Siyappa Ishq Ka~(4) Drunk Together

Dard De Kar Dard Ki Inteha Na Poochh,
Dard To Dard Hota Hai, Thora kaisa? Ziada Kaisa?

Abeer bends down to kiss her for one last time but unfortunately she wakes up and he stands back. She sits up and looks at him as he looks away. “What were you doing?,” Meher asks. “Nothing, was checking your fever,” Abeer replies. “By kissing me?,” she asks confusingly. “I admit I kissed you, I love you Meher, the time we’ve got is an opportunity to win each other back, the one with who we fight the most is also the one who we love the most, and that one for me is you, you’re surely a precious gem to me,” he says with sorrowful eyes and kisses her forehead.

She doesn’t protests but keeps her hands over his arms. “You can sleep on the bed if you want,” he says and she moves back on couch a little. “No thanks,” she replies rolling her eyes and looks down. It was 6:00 in the evening, and this evening was like a nightmare to them. They badly wanted to talk to each other about their pain but couldn’t. “I am sorry for treating you so badly,” he says apologetically. “How many times will you say this? It’s very easy for you right? You will repeat your mistakes again and again,” she says annoyingly.

“What’s this? You’re always taunting me on one small mistake, yes I was a loser, I used to run away, but now when I am trying to change, so you won’t let me change,” he says cupping her face raising it a little. “I also love you but you are also doing that thing to me which I did to you,” he says frowning. “You should know how it feels, now do you know how much it hurts?,” she says jerking his hands and turns away from him. “Fine, I am going, have a good time, no really, have a good time in loneliness,” he says angrily and leaves. She shuts her eyes tightly not able to digest the truth that their relationship has got so much weak.

Later, at 10:00 in the night, Abeer comes home drunk and goes to his room opening the door with a bang making Meher jump on her place. “Hello my beautiful wife, will you taunt me more? Taunt me, do it! Because I deserve it,” he says in a fully drunk voice and she stands up and comes to him trying to take him to bed but he pins her to the wall instead. “Meher Meher Meher, you are still my wife right? Taunt me, yes, baby try me,” he says coming closer to her. She pushes him. “Just shut up and move away,” she says trying to push him but he was a giant and so she couldn’t push him. As this happens, he laughs. “Where did your strength go? You slapped me so tightly that I thought my neck will break, push me c’mon, you are strong,” he says annoying her.

“This is not a challenge ok! Move away,” she says irritatingly. “Uh hum, I won’t, you have to push me with all your strength, once you do it, I won’t ask anything else, c’mon show your woman power,” he says and she gives him an annoyed look as if saying I-will-show-I-can-do-it. She pushes him gathering her strength and Thud! They both fall on the floor with Meher on top of him, his hands on the floor and she tries getting up but he pulls her. “I just told to push and not to make me fall,” she moves his hand away and gets off him. “I can also get drunk,” she says and goes out of room downstairs followed by his stumbling steps, she takes the wine bottle and drinks it in one gulp. “Oh God,” Abeer says slapping his forehead and takes her upstairs.

He closes the door and she laughs weirdly. “Where are we?,” she asks. “In our room,” he replies. “And which is my Abeer? There are three Abeer here, OMG,” she says extending her hand to touch him and he holds her hand. “Three Abeer here, OMG,” he says imitating her and laughs and they both stumble and sit on the bed, she keeps her head on his shoulder smilingly. “Let’s take a selfie,” she says switching on the camera in her mobile. “No, let’s take a video,” she says and switches the camera to camcorder. “Leave all this, let’s talk,” he says taking away her phone keeping its back camera towards them. “I won’t leave you again, I always loved you, and I will always love you,” he says drunkily and kisses her forehead while she smiles like a baby and everything gets recorded and they fall on the bed and drifts to sleep.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher pushing. ..mehbeer falling with meher on top of abeer…was so romantic. Meher too drinking n seeing 3 abeers n selfie was so cute.abeer saying he won’t leave her n meher smiling was lovely new cute.every thing got recorded. Waiting to see their reaction when they see it

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