Character Sketch

Ramprasad Maheswari:Business man. Loves his family a lot. His son is the pride of his family. But loves his daughter a lot. Very kind hearted man.

Sujatha Maheswari:House wife. Very sweet mother. Her family is her lifeline. Wants both her children to settle well in their life and also wanted them to get married to good person. Friendly to her children but strict when it comes to discipline.

Sanskar Maheswari:Young talented business man. Treat his employees as his family. None calls him sir or boss. One who is same and elder than sanskar call him by his name while younger one calls him bhai. But he has a bad habit. If he wanted anything he will get that by hook or crook. His sister is his everything.

Kushi Maheswari:Sweet and naughty girl. Papa’s daughter. Pampered a lot. Her bro is her everything. Waiting for her prince charming. Eye of maheswari family.

Shekar Gadodia:A middle class man. Worked as a professor in college. Mainly loves his daughter a lot.He died due to heart attack.

Sharmistha Gadodia:A very sweet person. Loves her husband a lot. She suffered a lot when he died but lives only for her children. Loves his son a lot. Doesn’t talk much to her daughter.

Arnav Gadodia:A responsible son and a brother. Loves his sister a lot. Works in maheswari office. Doesn’t believe in love. Worries for his sister.

Swara Gadodia:Silent girl. Loves her father a lot. Feeling guilty as she became the reason for her father’s death. Works in a software company. She has a 1.5 year daughter.

Swara and Arnav are broken. While sanskar and kushi are happy. This story revolves around this four characters.How sanskar and kushi make swara and arnav fell in love is the story.

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Episode 2

Arnav entered inside maheswari office. Everyone who were talking see him coming and went back to their work. Arnav smirked and entered inside his cabin. His pa Kishore came and told his that day’s appointments and meetings. At that time Arnav asked him,”Whether Sanskar came??”

“No Arnav. Sanskar will come late today as his sister is coming from abroad finishing her studies.”

“Oh yes. I forgot it. Okie Kishore then let me know when sanskar comes here. I have to talk about the new contracts.”

“Okie Arnav.” saying this Kishore went from there. Arnav then got indulged in his work.

Swara is working in her place. At that time her team leader called her. So she went to his cabin.”May i come in sir.”

“Yes swara come in.” hearing this swara came in and saw her team mates already sitting there.

“Sir u called me??”

“Yes swara. Actually i wanted to talk about an important deal with our teammates. If we get this deal then our company will move up one level. We will move from level 2 to level 3 companies.(Guys in IT companies level 5 is the top level and level 1 is low level.) and project manager gave this project to our team. So i want everyone to prepare a presentation and documentation regarding this project. The one whose presentation and documentation is good will be selected as a head of this project. And don’t miss this amazing opportunity. U even get a promotion if the project gets successful. So keep that in mind and start ur work. U will be given a day time. And tomorrow morning there will be presentation session. So be ready everyone.” team leader said and asked everyone to move back to their work. Swara also went back to her place and opened her mail and read the information about the projects.

In maheswari mansion kushi is been pampered by everyone. Ram is feeding kushi. Sujatha saw this and said,”Ramji this is too much. She is 24 now and u r feeding her??”

“So what?? Remember even if she gives birth to a child also she will be my sweet daughter and i will feed her at that time too.” ram said and kushi became shy.

“So u r indirectly saying that we should get her married right.”sujatha asked teasingly.

“Shut up sujatha. Now only my daughter came and u r planning to send her from here. No chance. She will get married only when she wishes. Till that she will be with me only.” ram said and started to feed kushi again. Kushi stuck her tongue out to sujatha and turned to ram.

“Papa don’t u think u r too much pampering her??”

“Sanskar one day u will get married and u will also have a daughter at that time u will behave more possessively than me.”

“No chance papa. I won’t be this much possessive.”

“Ya ya lets see at that time.” ram said and everyone finished their breakfast. All came and sat in the sofa. Kushi is seeing mobile while ram and sanskar are discussing something about the office. While sujatha is in kitchen. At that time a lady came there. Kushi saw it and is irritated as y she came here.

“Saritha come come. How r u??” ram asked.

“I am bhaisa. How r u??”

“I am fine. Only now u came to know u have a bhaisa???”

“Sorry bhaisa u know na Harshad’s papa is very busy and can’t come but today i heard kushi is coming so came to see her.” Saritha said and came near kushi and asked,”How r u beta??”

“I am fine bua. How r u??”

“I am fine beta.”

“Saritha where is Harshad??”

“Bhaisa he is parking the car.” saritha finished and at that time a man came inside. Seeing him sanskar went and hugged him. Kushi too ran to him and hugged him.

“Aww Harshad how r u?? We are seeing after ages na??”

“Yes baby. I am fine. How r u tell??”

“Idiot don’t call me baby and i am also super fine.” kushi said and Harshad went and got blessings from ram and sujatha. Then three of them went to garden to spend some time.

In swara’s office she saw the details and started to work. At that time her team leader came there and said,”Swara do u need anything??”

“No sir. I don’t want anything.”

“Okie if u need any help u can ask me. I am always there to help u.” her team leader said and swara put a smile on her face and continued to work. Her team leader went from there. At that time a man came to him and asked,”Nikhil what’s this??”

“Ashok u know what i am doing then y r u asking???”

“But nikhil do u think she will understand u??”

“I hope she will understand me. And don’t tell this to anyone okie.”

“Sure nikhil i am ur friend and i won’t say this to anyone.”

“I knew it man.” saying this nikhil hugged ashok and both of them went from there.

Shomi is taking care of the baby. At that time she got a call. She attended the call and became happy,”Preeti how r u???”

“Shomi i am fine. U remember na about the thing which we talked before??”

“How can i forgot it?? But u know our home situation. How everything changed in a minute.”

“Shomi Mukti finished her studies. And her papa is also hastening about her Marriage.”

“I can understand preeti but as of now Arnav is not ready to get married. I am helpless preeti.”

“Now what to do???”

“Preeti i have an idea. Send Mukti here. May be she might change Arnav and a happiness may surround our lives.”

“Okie shomi. Nice idea. Mukti went to tour with her friends. So after she comes i will send her.” preeti said and shomi said okie and kept the call. She prayed to god to show them mercy. Then she saw the baby smiling at her. She caresses her face and said,”Aashna u r same like ur nana. U r the soul of this house. Ur mother did a mistake and it spoiled the liveliness of this house. Only bcoz of u this house has some liveliness. Hope our house becomes like before.” she said and took the baby and gave milk.

In sanskar’s office arnav is doing his work. At that time someone knocked his door.,”Yes come in.” hearing this door is opened and a girl came inside. Arnav didn’t see her at all but said,”What do u want ragini??”

“Arnav how u find it’s me??”

“Whether u came here to ask this???” arnav asked her while doing his work.

“Pss tell me arnav.”

“Uff by ur perfume only i guessed that.”

“Wow is my perfume smells good???”

“No only u have this worst kind of taste. Ur perfume smells very odorous.” Arnav said with a slight smile. Ragini got angry and stood up and said,”Arnav everyone here praises me for my taste. It’s only u who always insult me. And i don’t care. I just came here to ask when will Sanskar come??”

“I am not pa of sanskar. Go and ask his pa.” arnav retorted angrily and ragini stamped her foot and went from there.

In the afternoon sanskar came to the office. Arnav who came out of his cabin for lunch saw sanskar and waved him his hand. Then sanskar came and hugged him.

“Sanskar is this the time to come???”

“Oh Mr.Arnav Gadodia i am JMD of this company.”

“So what?? I am CEO of this company.

“Ha ha Arnav had lunch??”

“Going for that only. U??”

“Ya finished it. And any important Work for me??”

“No sanskar. In two days we have a meeting with Systech company.”

“Oh ya. Whether they sent the presentation??”

“No sanskar. Tomorrow only they will send.”

“Okie then. U go for ur lunch arnav.” saying this Sanskar and arnav walked in opposite direction but arnav stopped and said,”Sanskar i forgot to tell u. Miss.Ragini was searching for u.” hearing this sanskar rooted in his place and turned to arnav and said,”Huh can’t u say this before itself?? I wouldn’t have come office.”

“Ha ha i can’t miss the opportunity to see u suffering.” arnav said with a smirk.

“Sadist. I am cursing u. One day even u will feel like me.” sanskar said and turned to go but only hugged by ragini. Sanskar became irritated and parted ragini from his hug and put a smile one his face and asked,”Ragini how r u??”

“I am fine sanskar. U know i was missing u a lot. That’s y i came back from paris trip soon. Come i will show the pics i took there.” saying it she took sanskar to his cabin. Sanskar with fake face went inside. Seeing him arnav laughed and went for his lunch.

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Hope u guys like it. There is four new entry in the story.
Harshad,Nikhil,Mukti and Ragini. R they positive or negative?? U will know it when the story proceeds. And swasan and arshi are main characters of this ff. Both couples will have equal screen space. And their meeting will be in next episode.
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