Swasan happy ending (Epi 4)


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Episode -4
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Here we go
Days passed ,they started meeting regularly after completing their respective works,and their bonding grew to a very deeper extent and it becomes impossible for them to live without each other even for a second.
One day,they meet in a garden and Sanskar wants to go in the nearby temple.Sanskar says:
Sanskar:Come Swara,let’s go to that temple.
Swara:(calmly)You can go Sanskar actually I don’t believe in all these.
Sanskar:But are my friend naa.
Swara:Of course,do you have any doubt about it,she smile.
Sanskar:Then please Swara lets go to that temple.
They kept their footwear aside and start going upstairs.Un dono ne darshan kiye phir woh mandir ke niche jaa hi rahe the ki Sanskar shouts:
Swara:(worriedly)What happened Sanskar, are you Ok.
Sanskar:Hann Swara main thik hunn bus ..(he thought to not tell her as she will start panicing)
Swara:Why you stopped,Sanskar
She sees that an iron nail was inserted inside Sanskar feet and it starts bleeding too.She says:
Swara:I understand what the metter is,look an iron nail is inserted inside your feet,but why did not you told me that before.
Sanskar:(tensedly looking here and there)Woh…I thought not to make you tensed
Swara:(thinks he is so cute and innocent) and strictly says sit there.
Swara kneels down and extract the nail from his foot.He was in pain but was amused too to see that usse jyada dard to Swara ko ho raha tha.Nail Sanskar ke feet me chubhe the par dard Swara ko ho raha tha.He thinks what is happening to me,why i feel very comfortable when she is around me.
Swara drives her car and Sanskar was alongwith her.She comes to his hospital and they both sit in Sanskar cabin.Swara calls a nurse and tells him to bring xyz injection.
Sanskar(tensedly):What was the need Swara,do you want to take an injection again.
Swara:No,its your turn
Swara:Kyun kya hua injection se darr lagta hai tumhe!

(Sanskar also has a little fear of injections)
Nurse comes and hand over the injection to Swara.
Swara:(teased him)Take it Sanskar you are a doctor and thus it is well known to you this injection is taken when a person gets a cut or something like that from an iron object and you are also got hurt due to that iron nail outside the temple ,toh my dear friend injection toh banta hai.(she laughed)
Sanskar thinks kitni badmash hai Swara it seems she is taking revenge from me for that day.
Sanskar:No,Swara,actually it is not needed.(he thinks wierd explanations to escape from taking the injection)
Swara:How do you know it is not needed?
Sanskar:(innocently)I will do fixing with microbes.
Swara smiled and understands that he too has a fear of injection.
Swara:(strictly)Just lie down on that examing table,I am calling a doctor and he will give it to you.
Sanskar:Nahin…..woh….ok(he is tensed)
Doctor came and gives him the injection and Swara smiled at his childish behariour.Sanskar was also seeing her only and thus he does not get to know when he got the injection.After the doctor leaves,Sanskar says:
Sanskar:(annoyingly)You are enjoying very much.
Swara(laughed):Yes,of course.
Sanskar(light-heartedly):aacha mera bhi din aayega when you would be tensed about the pain and I will give you treatment only.
Swara:Accha bacchu taab ki taab dekhenge and after their Sweet and cute fight both went to their respective homes.
At night
Swasan thinks about each other only and they realises their love for each other.They are eager to confess their feelings to each other as soon as possible.

Precap:Swasan confession

Credit to: S.Ankur

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