Swasan ff By Crazy Episode 4


V-and then mike do u remeber..how they landed in the plane
M-how ca i forget that..for this mistake sir was ready to fire me too
V-hmm..no she din do that but was angry..

—– Flashback —–
swara and shanky wanted to reach same place..but private plAne available was one..
Swara to vyshu
but u know right?that i dont share it
on the other hand shanky says same lines to his PA Mike
but u know right?that i dont share it

and the answers they got from mike and vyshu were same..
Mike to sn & vyshu to sw
“mam/sir sorry but no other way other than adjusting..”

sw frustrated -oky fine..
but mind u that the person must not disturb me got that

on other hand…

Sn-well whos the man who gonna join SM?
Mike-sir the CEO of SRS company gonna be their..
Sn-hmm intresting..btwn let me know abt his detail..
Mike-sorry sir..but its not he insted its she
and i can get u all info abt her..
but only related to her professinal life..
no personal views..
she took great care abt it..
infact more over many dint c her face too..
and its said that she doesnt reval her face unless she own wants it..
Sn-intresting…any way i m not intrested in her..but i guess v were supposed to make some deal with them..which was sucessfull too..
Mike-yup..i met her PA for all those formalities..
as said she din cm up front…
sn-anyway….it would be great meeting her then..
anyway when shd v lev?
Mike-early at 3…!
sn-k..u may lev now..

on the other hand..
Sw-whos that who gonna be with me?(furstrated!!)
Vyshu-mam its SM..one of the famous business tycon..
Sw-fine..then wt waiting for cm on get all info..
Vyshu-yup..v have our god ..Our G O O G L E god!(laughing)
(guys i admit google to be god only..
kuch be if u want just google it…!
i swaer if it wasnt their..then i would have never completed my graduation….huh my booky mind…”)
as soon as she GOOGLE..the image displayed their made swara go mad…
coz he was the same man met her n NGO and threw a blank chk on her..

precap-swasan meet n funny moments…
sorry for short update but adjust karlo yar..

Actually nani z unwell so I m not able to concentrate
Btwn guys tell me one thing
Do u want full flashback story then present?
R is it okay as I m proceeding ?

Credit to: crazy

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