swasan ff: I love you swara (prologue)

hi guys.. here I’m starting a new swasan ff.. if you all like it I will continue it..

prologue. .

sanskar’s pov

all boys have dream about their wife.. I too have.. beautiful, lovable , caring and so on.. my life was a bed of roses.. sanskar maheswari.. son of rich businessman durga prasad maheswari’s son.. born with a silver spoon. . I thought that life is only a matter of enjoyment. . my views about life, and life partner changed when I saw her..

swara gadodia a gorgeous bar dancer..

I know my family will burn me alive if I tell them that I love her..

I know society will hate her for her profession. . they will call me insane. . but I can’t refuse the fact that I love her.. and she will be my life partner. .

pov ends..

guys I think this is a different concept. . in my other ff gang of devils v/s gang of angels so many asked for swasan.. so for all you want swasan.. I’m writing for them..

This is a story of a rich boy falling for a bar dancer.. if you like the concept I will continue it..

Credit to: Jwala


  1. Sree

    And here I thought you could not surprise me further. Great concept love the part where he realised that he is going to be skinned alive if his family comes to know. I seriously can’t wait..


  2. avi

    Concept is nyc. It ll b in POV or dialogues. N one more thing guyzzzzz plzzz do wch swaragini @ 9:30 pm on colors to increase its trp n rmmbr wching online doesn’t increase trp. So if possible wch it on TV dat too 9:30 pm slot on colors .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.