SwaSan FS… From Childhood Friends To Lovers! (Prologue)

Hey Guys!
Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
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So as a Diwali gift, here I’m with an another story on my babies.
Hope you all like it.. Do share your views.

A boy of 11 years and a girl of 5 years were playing…running behind one another…girl is trying to catch that boy…but that boy was running so fast…our little girl got tired…n got an idea..she started to cry shouting his name “sanky” .he got worried and suddenly went to that naughty girl to know why she was crying…

“shona what happened…why are you crying”…little shona stopped crying n catched sanky, started jumping exictedly saying.. “sanky u r out…yaay…i catched u”…she showed her tongue out…he got angry but seeing her laughing…he melted n smiled at her cute antics…but he acted as he is angry on her…

Little shona was saying sorry continously by holding her ears…but our sanky acted soo stuborn…shona started to cry by saying she would never do this again…sanky took her in his arms n console her by saying he will talk to her…

He just want to tease her…he teased her “shona u r crying baby?” n laughed.

Little shona got soo much angry n pouted angrily…he knew very well how to handle his shona…so thought to tease her more by taking a diary milk chocolate saying “i thought to give this choco to shona…but she is angry so why to waste it..i will only eat this!” But shona snatched choclate n shouted
“who will be angry on my sweet sanky?” n started eating with her cute little hands…her lips n mouth is full of chocolate…

Sanky smiled at her…

No one knew what was coming next for those two kids. They were going to face the biggest breakdown of life that would lead to a separation.


Scene shifted.

“Sanky please don’t leave me. Let me stay with you.” A girl was getting dream.

“I hate you Sanky. I won’t talk to you!” She shouted waking up from her dreadful dreams.

“I hate you Sanskar Maheswari. I hate you!” She wiped her tears and again tried to sleep but it was far way from her eyes, recalling her past life.

“I will make everything good Shona! I hope you can forgive me for my mistakes! I miss you!” He said staring the moon.

“I miss you too Sanky!” Her dried lips left the uncertain whisper without her knowledge and she fell asleep.


Character Introduction.

Sanskar Maheswari- Handsome n everyone’s dream boy…age is 25years..he is police officer..love n respect his profession…loves his shona very much but only ‘as a friend’,he is an orphan..

Swara Gadodia- a simple modern beautiful girl,friendly in nature,age is 19 years…she is an orphan..studying b.tech in xyz cllg by scholarships n she lives in cllg hostel..she hates sanky lot…she doesn’t know that sanskar is paying her fees for hostel..if she gets to know..she will definetly reject…so sanky arranged by saying scholarships for orphan students by her orphanage owner…

Rest characters will be introduced as the story precedes.

Disclaimer : This isn’t my story but one of my friends. She wrote three chapters but due to some problem she left it incomplete. Now I will continue it, making changes wherever I need. I will shape up the entire story in my way and try to give a good ending. In Prolouge itself I have made some changes. I hope you all like it.

Silent readers, please don’t be silent. Try to drop down a single word and that would be enough for me to know that I need to continue it.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all <3<3.

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