Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 26

Hello guys,last episode was posted on the 15th,sorry for not keeping my word,and all the ff’s that I have read in this site are feel good ones giving some happiness to Swasan fans,well,this season 2 of mine may not be so in the upcoming episodes,and yesterday’s episode of real swaragini soap was a very good one,a beautifully shot one,now,after that,Swasan fans will be on cloud 9,don’t know what you’re gonna feel after reading the upcoming episodes of this ff…

Scene 1:Swasan Raglak returning home after the lunch at restaurant

Swara and Sanskar are returning home together,they had mutually decided to make Laksh drop Ragini home,Swasan are walking through the road,Swara looks at Sanskar,he looks at her and asks, “do you want to ask me something ,Swara?,don’t hesitate,shoot…”,She tells him,”actually,Sanskar,what do you think?,Ragini has accepted Lucky?,actually,she told she will think about it,I don’t understand anything from her face but Lucky is super excited…”.Sanskar laughs and says, “Oh,so you were bothered about them,it is quite clear Swara,Ragini,at school was a very naughty girl but now even I am surprised seeing her change,very matured,calm,has a vision about her future,but,I know her very well,she has always irritated Lucky,but she did have a soft corner for him,she may irritate him a lot,but have never tolerated a person from outside our gang irritating him,was always very protective of him,wont be wrong if I say ,she was possessive,though she hasn’t expressed her concern for him,and I think even Lucky might have felt that care though he took time to realise that it is love,he understood when he felt that she will accept Shraavan,but I think Ragini was quite clear that Lucky would be her partner”,Swara looks at Sanskar and says, “yea,may be you are right,always words are not required,even silence can convey,I am happy for them,only lucky ones will get their true love,they are really Lucky”,she looks at Sanskar and thinks in her mind, “I wish,I could tell you what is there in my heart,cant bear it like this,but now just three more sem for your course to get completed,once you get a job,I will tell you”,Swara is in thoughts ,Sanskar gently beats her and asks, “hello madam,you are day dreaming?”Let’s go”,Swara smiles and says, “sorry,yea,we will go”

Scene 2:After,one and half years,Sanskar final semester exams are going on..

Sanskar’s final semester university exams are going on,he has not come home for quite some time,Swara misses him badly,she takes her phone to message him but gets worried and rushes downstairs hearing Sumi shouting Mukesh’s name,Swara sees Mukesh holding his chest and breathing heavily,she sees him sweating ,Sumi and Swara quickly supports him and rushes him to the hospital,he is admitted and after some time doctor comes and asks them if he had suffered any similar attacks before,Sumi nods no,doctor says, “this is the second attack,may be first one was unnoticed or he might have hidden it,you could bring him on time,or else things would have gone out of hands,now we have kept him under observation but he is out of danger,Sumi is in tears,Swara is totally disturbed,she supports Sumi and tells her, “I will tell Shambu uncle(driver) to go home,Chetan will come and if he doesn’t see us will get worried,let Shambu uncle go and bring him”,Sumi nods,Swara later calls Ragini and tells her the matter,she thinks about messaging Sanskar but stops herself thinking, “just one more exam tomorrow and anyways he will be coming after that,why to spoil his mood”,after some time ,Ragini and her parents and Laksh and his dad comes to the hospital,they spend some time there and then Raglak stays behind with Swara.

Scene 3:Next day ,night 10pm,hospital

Swara is seated in the waiting area in front of the ICU,she leans on to the chair in front of her and rests her head on her hands,after some time,feels somebody touching her shoulder,she gets up and sees Sanskar,she is surprised and asks, “Sanskar,you are here,how was your exam,so finally,it is over,no?Sanskar holds her hand and makes her sit down and says, “why didn’t you tell me,how is uncle now,actually,Lucky called and told me today afternoon,and anyways I had planned to come home today”,Swara asks, “how is Pappa now,had called Meera a few days back,had told that doctor has advised a liver transplant,”,Sanskar is in thoughts, “yes,actually,no idea,have to decide something,he is better but surgery is required ,ah,we’ll see,where is aunty?”Swara says, “she will come after some time,Chetan has an exam tomorrow,so she went home in the evening,will come within an hour,actually,dad is better but it is the second attack it seems,doctor has told to take care of him once he gets discharged ,their prescribed diet and regular check ups,actually,what people say is true, “worst thing that happens when we grow up is that our parents grow old”,actually,I have never showed enough care to my dad,he has always loved me more than Chetan,he knew every single thing about me and was always concerned about all that is related to me,you know Sanskaar,we understand the worth of some people only when we feel that we are going to lose them,just like my dad,I was feeling guilty,I have decided,I wont hurt him again,not related to him by blood but now I realise that relations connected heart to heart don’t require the bond of that red fluid,Sanskar looks into Swara’s eyes and says,

I am sad that uncle is unwell but I am very happy hearing what you just said,I am happy that you have finally opened your heart to your dad’s love,Swara holds his hand and says, “to shed that stubborn side,sometimes a big blow is needed,but impact will be even more severe when we see our loved ones bearing that…”she has tears in her eyes,Sanskar says, “relax Swara,by the way,you had something or waiting for aunty to bring it?”,Swara says, “I am not feeling hungry”,Sanskar gets up and goes outside,after some time he brings some snacks and a coffee,he tells that since it is late only these are available,he makes Swara eat ,Swara understands and makes him eat from what he brought,she tells him, “I know you would not have had anything,must have kept luggage and rushed,isn’t it,now,go home and get a good sleep,was busy with exams,no?Sanskar tells her that he is fine and he will stay for some time,they sit there in adjacent chairs,chatting,Swara tells him, “actually,now only I noticed,forgot to shave during exams,ah?,but this beard look is good”Sanskar smiles and moves his hand over his face………….

Scene 4:After two months,Swara’s house

Sanskar has come to Swara’s house,he spends time with her family,he tells that he got a job,they congratulate him,later Swara and Sanskar goes to the garden,he takes a small chocolate from his pocket and gives it to her,he tells her,” actually,I should thank you Swara,you have been a great friend,you have supported me like anything during the past four years,all the motivating messages,no words to thank you,I know this chocolate is very small,but shall give a treat for sure”,Swara smiles and says, “so you have kept a record of events in your mind,ah?this chocolate is special,thank u”,she removes the wrapper and gives a small piece to him,she makes him eat with her hands,he asks her to eat it,Mukesh is watching this from his room’s window…

Scene 5:Sanskar gets a job,organised a treat with his first salary…

Sanskar has received his first salary,he has invited Swaraglak with their families to his house,his mom has prepared a grand supper ,they spend a happy time together,Swaraglak and Sanky discuss about their studies,Chetan is playing with Meera and Laksh’s brother,Laksh takes a brochure out and tells “Sanky are you interested in pursuing an MBA,actually (he looks at Ragini),somebody had told me to concentrate on studies ,so thought to procure one more PG,don’t know if that would be enough,Ragini behaves as though she hasn’t heard anything,Sanskar tells him “Oh,cool,Lucky,all the best,actually,I will think about higher studies but after a gap,Pappa’s surgery is planned next month,Meera’s studies,so,this job,govt,firm but salary scale is not very attractive,opted because of job security and more than that the distance,can return home daily,no?they are saying that Pappa’s renal fuction test also has some abnormal findings,don’t know,”Laksh says, “how are you planning to arrange the money”?Sanskaar says, “Don’t know,documents of this house is already with the bank,ah,God will show some way,amount is huge,should try for a personal loan,ah,leave it,our mood will get spoiled,he changes the topic”,Swara looks at him,he looks into her eyes and smiles and blinks with a “don’t worry,there will be some way expression”,she doesn’t say anything but realises all his pain………..

Scene 6:After a few years, swasanRaglak are almost 24 n half years old now…

Sanskar and family has shifted to a rented house,they had to sell the remaining property for his father’s surgery,Sanskar and his mom are together trying to pay off the loans and for Meera’s education,SwaRaglak has completed their MBA,Swara hasn’t told her love to Sanskar as she knows he is facing one problem after the other,Ragini and Laksh has presented their matter in respective families,parents have given a nod though no official talks or engagement ceremony has been held…

Scene 7:Swara’s house

Mukesh and Sumi comes to Swara’s room,she is surfing something in her laptop,Mukesh and Sumi comes and sits on the bed,Swara keeps her laptop down and looks at them,Mukesh tells her that his business partner has brought his son’s proposal for her,Swara is shocked but doesn’t show it,Mukesh tells her to think about it and give a reply,he tells her that he trusts her and knows that she wont make them feel ashamed,he tells her that once he gives a word he has to fulfil that,so if she agrees,he will go forward with the proposal,but he cant face embarrassment later,so whatever is her decision she can tell that frankly,Swara gets up and tells them “actually I want to do a PHD,need some more time “,Sumi goes and holds her by her shoulder and says, “Akshay is a very nice guy,he was born and brought up outside,haven’t seen him for years,but as a teenager have seen him and he was a very good boy,well mannered,calm,actually we both wants to see you both together,they will allow you to study after marriage also,so,you think about it,ok”,Sumi and Mukesh walks out where as Swara is restless,Mukesh turns and looks at her and notices that,Swara goes to Shekhar’s photo and tells him, “Papa,I know Sanskar is not in a position to accept a big responsibility like marriage now,but,I cant lose him,have loved him for 12 years,come what may,I am going to tell him tomorrow and I am not thinking too much,if what his silence has spoken is true,then,I think he wont say a no,but the situation at his home,I don’t know anything Papa,see,where life has brought me,but I want him ”she tries to calm herself down and leans onto Shekhar’s photo dialling Sanskar’s number in her phone…………….

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  1. Awesome!!! Vini do u alwayzz rock

    1. Thank u dr,please keep reading and I will respond to all your comments at a stretch now and then type next episode…

  2. Awesome yaar

    1. Thank u dear for this support,please keep reading.

  3. Super..waiting fr nxt

    1. Thanks dead,yea,will post it today, please keep reading

  4. Superb. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

    1. Gud to c u bk,thanks yr,please keep reading.

  5. What about sanskar feelings about swara..? I want him to feel jealous n propose swara….

    1. Sanskar is our Mr.Perfect,will get your answer in upcoming episodes.

  6. Very Nice

    1. Thank u dr,pls keep reading.

  7. Well going waiting for next part …..

    1. Thank u I think ur first comment under my ff,thanks,pks keep reading.

  8. Nice……but after 15 the episode directly 26 ?????

    1. 25th episode was posted on 15th of January.

    2. Thanks yr,I think Reshmi has answered,thank u very much Reshmi,hope u both will keep reading.

  9. nice episode………….

    scene 1
    ohhh…..mutually dicide kiya k laksh ragini ko ghar drop karega…..sanskar ka feel karna k swara wann say something…… so sweet na…..conversation between swara and sanskar is very nice……swara ki ragini aur laksh k relation ko lekar bate aur again friendship bond between sanraglak……..sanskar ragini ko kitne achchhe se samjta hai…ragini ka naughty se leke mature hone tak ka safar,irritate to karti hai par possessive bhi hai,uska lucky k liye careful hona,laksh k pyar ka realisation matlb he can understand his friends..unki dosti ka sara safar kuch alfajon me aapne badi sadgi se likha….
    swara ka sochna ki ab kuch hi semester baki hai.(aaaaaylaaa so nice)

    scene 2
    mukesh’s heath issue, sumi and swara’s situation,in sab situations me bhi swara ka chetan k bare me sochna,un sab ki families ka ekdusre k sath khada hona…..good…..

    scene 3
    very nice……perfect…..exams,ekdusre ki family k bare me unka concern sanskar k dad ki condition and finally swara ki feelings apne dad k liye…….superb………she realise, mukesh’s love and his value in her life……..rishte dil k hote hai khoon k nahi……very nice…snacks ka dono ka mil bat k khana,swara ka sanskar k dadhi ko notice aur sanskar ka unpe hath ferna….cool na….

    scene 4
    sanskar is saying thank to swara….chocolate ka scene, mukesh ka unko observe karna…….nice…

    scene 5,
    sanskar ki 1st salary pe family celebration, chetan ka meera nad lucky k bro k sath khelna,charon ka discussion study,job,sanskar k dad ki medical condition,money arrangement, loan,sanskar k higher education…. sab……..aakhil me sanskar ka palke jhokakr swara ko dil ki bat kehna aur swara ka samjhna……..

    scene 6
    perfect……..swasanraglak sab ki saari halat……perfect….sanskar ki responsibility, swara ka unkaha pyar,raglak ki baat ghar walon tak pohch hi gayi……

    scene 7
    marriage praposal for swara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ohhhhhh swara ne dil halat chehre pe aane nahi di…..mukesh’s words…….very nice………..swara ka bahana mujhe PHD karni hai..so need time…swara ne socha ki wo googly dalegi to uske parents cleans bold ho jayenge lekin uski mom ne to sidha six mara yeh kehk ki shadi k baad wo tumhe padhi k liye allow karenge…

    uska restless hoke shekhar k photo k pass jana and mukesh ka usko observe karna,swara ki condition….very good…….

    ek baat hai agar swara ne jo sanskar se share kiya tha mukesh k bare me ki she is guilty and all agar wo mukesh se yeh sab kehti to…………yeh sab sunke mukesh swara ko hug karta to………agar yeh ek scene hota to……………………
    i m not giving suggestion di………dis thought came in my mind after reading dis episode….. so share kiya…..

    very nice episode……..

    1. Joya meri jaan lagereh beta!!! It’s like for us Kya karu arey logo main hoon aadat se majboor….. Rite???sorry guys joya didi Niyati vinita rupshika all of u in missed u all couldn’t keep up with chats actually Coll start hogaya hai ?? itna busy rak rahe hai kya bolo dimag kharab karrakha hai abhi se chalo Jane yeh toh khushi ka mahol hai kal confession aur serial me toh hogaya God? Diwali wala feeling aaraha hai?

      1. yr…………………
        thoda lengthy ho gaya na……………..tumhari jaan nikal gayi?????????????
        sorry yr…..really sorry…….
        sach batau to tumhara pyar dekh kar aankhe bhar aayi humri…….aansu beh rahe hai lagadar aankhon se,khushi k ha….
        thank you yr…..hehehehe………….

        par really sorry for lengthy comment guys……..
        agali bar se khayal rakhenge………….thodi length kam karenge……….

      2. Ayy hayy meri Dramebaaz behna kya baat hai aaj toh full form me ho!!!? koi khaas wajah? Waise tumhare aakho me aassu Woh bhi meri wajah se?(khushi ke he sahi) phir bhi? heyyy maaa matajii yeh kya kar diya maine apni phool jaise behen ke aakho ke aasu ka karan ban gayi???? Nahiiiiiii????hahahah lol

      3. phool jaisi behan?????????
        konsa phool GOBI ka?????????
        dis is not fair…..at least konse phool jaisi iska jikr to karti yr……………..
        us phool ko gale lagte tumhari yaad me………………..

    2. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

      Joya wow lengthy comment.. but didn’t read it sorry yaar bz am lazzy to read .. Am very very happy to see ur support ..

      1. it’s k sethooty..ur support also very imp………
        i m just thinking about vini di……she always bear me…….

      2. Joya,Shraddha,was laughing reading g ur chats,this telly site is not a social networking site,still,see the chats,nice, I sometimes watch IKRS or at least read its written update n under that there is an amazing bond between IKRS fans.They call it IKRS family and that is very evident in their chats,I think a retired teacher or professor BR Madam is the most senior member there, I feel happy wen I go thru their chats,not daily,once in a while,still… Their bond is evident,same I feel between u.guys…

    3. My dear,what an analysis,I think though I don’t use magical vocabulary and explain emotions,a few of you honestly makes me very happy wen I read that u got every minute thing that I meant n hinted,scene 3 was too simple bt u noticed n got what I meant esp little things like moving hands on his beard n smiling,every word that u mentioned ,yes that is what I had written for u all in this,thank u very much my dear,then a similar scene of Mukesh n Swara is there in my mind but if I can pull it off a lil convincingly ,shall include it…

  10. Di u r tooo late.but thanks for this super episode.ya yesterday serial episode was super enjoyed a lot

    1. Oh .I know dear, If I don’t write next one today,pls don’t be angry ok,yea,yesterday’s I liked it.

  11. Awesome as always

    1. Thank u dr,m happy to c u here.

  12. Awsome but don’t make swara engage with anybody becz 12 yr she loves sanskar
    If sanskar says no she can’t tolerate it …
    She may breakdown …

    1. Yes dear characters were shaped up that way of course , swasan is our lead…

  13. Hi sissy!!!
    I’m really sorry I cant able comment regularly coz of my exams going!!!
    Even I missed few episode but now will finish it!!! Really amazing!!!
    Ur story line quit decent,fabulous!!!
    Always swasan rockzzz !!!
    And how r u !!

    1. Hei good to c u bk,had missed u dear,m fine dear,thank u for the good words abt my ff,hope ur studies are going on well, all the best for your exams…

  14. its just awesome yar its so nice bt am tensed thinking abt swasan fingers crossed

    1. Ok dr,thank u,swasan is our lead,if u feel Angry reading what I’m.going to.write, I assure,it is Swasan…

  15. Just love it

    1. Thank u dear..pls keep reading.

  16. di
    1st hum swaragini nahi dekhte…..kabhi kabhi mom ki wajah se ekhada episode dekha to………..
    2nd i m not a swasan’s fan…………….
    i really like ur story……
    there is no comparison between swaragini soap and ur story…………..

    kal ka episode to di humne bahot kam serial dekhi hai…..kal ka episode ka repeate telecast dekha thoda……
    1st unki sari property ragini k pass hai to sanskar k pass itne paise kaha se aaye…?date pe usne kafi kharcha kiya hai…
    2nd acting skill ki kami…..di humne jyada serial nahi dekhi hai par kuch chemistries hai television ki jaise recent arjun and moni from nagin superb….raman ishita superb….karan singh grover and zoya qubool hai shuruvat me,humne 2 sal pehle yeh hai aashiqui bindaas chennal pe..un me ek episode banaya tha unhone sarvar ahuja pe mind blowing chemistry..itne episodes dekhe uske baad par aaj bhi wo 1 ghante ka episode aaj bhi pura yaad hai….
    baki sab ki baat chhodo even jab laksh ragini k scenes hote hai jab laksh ragini k kareeb jata hai tab wo tejaswi k expression hote hai matlb uska ek expression kal ke pure episode pe bhari hai di……..

    so sorry guys……….
    hum burai nahi kar rahe hai bas humre opinion bata rahe hai….

    kajor aur srk ki chemistry k log deewane hai par humne aaj tak DDLJ nahi dekhi hai par dilwale me jab wo scene hai unka ki kajol srk k ghar k bahar srk ko manane ki koshish me uska barish bheegte huye intjar karti hai aur srk aata hai uske baad k scene mind blowing,superb,awesome chemistry………….. no word……..lajawab chemistry…….

    sorry guys humne pasand nahi aaya kal ka episode……

    1. hey guys i really dont want to hurt any1…..
      yeh comment isliye qki di ne episode k shuru me hi kal k swaragini k episode ka jikr kiya…..isiliye yeh comment…..sorry guys…..i dnt want to hurt any1
      di ur ff is really best……

      1. Actually what Vinita has replied same I was also going to type ,that is,everybody has their own opinion ,no problem that u shared it,I’m honestly feeling a bit disturbed if my ff will disturb u hereafter after liking the story so far cos that stupid track m going to write,don’t know,then I had started watching this serial after fake marriage track,haven’t
        seen swalak on TV,YouTube,a few scenes,I actually like swasan chemistry,yesterday’s ,they had told in telly interview that there was no time for retakes as they had to complete it in the available day light,then that money for date,even I had that doubt when Sanskar gave money to DP for driver’s wife’s operation but I guess he might have had his own savings which he still must be having cos Karma n Maheswari companies were merged recently only in the serial,so should be his separate savings or something,haha,look how much we
        imagined,but swaragini n I K R S are the only ones that I watch,not
        daily,once in a while…not addicted.

      2. its ok joya..wo to sab ki apni apni pasand hoti hai..i haven’t watch any daily shop from start to end except iss pyar ko kya nam du..but i do hv follow certain epi of some serials..i love Manav-Archna from pavitra rishta very much..ishra..arshi r also having awesome chemistry.. i hv also stop watching swaragini after memory loss drama..but u know i can not stop myself following swasan on social networking sites..i don’t hv seen their romantic moments but i can feel intensity in sanskar n swara’s performance..from when they were just friends only..by now though i don’t watch original serial i am a die hard swasan fan..i love them very much..i agree wide vini Di..n y u r saying sorry dear its ur choice whether u should like them or not..u hv full right to make ur point..

    2. Its ok joya di. Sabka apna apna khayal hota hai. I likkd yesterday’s episode but to some extent. Some of the dialogues I did not like .

      I don’t want to hurt anyone and I respect everyone’s thoughts.
      Sorry if I have hurt anyone.

      1. thank you yr humne samjne k liye…..

  17. Kyaaa didi itna tadapaya aapne?well sabra ka phal meetha hota hai this was by God Roshogullllaaaaa???? sooo sweet!!!! Back with a bang n plz stop saying this ya?? every love story does not necessarily be romantic its just felt n rem that’s exactly our SwaSan are famous for they never had any romantic angle from beginning yet its felt by all n appreciated den why u keep on saying we won’t like? well I ve been saying this but looks like the topper girl inside u is very stubborn keeps on posting such things eh????? so lets pour my heart out yayyy??
    Well my 1st observation is why sanky said “Oh u were bothered abt them? N laughs?? Whyyy ha sanky u wanted her to ask smthing else? Ahha? do ans this plz it kept me exited lol?? well abt sanlakrag friendship wat to say its just amazing?? such friendship is really hard to find n the way he told abt them so confidently itself shows how strong their bond is?? n regarding ragss as I had mentioned earlier she’s a kind of girls who’s love is hidden in the shouts n level of irritation we give ppl whom we love (coincidentally 1 more similarity btn me n her???) nn den SwaSan convo wow?? I honestly find chats talks very romantic u know like I prefer reading much of such cute scenes rather than sm romantic scene eye lock etc well not that type(this is 1 more hinting towards our Topper girl? hahahh)

    You know itseems difficult times always bring out the best part in us like from this stubborn young teenager to this mature concerned girl transition I’m speaking such a responsible elder sister for Chetan such responsible daughter supporting her mum such a responsible friend concerned for friends exam n not to bother him yet to share with him I’m really impressed with swara today? n now I feel that swasanragalk are no more just BFFs like they are but more than taht they are family yaar! Awesome n den SwaSan concern like both are going through tough time yet both are so much worried abt each others pain she’s asking abt his dad meera his asking abt her dad mum n both making each other have food ah I enjoy such scenes so much? like they bring smile on my face☺ it feels so good wen sm1 makes u realise that they realize what u mean to they they care what waht u ve done for them I’m talking abt sanky thanking swara for all the support such a sweet fellow knows how to keep it simple yet worth it!

    Wow sanky got job swaraglak are MBA grads cool! N lucky s talks this guy always brings smile with his talks (which is u actually the creator of this character) den sankys pain yaar Di 1 request I mean not like request also? lol wat I’m speaking wwll abb sanky ka dukh nahi dekha jata bechara kitna sahega life me? now loan also? never mind I know u will get things right in ur own way n SwaSan eye communication God these 2 are so caring ssly ??? yayy ragalk got a nod from family;!!! Wish SwaSan get 1 too ?

    Omg swara might be so restless by now!! Like its not exactly her own decision wen her mom gives so much explanation abt the guy it for sure builds sm kind if pressure on u but swaraaaaa yr gonna tell him OMG I’m nervous I wonder what’s gonna happen I know she’s nature but just out of restlessness if things go wrong? ag 1 thing that bothers me is see u ve specified in this as well as previous parts abt mukesh noticing swara n sanskaar convo like I’m sure he must ve felt smthing n if u r mentioning it den he must ve sensed that there s smthing beyond friendship BTW them n I think thts why he pressed so much to think n tell because he sm where knows! Sorry if I’m wrong just a guess n swara finally realized her dad’s position glad she did n sanky has a part init too btw dat shouting she got from him dat day?? well Mukesh uncle if u know abt yr daughter den olz support her im sure u will may be he wants her ti ve clwar 1st?? akshay may be good but sanky is best ha??

    1. Omg,what should I reply ?in one line,I would say,all what U felt is correct.So what does that mean,won’t be a bed of roses,yes,hurdles,yet to plan those scenes,have put hints in between,though,Joya,u n Niti,perfect analysts yaar,don’t know,what else to say,yes whatever u guys noticed is what I have meant,so,thank u and a big hug to u all for accepting this very simple tale,and topper girl,haha,everytme I read that,I just smile, u r mentioning abt me bt it reminds me of that batchmate,haha…

    1. Thank u dr,pls keep reading.

  18. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Vini Dr…superb episode, waiting for next one..want to know swara’s confession and sanky’s reaction..but I have a complaint.. u skipped raglak love story..
    Coming to yesterday episode on real swaragini serial still am in 9 clouds yaar.. Wow wat a romantic date..dey r heavenly couples….sanskar looks like a prince who got his princess from stars..

    1. Haha ,I think u loved yesterday’s original episode,then Raglak story in this ff,Ragini hasn’t shown any love to him,our characters just knows that they are going to marry in future n told their parents but our Ragini is too stubborn to roam around with Lucky,so Raglak if I can imagine some good scenes,shall put it,a stupid dramatic twist is planned, I think I will mess up everything, pls keep reading dear..thank u for this support…

  19. Thank u so much guys,so happy to see u all here, actually Joya and Shraddha ,ur comments always brings a smile,the way u assess.I will respond to all comments,but before that I have to respond to comments under the previous episode,haven’t read it completely, thought to read and reply at a stretch,shall do it..and will come bk guys,take care…

  20. Fantastic !!!!!!! Sabra ka phal meetha hota hai!!!!!!mishtiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joya di and shraddha di your analysis is too good!!!!!!!!
    Roshogolla ………..one of my favourite sweet!!!!!!!

    1. Heyya vinita!!!! Saachhi sabra ka phal bohoot metha tha na?……… Mishtiii ek dum roshogulla even I like? so how are u all mera toh pucho mat abhi bata deti hu pata nahi kal comment kar paungi nahi yr coll walon ne kahi busy aur hectic schedule rakha hai toh utna active nahi rehti aajkal….. Anyways I saw ur chats previous episodes me so glad to see u all communicating!!!

    2. u r ri8 sabr ka phal meetha hota hai………
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