agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 8)

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Recap: manyas quarrel. Amaya’s fight with guys. Mantu’s frustration over her.

Mantu sees Amaya lying on the ground. Mantu to himself: ohh god!! What has happen to her? He picks her head and places it on his lap. Mantu: amaya? Amaya!! What happen to you? Please get up!! Please get up. He’s completely worried. He calls out for help. People in the restaurant gather there. He calls them for help . One of the man asks he’s driver to get his car. He asks mantu not to worry. He will take them to near by hospital. Mantu complies. The man takes Mantu and Amaya to same hospital where amaya had gone to bandage herself.
Mantu takes amaya in his arms inside. The doctor comes. He says amaya?!! Mantu: do you know her? Doctor: yeah. But now its not the time to ask this question. Bring her in. Mantu takes her in. Doctor asks him to wait outside . Mean time mantu informs kriyaansh. Doctor comes out. Mantu asks him why did she faint? Is there any problem? Anything serious?
Doctor: calm down. There is nothing to worry about. Its just that due to weakness she fainted. I think she is has not eaten anything.
Doctor recollects how amaya told him not to tell anything to mantu.
Mantu: how is she now? Is she alright?
Doctor: yeah don’t worry. She’s has gain concious. But she’s is under glucose. You can meet her now.
Mantu: ohhk thank you. But can i meet her?
Doctor: yeah sure.
Mantu goes in.
Mantu: are you alright? How are you feeling now?
Amaya: yeah i am. She turns away her face.
Mantu: i know you are frustrated on me. But i am sorry. I should have not poked my nose in your matters. I am sorry please forgive me.
Kriyaansh enters.
Kriya: what happen?
Amaya: nothing much. I just fainted.
Kriya: and to your hand?
Amaya: that happened while practising.
Mantu looks at her . Amaya also notices this but ignores him.
Rey: you should take care of yourself. And how did mantu meet you?
Mantu: i had gone to…
Amaya: i met him near restaurant. He was supposed to drop me but before i could reach home. I reached here.
Mantu again looks at her.
Amaya: call the doctor. I need to go for my work.
Kriya: you are not going anywhere.
Rey: she’s right. You should rest.
Amaya: guys please just call the doctor. I am alright.
Mantu: that doctor will decide not you.
Rey: he’s right. Now i will call the doctor let him tell you.
Kriya: yaah. Let doctor decide.
Amaya: now go atleast.
Rey: ohh k i am going. But which is the doctor?
Kriya: you don’t know the doctor?
Rey: i don’t come here frequently. How am i suppose to know?
Mantu: stop arguing guys. Rey he’s cabin is the next door.
Rey: right or left?
Mantu: i don’t remember. Go and check yourself.
Kriya: come out. We will find. Mantu you stay with amaya.
He complies kriyaansh goes out.
Rey: you go to the right door and I’ll go to the left.
Kriya: ohhk
Rey goes in and comes out while kriya is waiting for him .
Rey: doctor is not in. He’s gone to the next floor.
Kriya: ohh k let’s go then.
They both wait for the lift.
Wardboy: this lift is not meant for you people. Its patients lift. You’ll take the stairs.
Kriya: come let’s go. Rey complies.
They take the stairs. Kriya climbs them fast. The wardboy tells rey to be careful as they are been mobed just now. You might skid. Rey goes behind kriya. She was about to fall. But rey holds her. They have an eyelock. The nurse speaks you people don’t understand its a hospital. Not any love garden to romance here.
Rey and krita come back to their normal. Kriya moves from there. Rey: we were not romancing here. She’s my friend. I was just helping her out.
Kriya: rey come quickly.
Rey: you want to admit yourself here? Can’t you walk properly. Why are you always in a hurry?
Kriya: stop creating a scene. Its a hospital. Patients are there.
Rey: come let’s go.

mantu:why there was a need for you to lie.
Amaya: none of your buisness.
Mantu: it is. My name is involved in that thing so it is my buisness.
Amaya: as if yoy never lie? I stop being a saint. I know you also lie. I heard it myself.
Mantu: what rubbish
Amaya: rubbish then rubbish.
Mantu: stop moving you hand. The syringe will come out .
Amaya: its ok. I don’t care.
Mantu: stop it. Stop being stubborn.
Amaya: i am stubborn. And i will be. What’s your problem?
Mantu: ohhk fine stop it. You know what we are arguing on a stupid topic.
Amaya: you started it. Forget it. Where’s my phone? She is about to get up.
MNtu: you sit. I’ll get it. I think its in your bag.
Amaya: ohhk.
Mantu goes to her bag and searches for her phone in it. He finds anti- depression pills in it.
Amaya: did you get it?
Mantu keeps them in the bag: yeah i am searching.
Amaya: check it my side pocket.
Mantu: yeah yeah i got it.
He gets her phone and gives it to her. She inquires about kriyaansh.
Mantu: god knows where theu have been.
Amaya: call rhem
Mantu: yeh.

While rey and kriya are searching for the doctor. They bump onto him.
Doctor: whom are you looking for?
Kriyaansh: doctor.
Doctor: which doctor?
They look at each other as they know the name.
Kriya: the one who’s treating amaya below this floor. Room no3
Doctor: i am the one. Come.
They walk down.
Doctor: what happened to her?
Rey: can we take her back?
Doctor: let me check her.
They enter the room.
Doctor asks everyone to move out and wait.
Doctor: are you mad amaya? You know what had done. I mean who consumes the pills extra? What if something had happened to you?
Amaya remains mum.
Doctor: and i am not leaving you today. You know very well that you did not faint because of weaknesz but because you consumed them too much.
Amaya: but i am alright now. What about my woek?
Doctor: no work. You should be thankful to the guy who got you here. Otherwise you know.
Amaya: but i am treated now. I need to go.
Doctor: no means no. You will be discharged tommorow and that’s final.
He leaves and tells the others about the discharge.
They agree to keep her there.
Kriya: I’ll stay here then. You guys leave.
Rey: no its okay. If they need something then I’ll wait. Mantu you drop kriya then.
Mantu agrees. Kriya and mantu leave.
Rey goes in.
Rey: so amaya. You are back on your pills?
Amaya: yeah.
Rey: and this hand also. You have started this again.
Amaya: you know what had happened?
Rey: no not completely. But hurting yourself ?
Amaya:leave it now. I need to inform my collegues. Wait.
She calls and informs her.
Amaya opens her phone and throws the sim card away.
Amaya: rey i need a new sim card.
Rey: again?
Amaya: are you getting it? Or I’ll tell someone else.
Rey: at your service ma’am. You will get it tommorow.
Amaya: good. And please don’t tell whatever you know to mantu and kriya.
Rey: but..
Amaya: promise me.
Rey: but amaya..
Amaya: promise me.
Rey: ok fine.
Mantu drops kriya home and comes back to the hospital with the car.
Mantu: hey rey your keys.
Rey: you back here. You should have kept them with you.
Amaya: why did you come back?
Mantu: to leave reys keys and i forgot my bag here to take it.
He takes the bag and finds the sim card there. He quitely sneaks it into his bag.
He goes back.

@ beach.
Mantu : there should be something in this sim. But should i check it? But i should not interfere in her life. But i should help her. There is somthing she is hidding that i know foe sure. but That pain she’s hidden from us is something that is worrying her and eating her from inside. Those pills also. But should i interfere in her life?
No i think no. If she can trust me. She will tell me by herself.
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  1. Nice one… Need Amaya to fall for Mantu.. Loved todays episode.. Something dfrnt from love tracks..

    1. Thanksnks for reading. I am so happy that you liked it.

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