SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 4


Guys,a few of you may be feeling angry seeing yet another fan fiction,this is the fourth part after ‘SWASAN fan fiction episode1,2,3’,but as the telly updates team has posted under 9th October written updates comments,hope some changes will be made to access the written updates easily .

Promo was:Swara opens the door and sees Sanskaar fully drenched in the rain

Scene 1:Sanskar at Maheswari house
He is back after a shower.Arrangements for the dinner is being made,Sanskar comes and Annapurna asks him to sit for dinner,he says Dadi has invited him for a dinner at Shekhar’s house,Sujatha and all others are happy,DP asks him to go and have a nice time with his wife and family.Laksh is sad listening to this.Sanskar comes outside and sees the rain has stopped and it is a cool climate outside,he decides to walk and takes umbrella from his car.

Scene 2:Sanskar walking on the road
It is a wonderful climate,there is a mild breeze,Sanskar is thinking about Swara and walking on the road.He remembers all the moments they had spent together.He thinks about how the cot broke and Swara fell and he laughs.Suddenly there is a mild drizzle,two drops falls on his face,he looks up,(Kabhi jo badal barse…plays in background),he continues walking and is about to reach Swara’s house ,suddenly the rain gains strength,there is a strong wind,there is no cover nearby,he sees an old man standing on the side of the road and getting wet ,he feels sad,he hands over the umbrella to him and tells “my house is nearby and I will just reach in a minute”.Old man accepts it and thanks him.Sanskar runs but by the time he reaches Swara’s house he is completely drenched in rain.

Scene 3:Swara opens the door and sees Sanskar
Swara sees Sanskar totally wet,she asks him what happened and how he got wet,she is about to scold him but Shekhar comes from behind and sees him wet,Dadi gives him towel and asks him to wipe his head,Shekhar asks Swara to give his clothes to Sanskar,Sanskar wears Shekhar’s clothes and comes out,he looks funny in Shekhar’s oversized clothes,all smiles but quickly hides it,Swara comes out from kitchen with a water jug in her hands and sees Sanskar and bursts into laughter,she laughs her heart out,Sanskar happily watches her laughing and smiles,suddenly Swara stops,Sanskar comes near and says “You know something Swara,it feels so good to see you laughing from heart,I am seeing you smiling like this after a long time,I wish I could bring this smile on your face always,Swara looks in his eyes and both share a romantic eyelock,Dadi and others sees this,they smiles,they understand that these two are falling in love,Sanskar and Swara stands there lost in each other’s eyes…..

Promo:Swara and Ragini are in Sanskar and Laksh’s office….

Credit to: Veena

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  1. No this is not right! It is too short, make longer please!! Your writings are good! Love it!! :*

  2. Ms.veena..its really so breezy to read ur fan fiction….omg, my swasan…..actually the way u express love of swasan is yummy….wish so happens in serial too…..

  3. Hey yaar I m very cnfused by ur swasan ff !! Nywas jus very nice gud fab n really cmplmntal !!!

    D nxt part jaldi !!!

  4. Sooooooooo.nice.their lovestory is super…..i love u swasan

  5. Agree with Sadia.Please do write long.Nice imagination??

  6. Very very nice veena
    Waiting for ur next

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