Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 17 )

Sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy.. I knw I knw.. all must be ready to beat me with their respective weapons fr posting after a longgggg time.. bt plz frgv me.. I had assignments to submit.. so couldn't post.. ok now no more bakbak.. lets start-

Recap : swara to get normal.. ???

SwaSan were sitting on bed in each others embrace.. Sanky was holding swara so much tightly as if he leaves her she'll go away.. or sm1 will snatch her frm him.. Swara was also resting peacefully in his embrace.. no one were talking.. there was pin drop silence. Both could hear each others

Sanky : Jaan.. I want to tell u smthng.. ( still holding her )

Swara : Haa.. say na Sanskar! ( she looked at him he too looked at her and cuddled her )

Sanky : you hv to listen to me carefully.. u wont panic.. promise me?

Swara : ( gulping n stammered ) wat..wat..is..it.. san..s..kaarr..??

Sanky : ( squeezing her hand ) Jaan.. dont.. dont panic plz.. I.. ( take a deep breath ) I got to know about.. ur culprits! ( he closed his eyes )

Swara was shocked.. She dint react.. All flashes of dat day reflects in her mind.. She started sweating badly. She jerked Sanskar. Sanskar got startled bcz of her sudden move.. She was shivering. Sanskar tried to calm her..

Sanskar : Jaan.. ( huggs her tightly while she tried to protest n pats her back ) Jaan.. shh.. relax.. calm down jaan.. m here with u.. relax.. relax.. plz..

Swara : N..no..no.. they'll.. cm.. again.. they'll. . Beat u.. they.. they'll. ..again.. me.. noo.. ( she was crying now )

Sanskar : ( teary eyes ) No.. no swara.. nothing will happen now.. they are in my clutches.. they can't do anything. And no one can touch u now.. m here na.. ha..

Swara : ( struggling ) Noo..no.. they'll take me.. they'll again.. touch me.. they.. they..

She was getting hyper.. Sanskar had no other option so he captured her lips with his.. He started kissing her showering all his love, care.. she dint respond back.. He while kissing looked at her and bitted her lower lip.. she moaned and started responding to his kiss slowly.. Now both were kissing each other passionately. It was their 1st kiss.. after 15 mins they broke down the kiss due to lack of oxygen. Both were panting heavily.. Sanskar cupped her face n rested his forehead on hers.. Her eyes were closed.. He pick up her in his arms and placed her on bed carefully.. He too slept beside her taking her in his embrace while she hugged him tightly. He pecked her forehead n soon both dosed off..

Next day morning –

Sanskar was awake already nd swara was still sleeping due to her medicines effect.. He was thinking how to make her strong.. How to make her brave enough to punish those bastards. He went downstairs where he called raglak too..

Ragini : Sanskar, what's the matter? You called us here in early morning?  Is everything ok? Swara? She's fine na?

Laksh looked at him with questioning eyes. He sighs.

Sanky : Swara is fine, Ragini! But she's scared.. she still dint cm out of dat incident.. Yesterday I was jst abt to told her abt AdiRaj. Bt she got very hyper.. I calmed her somehow.. ( closed his eyes n again opened it) bt she need to be strong.. we hv to make her strong.. fr herself.. to punish those bastards who ruined..her life.. ( blood shot eyes ) She shd punish them hard, guys..

Laksh : Sanskar! Don't worry.. we are with u.. we'll help bhabhi to regain her confidence, her braveness..

Ragini extends her hand.. Laksh keep his on it n later sanskar too.. all smiles..

After smtym-

Swara was woken up now n was getting ready.. Sanskar cm frm back, holds her frm her waist n rested his chin on her shoulder. Swara smiles shyly..

Swara : Sans..kaarr.. wat r u doing???

Sanky : what am i doing?? I'm  ( kisses her earlobe ) romancing with my wife. . ( winks )

Swara : ( hits him ) huhh.. shameless! Dont frgt RagLak are here only.. now leave me.. wat they'll think ha?

Sanky : They'll think that let these two pati patni do romance..( kisses her nape.. swara gasps ) we shdnt disturb them.

Swara : ( pushes him ) Sanskaarrr.. goooo.. ( laughs )

Sanskar got mesmerised seeing her laugh after so many days.. He adores his love.. He slowly went near her n made her sit..

Sanskar : Swara..

Swara : Haa Sanskar. .

Sanskar : ( showed her 2 pics ) Do you know them??

Swara looked at pics and gets shocked. She remembered how they tried to touch her once and she slapped 1 of them.. Her eyes got filled with tears.

Swara : Yes.. I.. I know..them.. sanskarr.. ( her tears fall.. Sanskar wiped it )

Sanky : Swara.. you have to stay strong.. you can't be weak.. you are my brave swara.. who dared to slap those who tried to misbehave with her..

Swara looked at him.. Sanskar continues..

Sanky : Swara.. These two are only the one.. who sent.. goons.. dat day.. They wanted to take revenge from you..

Swara : ( shocked ) whaaaattt??

Sanky : Yes swara.. These two bastards.. are responsible.. for all what happened. . With you.. with us..

Swara : ( tears fell frm her eyes ) Sanskar.. y.. only.. only.. bcz.. I.. s..la..p..p..ed th..em..??? ( started crying vigorously )

Sanky : ( hugged her immediately ) Shhh.. swara.. now no more tears.. they are not humans.. And I told u na.. I want my brave ,strong and bold swara.. not this crying baby..hmm??

Swara keeps on sobbing in his arms..

Sanky : They are in my clutches, swara.. We are going to punish them.. YOU ARE GOING TO PUNISH THEM, SWARAA.. I would hv killed them long back.. bt no.. I dint want to punish them.. its ur ryt.. I want them to die each n every second.. they shd beg fr death.. I wanna gave them painful death, swaraa.. AND U R GOING TO GIVE THEM DREADFUL DEATH.. WHICH THEY WOULD'VE NEVER THOUGHT IN THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE EVEN.. R U LISTENING?

Swara : No.. no Sanskar. .. I.. I can't. . I can't. . Face them.. I'll fall … weak.. I dont.. wanna.. give .. any punishment. . To them.. plz.. I.. I can't. ( cries )

RagLak : You can swara.. we all are with you..

Swara looked at them.. She got up from her sit and moves from there..

SanRagLak looked at her and signalled each other..

Sanskar went back of swara n blocked her way..


Swara looked at him and again started moving ahead..

Sanky started singing-

Aadhe tedhe raaste aur darawana jungle..

Swara stopped n turned back.. sanky gave her smile..

Ragini cms frm back n side hugs her-

Andherene gher liya mann ban jata kaayar..

Laksh cm near sanskar and both cm near swaragini –

Aiseme ek chingari jo simte apna bal..

Trio together-

Ek Pal.. Chupa hai jisme aane wala kal..
Ha Ek Pal.. Badal de saare zindagi ke rang..

Swara moved towards garden and started watering plants..

Ragini holds the pipe while making her sit near by bench n sings-

Haath mai hai pal, kya hoga kal, chod de ye tu soch..

Swara gets up frm there bt stumbled as her feet hit 1 stone.. bt sanky holds her n continues-

Zor laga ke, chal ja aage, aaye kyu na moch..

Laksh too cm n sings –

Fauladi hai jinka seena unki jeet atal..

Trio together –

Ek Pal.. chupa hai jisme aane wala kal..
Ha Ek Pal.. Badal de saare zindagi ke rang..

Swara cries.. n hugs sanky..

Swara : Sanky.. how.. how can I do it??

Sanky : U can swara.. u can.. see.. we all are with you..

Suddenly sm voices cm from back..


SWASANRAGLAK : ( shocked ) YOU???????

Precap : Most awaited episode..

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