Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 11 )

Hello everyone! I'm back with next episode of happy ending. Hope you'll like it..

Recap : swara out of coma.. Sanskar broken..

Episode starts with swara gaining her senses.. She looked around and get scared seeing new place.. she started shouting sanskar's name loudly..

Swara : ( scared) Sanskarrr. .. Sanskarrr..

Hearing her shouts RagSan who was sitting outside of her room rushed inside.. Sanskar hugs swara n tried to calm her..

Sanskar : Shhh.. swara.. swara.. m here only.. look.. its me.. ur sanskar.. relax jaan.. calm down..

Swara : ( looked at him and asked angrily bt cutely ) where were u?? U told me na that u wont leave me ever.. then y u left me here alone..? Goo.. now I won't talk to you. Kattii! ( pouts angrily )

Sanskar : ( smiles with teary eyes n started acting ) Ohh God!!! What to do now? I brought chocolates for my swara.. bt she's angry on me and wont talk to me.. I think I should give this chocolates to Ragini.. ( turns to Ragini ) Take this Ragini.. ( b4 Ragini could take swara snatched it from his hand . Sanskar smiles )

Swara : ( smiles brightly ) Who told m angry?? See m not angry.. ( shows him her full teeth.. I mean smile.. RagSan chuckles )

Sanskar : so that means you'll talk with me na?

Swara : Haa.. bt don't do this next time.. only this time m forgiving u.. YOU KNOW SWARA CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT SANSKAR! ( saying this she started eating her chocolate )

Sanskar's eyes got filled hearing her this sentense.. He rushed out of room and cried..


Swara called him.. Sanskar get inside wiping his tears..

Swara : Sanskar! Y u have such a big name???

Sanskar : Whats this question swara.. I donno.. my mom n dad kept it..

Swara : ( while eating chocolate ) bt Sanskar.. How much long it is.. always I need to call u by ur full name.. Sans..kaarrrr. sans..kaarr.. ( stretches each word )

Ragini laughs.. Sanskar sighs..

Sanskar : Any solution madam?

Swara : Haa.. I'll call u sweetu.. chalega? Its so short n sweet.. n u r also sweet like this dairy milk silk.. yes ! I'll call u sweetu only..

Sanskar makes faces.. bt agreed to her.. seeing her happy face..

Swara : Andd Ragini , I'll call u cutie.. coz u r so so so so cute.. I want to pull ur cheeks always.. so ur name is cutie from today..

Ragini : ( smiles ) Ok my lord..

Sanskar : ( serious ) swara.. enough of ur fun now.. sleep for smtym.. Ragini will stay with u. I'll cm in half n hour.. ok?

Swara : Sweetu.. u r again leaving me?

Sanskar : ( kisses her forehead ) Jaan.. I'll cm very soon.. Plz let me go..

Swara : ( cutely ) Pinky promise???

Sanskar : Yess baba.. pinky promise! Now sleep..

Swara : Okay.. bye..

Sanskar : Bye..


@ Unknown place-

A man was sitting on chair talking with some one..

Man : Hmm.. Good! Bring him here.. Right now..

After some time some men comes there holding one person.

Person : I didnt did anything.. leave me.. plz.. leave me..

Man : ( smiles evilly ) U didn’t did anything ha?? ( slaps him hard ) u want me to leave u?? ( again slaps him ) Ok.. I’ll leave u.. bt after killing u.. ( smirks )

Person : No.. plz.. dnt.. dnt kill me.. I beg u..

Man : Alright! Giving u one more chance.. Tell me the whole damn truth! Tell me who’s behind all this! I’ll leave u..

Person : Ok.. I’ll tell u.. bt plz leave me..

Person tells man something.. A man was fuming in anger..

Man : Hmm.. u told me truth.. good.. u shd be rewarded.. ( called his man ) Jai.. this guy loves to touch girls.. make sure that he wont able to touch any girl now onwards.. stab his both hands n kater burn them.. so that he'll never be able to touch any other girl.. leave..

Person : No.. no.. plz.. dont do this.. no.. leave me.. ( jai takes him frm there )

Man : Hmm.. so.. Aditya Malhotra & Raj Singhania… The famous business mens in Kolkata.. Interesting! Very interesting.. U like to play with other’s lives na.. alryt.. lets play together.. U hv started the game.. bt I’ll finish it in my own way.. ur time starts now.. just wait & watch! ( smirks evilly )

Another man : Bt Sanskar.. what u r going to do now? We don't have any proofs against them..

Here is another shock.. this man is non other than sanskar. Who's trying to find swara's culprit from last 5 months..

Sanskar : We don't need to find any proofs Laksh! They will confess their crimes from their blo*dy mouths.. n my swara.. my swara only punish them 1st.. then we will hand over them to police.. coz they are her culprits.. till she gets completely fine I'll make their life hell.. n after that.. SWARA WILL PUNISH THEM!!!

Yes.. another man is Laksh. Sanskar’s best friend and Ragini's fiance.

Laksh : ( kept hand on his shoulder ) Yes Sanskar! Dont worry.. Bhabhi will get well soon and punish those bastards..

Sanskar : ( teary eyes bt composes ) I know Laksh.. I knw.. she'll get fine very soon.. I'll make her fine.. our love will make her fine.. bt fr now let's focus on Aditya n Raj ( guys in short I'll call them as AdiRaj. )

Laksh : Sanskar.. what's going on in ur mind..? Say it..

Sanskar explains explained Laksh something.  Both smirked evilly..


Episode ends.

Precap : Sanskar's 1st step to destroy AdiRaj. Sanskar’s effect to make swara remember their moments.


  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    I dun know what happened to me Shaluu .. in this whole part my mind was revolving around only one word “DAIRY MILK SILK”… urghh mad me… but i know since Doctor is not allowing me 2 take chocolates that’s why it’s all happening with me… haaa those hippo.. *stab my uncle with spoon… huhh love it .. Thnk u.. ;-*

  2. Rabia


    |Registered Member

    Sammy thats why u r demanding choco from me because here swara is eating 😁😁😁 and about the epiii punish the culpritsssss veryy badly 😊😊😊

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