FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 9) “Coincident Meet”

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Episode 8

Chapter 9

After the party, things got changed a lot. The awkwardness and silence which was in between, was now vanished. It wasn’t easy to become friendly but she made it easy. I must say she is very understanding, the way she reacted and comforted me when I told her about Kavitha, I feel she is very adjusting.

Its been three to four days after the party but we talked lot till mid night, I found her crazy and bubbly chirpy girl. She is not other type of girls who is adamant to talk, she always see if I m busy or not.

“So hows your equation with Swara till now” My mom asked

Ah! She asked me this question almost daily

“The equation still unbalance mom” I replied

Its true whatever I got to know about her, I m still confused. She is nice, friendly, beautiful and bit silly at the same time

“I m not gonna back off my words, please trust me on that”

She came near me and sat on bed, made me lie on her lap

“I don’t want to make u do this just coz of your promise to me. Today I free you from your word, now decide. I don’t want to pressurize you. It just want to you happy. That’s it” My mom spoke softly

I hold her hand and kissed her

“U r not pressurizing me for anything and about Swara she is nice, intelligent and different from other. All I think that will I ever keep her happy in future” I explained
She smiled

“We don’t know about the future. We cant even tell that if we will be happy in next few seconds. It’s simple son, if your compatibility with your partner is strong no matter what comes next you will be able to face it” she explained me

How can mom always understand my dilemma and calmed me down so easily, I always wonder.

I smiled and assured her


After so much work a cold coffe is enough to chill myself. Now I m sitting in my favourite café chilling myself

Thank god its near to my work point or else I would die without it. But my mood is not good, my friend dumped me by canceling the plan of shopping at last moment. I m here sitting alone waiting for my coffee and getting bore

“Cant u sent someone to accompany me” I wished
“Hi Swara….” I heard a familiar voice

Wow today god is in great mood. As I turned I saw him and my coffee came

“Mr. Maheshwri u here” I exclaimed with surprise and joy

In these something changed or not still I couldn’t pronounce his name. Its difficult you see

“My meeting just got ended but u here” He replied

“Yeah actually I love cold coffee here and my friend planned shopping so we were going to meet here” I explained him

“So u r here to meet your ok I ll take leave, enjoy with your friend”

“No wait, my friend cancelled the plan and she isn’t coming now”

“So sad”

“Are u free now”

“Actually yes and no as well” he replied me and I looked confused

“You see I m talking to someone and she even didn’t ask to sit” He said. I bit my tongue

“Wow Swara! Didn’t u have learnt manner in school” I cursed myself

“No please come sit sorry” I fumbled with my words


We were talking randomly on many thing but I noticed she was staring a couple sitting behind me. Though she was concentrating on me but she was staring them. I turned to look them, they seem to have a date

“Why are u spoiling their date by your glares” I asked breaking her trance

“Their date will be spiol but not by my glares” she said giggling


“See they came on date”

“I can see that Swara next”

“They will breakup in next fifteen minutes”

I was astonished by my words, how can she so sure about it

“How can u be so sure”

“See by yourself”

“If it dosent happen then”
“Then I ll do whatever u say”



We waited for fifteen minutes. Suddenly whole café heard a yell. We pretended to see as surprise as others were. We saw girl yelling on his boyfriend and before leaving she spit the water from the glass. She left like a storm

“Poor guy” I whispered. Swara giggled hard

“Now Swar babaji tell me, what was the matter” I asked folded my hands like people do in front of saints or priest

“I don’t know, How would I know”

“Then how would be so sure about it”

“Oh that, I just saw him staring the girl and then staring the waiters, who were staring her. So I conclude over possessive case” I chuckled hearing her conclusion

“You sounds experience, so how many boyfriend do u had in your college time?” I just realized what I asked and bit my tongue while she raised her eyebrow

“Wrong question Sanskar” My mind snapped me


He is asking me how many boyfriend do I had. But I guess she doesnt know that I was nerd, not interested in these things

Something strike my mind, I smiled with crazy idea

“How many u think” I asked with confidence

His face colour turned to pale as I utter those words, he was shocked I can see that. Truly I was enjoying this

“Umm..I don’t know, u u tell na” he fumbled and I was suppressing my smile

“No u tell please I won’t mind sachi” I pressurize him

“T..t ten to eeight” I burst out in laughter

I don’t know why but I was laughing uncontrollably, here I should be angry but looking his half confused and half scared face, I couldn’t control

“What u think I have ten to eight boyfriend, do u really think about me like that” I pretended to be serious and suppressed my smile again. He was looking down in guilt

“I m sorry, you were so sure about in their so I thought and u asked me estimate. I m really sorry if I hurt you in any manner” He apologized

“Aww.. Mr Maheshwri, I was just kidding don’t feel bad and yes clear yourself that I didn’t had any boyfriend in collage” I clear his vision

“I m sorry seriously” He apologized once again. I felt bad for him

“Its okay, don’t feel badplease I was pretending to be angry” I explained while he smiled

“May I know why didn’t u had any boyfriend”
“Ah that, first that I was a nerd and second I hate these type of relation”

“Really u hate but why”

“I cant bear the tantrum which boys shows”

“Boys? and tantrums? U r mistaken Swara, it is girls who throw tantrum not boys”

“Wait a second boys are also not less than any girl.”

“Ur late baby, why r staring other girls when I m right infront of you, How much u love me jaan, I will kill u if I saw you with someone else” He mimicked like girls

“These are the common tantrums of girls and boys bear this” He added more

“Oh really!!” I exclaimed

“Baby what r u wearing, u should wear something like this, see that guyz is staring u, u should not talk to him because I don’t like him, u stay away him” I mimicked like boys

Soon the atmosphere of heavy debate changed and we burst out laughing like mad Everyone in café were staring us but we didn’t paid heed to them

“God stop please I cant take it anymore. U said u didn’t any but look u talk like an experienced one” He stated me between laughing

“Dude this is not experience, its my observation. That’s why I was famous as nerd and honestly I enjoyed this status in collage”

“I must say then ur observation skills are so strong”

“Not really it became wrong in your case” I said while finishing my cold coffee

As I looked up he was staring me, I signaled him what. He shook in no and forward his finger to lips. I was froze when he touched my upper lips, giving me electrifying shocks. He removed his finger and show the coffee remaining. I nervously smiled


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