Kalash 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi comes to Devika and asks if she is fine? she says i hate you, you are cheap man, you forgot your first wife and doing another engagement and now you are flirting with me, arent you ashamed of doing this? you think that you can charm any girl? even if you are last man even then i wont choose you, Ravi says i never did cheating, DEvika says no robber accept that he is robber, you are a cheater, you always cheat, Ravi says lets talk about it, Devika says there is nothing left between us talk about, Ravi says there is alot of things left between us to talk about, he takes her to dance floor and dances with her on Khamoshiyan song, Devika is confused and hurt as he closely dances with her, he pulls her closer and hugs her, Devika leave from there, everyone looks on.
Devika comes in corridor and says everyone is busy in party, i can meet Sakshi now, she goes to store room. Ravi comes in corridor and after what Devika said, i need to talk to her, where did she go?
Devika comes to store room and sees Sakshi lying there, she asks if she should make her eat food? Sakshi says my Devika di used to make me eat with her hands, will you play game with me? i dont like here, Devika says i will play game with you, tell me what you want to eat? i will bring next time, Sakshi says i want to eat ice-cream, jalebi, Devika says next time i will bring it next time, she makes her eat, Sakshi says i want to play hide and seek, Devika says you still like that game? you remember how we used to play it at our house? remember you used to hide and used to win always, Sakshi says i dont remember anything, Devika says why your is hair mess? you always liked to be in kit, she sets her hair, ek hazaron main meri behna hai plays, Devika makes her hair as Sakshi allows her, Devika recalls her time spent with Sakshi, how they used to banter and have happy times, Devika shows her mirror , Sakshi says i am looking good right? she gets happy seeing herself in mirror.
Ravi thinks that i have seen every room, she is not anywhere to be found, only Sakshi’s room is left, if she has gone there then i will be confirmed that she is Devika who went to met her sister, once i see her with Sakshi then she wont be able to deny that she is Devika. Ravi comes outside store-room, Devika feels someone coming inside and hides behind cupboard. Ravi comes inside and asks Sakshi if she saw anyone here> Sakshi doesnt answer, Devika thinks Ravi is here, if he catches me here then my game will be finished. Ravi looks around room but doesnt find her. Ravi says to Sakshi that your hair is looking nice, Sakshi says yes, i am looking good, Devika looks at him, Ravi smiles and leaves from there, Devika comes to Sakshi and says i am going now, i will comeback later, take care of yourself, she hugs Sakshi and leaves.

Scene 2
Manju comes to Nivi and asks her to get ready for engagement, she says your son is not seen anywhere, Manju says he will come, where is engagement ring? Nivi says its with Shweta, Shweta says i gave it to Ambika, Nivi says why did you give it to Ambika> who asked you? Shweta says you asked me to give it to her as you wanted your best friend to give it you while getting engaged, Manju says lets find her, Shweta says she must have ranaway with ring too like she took her mangalsutra and never returned it, Manju says i told you to not believe a girl but lets not think about it rightnow, lets find Ambika, Nivi is tensed, they got o search Ambika.
Devika comes out of Sakshi’s room and thinks what Ravi was doing there? he must be finding me only, she walks through corridor and thinks that if Ravi had found me in Sakshi’s room then my game would have ended, why was he there? why was he finding me? she walks when someone pulls her to side and puts hand on her mouth, she sees its Ravi who is pinning her to wall, she says what are you doing? Ravi says i want to know whats in your heart for me, Devika says i forgave you last time you did it but i wont forgive you this time, Ravi says i wont let you go today, will you be happy to see me getting engaged to Nivi and getting married to her? Devika says i dont feel anything for you, you are a cheater, you just like to play with emotions, why you are asking me all this? let me go, she jerks him away and tries to go but Ravi pulls her into him and they get closer, they share intense eyelock.

PRECAP- Nivi says in party to Ravi that its enough, loving you was my biggest mistake, she holds his collar and says i did mistake but now i am going to rectify it, i am breaking all relations with you, Ravi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. at last….from next episode will not bore i think it will end soon…..

    1. And how do u come to that conclusion that its going to end soon. Nivi is trapping dumb devika

  2. Ouf dumb devika
    Do u want your revenge or not
    Just can’t control your emotions what a weakling. Forget taking revenge as u are not strong enough

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