Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 26 )

Chapter 26 – The Pawn Of The Sultan !

Royal Palace , Gujrat-
Razia put back her pipe of hookah as she let the white smoke erupt from her mouth , she had made up her mind , she knew exactly what she had to do . She knew it very well that those who are not aware of her real intentions might find find her brutal , but whatever she was doing , she was doing for the welfare of her sultanate and Gujrat . She sighed and finally ordered her personal maid “Tell Yakut to be prepared for the meeting , I am on my way to the Deewan-e-Khaas for the meeting with Ahmed , also tell them that I would be expecting the whole family of his.” the maid nodded and left after giving her a proper salaam.


“So , Sultan , we all are very curious to know about the diplomacies you want to discuss with me , may I have the permission to know ?” Ahmed asked in the most respectful manner one could afford to Razia , while Razia nodded , her face remained masked with an unreadable expression , something everybody except her close ones were used to now , in those five years. The years were enough to almost wipe off her heart’s naivety and turn her into a placid , neutral and just Sultan .”Ahmed Sahab , as you know , many official letters regarding the raising number of tents of Afghan soldiers and that too near the borders of Gujrat is quiet alarming. But this is a bit disappointing that you have not been paying much attention to such a crucial matter.” Razia confronted him ,

“Why do you worry so much Sultan ? I will see to it in no time and after all it’s Dilli Sultanate , nobody can even raise his eyes on it.” he said wily , with a genuine seeming smile . Razia knew that she had no other choice but to play her ultimate card “ I trust you Ahemed Sahab !” she said , as wily as Ahmed and not being a fool of course , Ahmed frowned , her attitude aroused hints of doubts in the mind of the tactful man. “I see your 12 year old son as skilled warrior as you Ahmed Sahab .” she complemented as she glanced upon the 12 year old little boy , whose curious and innocent hazel eyes stared back at her , a bit confused , yet nervous and curious at the same time , she liked him at that instant , he reminded her of her own little brother , Yasir , who , for now was at Multan to complete his training and education , she mentally patted herself ,

now she was sure that she had made the right decision and her next words and steps were going to be her game. Glancing back at Ahmed , she continued with a smirk “I would be glad to take your son with me and train and guide him personally to achieve the title of – Sher-e-Gujrat (Lion of Gujrat) and , I give you my words Ahmed Sahab , he will overshadow you too.” her proposal paled the royal couple’s face , all the confidence , all the color drained out of Ahmed’s face. He knew what this offer was for , but he also knew that no one would dare to deny the Sultan herself . “AH , Sultan , it would be an honor for us , but you have so much of responsibilities already , then by taking my son , Rehaan’s responsibility will only burden you Sultan.” Ahmed suggested nervously , with a slight hope to slip off from the web , but as soon as a sly smile appeared on her beautiful face again , his only hope vanished “Do you not have confidence in me Ahmed sahab , do you not trust me with your son,

I will take good care of him.” she said genuinely this time though purposefully , caressing Rehaan’s hair. Ahmed was left spellbound , he could not make out what to say , denying the Sultan was the last thing anyone would do at that era . Razia got up from her place confidently “ So , I believe that your consent is given . Well , I would prefer to return as soon as possible and hence would leave Gujrat this afternoon only , you may pack the necessities of Rehaan.” she said calmly , yet coldly, to which Ahmed could only nod positively .

Leaning against her couch , Razia finally let a victorious smile play on her elegant face . “Nice move , I must say but a completely unexpected one .” Yakut said while entering the chamber without even knocking , why would he , after all , they were childhood best friends , “But…I thought you… you know what I mean.” Razia fell short of words or actually courage “Razia , I trust you , this is just an illusion for Ahmed so that he stays within his limits , I know , even still Ahmed shamelessly continues his approaches towards the Afghans , you would still protect his son , you just wanted to warn him , that is it.” Yakut assured her . He knew her in and out , by taking away Rehaan with her , she would actually keep Ahmed within her control , while train Rehaan to become a far better person , leader and warrior than Ahmed.

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