika sleeping and he realize that he is holding her hand and he smiled little on seeing her face while sleeping .he got up and get freshen up and came back .
Shi on seeing anika he thought .if she willbe like this for whole life I will be spending my whole life with her .
At 9
Anika woke up and got freshen up and came down she was shocked to see the situation.

Shivaay was surrounded by the media people they were asking about yesterday’ s incident .

Reporter: sir what happened yesterday ? what happened to anika? Who is that man police arrested ?all of them that he is ur frnd tell me sir?
Shi: stop it he shouted
Reporter: why he kidnapped anika ? They all see anika standing at the stairs .they run towards her and asked her the questions.
She became stressed and she about to fall two hands hold her that’s our hero shivaay.
Shi : stop ur nonsense question don’t stress her.
Ani : forceful took her hand back from shivaay
Shivaay was hurt by this act
Reporter : tell me sir what connection did have BTW anika and dakhs .when see married whether she had any relationship with dakhs
On hearing this shivaay anger got the peck and shouted at him to mind language
Reporter: yy Ru so carrying about ur employee sir .whether she have any connection with u .and asked it to anika also .anika got stressed by this questions and she became weak
Shi : shouted she is my wife damnt anika shivaay singh oberoi.
Everyone got shocked and looked at shivaay
Omru,dadi and sumo smiled
And our heroin anika slowly saw his husband when shivaay too saw her a drop of tear escaped from her eyes shivaay notice this.
Shivaay took anika to his room.
Om Ru explained about shivika marriage bcz Tia ran away.
At shivika room

Shivaay helped anika to site in bed and he about to leave but anika hold his hand .shivaay got surprised.
Ani: I don’t understand shivaay about u .y u informed them that I am ur wife tell me
Shi: don’t think to much I informed bcz….bcz..of the family .
Ani :u informed that only for family ?
Shi : yeah off course and he turned to leave .anika disappointed and kook down with wet eye.
Shivaay turned and saw anika and said u can keep little for ..u..also .anika was surprised by his answer.anika looked at him .
He went out and came back and said sorry anika and went.anika was doubly surprised and she smiled at his attitude.

Shiviya asked anika to share bed.

And guys plz comment me I didn’t check what I have typed bcz I have college works so plz bear my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors .and once again tanq for. Who all are commented and read .I am really happy for that and have a nice dayday☺

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