SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-73] Swasan were back from their honeymoon trip and all were living happily. one more month passed like this and swasan’s life was filled with happiness. everything was going well. it was karwachauth day.
both swasan were fasting for each other. it was early morning and sumi has prepared the sargi for uttmay and swasan. swara was getting ready in her room. she was wearing a beautiful saree and was trying to tie her blouse dori when sanskar came out of washroom taking bath and saw her struggling. he smiled and came behind swara and took the dori in his hand. swara smiled seeing him and left the dori. sanskar tied it while touching her bare back making her blush.
sanskar after tying the dori sided her hairs on one side and kissed on her nape.
swara- sanskar what are you doing. stop right away.
sanskar- what can i do. it’s your effect on me which makes me out of control.
swara turned towards him and kept her hands around his neck and sanskar held her by waist gripping tightly on her bare waist making her gasp and blush.
swara- sanskar today we are fasting for karwachauth.
sanskar- so

swara- so stop being shameless and get ready and let me get ready.
sanskar- accha no badmashi[naughtiness] but let me make my princess ready by my hands. shall i
swara slightly nodded blushing. sanskar made her sit and made her wear bangles, then ear rings, then her mangalsutra and filled her hairline with vermillion and kissed her forehead. swara was blushing hard and smiling contently. she stood up after sanskar and hugged him resting her head on his chest. sanskar too wrapped his hands around her lovingly.
swara- sanskar you know everyday i fall for you even more. the way you take care of me, love me, care for every single person in the home, i never in my dreams even thought that a day like this would come. but you have turned my every dream to reality and the dreams which i never saw even you made them true for me.
swara- [hugging him more tightly] sanskar sometimes i feel that i am not able to love you the way you do.
sanskar- [parted from the hug] what did you say. come again.
swara- [confused] what happened did i say something wrong.

sanskar- what do you intend by asking whether you said something wrong or not. yes you are wrong, absolutely wrong. never ever think like that. swara i feel your love each and every second of my life. i must be giving you surprises, gifts every now and then but that doesn’t mean you don’t love me the way i do. i know you love me more than i do. the difference is in the way we show.
sansskar- swara you gave me my life. you gave me love and trust when i felt i lost everything, not once but twice. you gave me your shoulder to cry, your embrace to feel secured. the moment i lost everyone i got you as my everything. the time when i had nothing you came to hold my hand to lead out of darkness. you were with me till i was ready to walk out of that darkness myself. you were broken too equally as me but you never showed because i needed you.
sanskar- you gave me everything and all what i do is just to show you how grateful i am to you that you are in my life as my soulmate my life partner. and above all that you gave me our son, the symbol of our love. swara what you have done for me no one did till now, no one can do now, never will able to do it in future. i was wrong, you corrected me, i was lost, you gave me hope, i was just an angry person, you made me the one who i am and keep this in your mind that you are the creator of me, as long as i am with you i exist and you will the destroyer too because the moment i lose you i will no longer exist.

swara hugged sanskar feeling the intensity of his eternal love.
swara- sanskar you believe or not but i have understood this and whether you accept or not but you love me more than i do.
sanskar- swara i don’t know that but one thing i also know that no one has loved me in the world as much as you do and my first and my last wish will be your love. i want you to love me, get you as my love for this life and if next life like it is said exists then i want you in all my births as my lady, the love of my life. i want you till i breath last…
swara- sanskar please [breaking the hug] please don’t say anything like that. [cupped his face] i love you and we will be together for each other always. i promise. and we live like me only for you and you only for me. promise me and no talks like this ever.
sanskar- promise.
swara raised on her toes and kissed his forehead affectionately while sanskar closed his eyes to feel it giving her support by holding her waist.
sanskar kissed her forehead and then they joined their foreheads.
they parted away when sumi called them from downstairs.
sumi- shona sanskar come down fast.
sanskar- chalo let’s go. maa is calling.
swara- hmmm.
both came downstairs hand in hand. uttmay were already present there and tanmay seeing them tried to tease them as they were late and also seeing something.
tanmay- sanskar bhai why are you late haan.
sanskar- was getting it takes time.
tanmay- accha getting ready or ahemmm ahemmm.
sanskar- what.

sumi moved to kitchen smiling seeing there children happy to bring the sargi she prepared.
outside tanmay.
tanmay- nothing much just seeing the vermillion on your fingers i guessed…. [smiled mischieviously and coughed a little] sanskar saw his fingers which were red due to vermillion when he filled swara’s hairline and smiled while swara was embarassed and shy and uttara was smiling too.
sanskar- so what’s the big deal in this dude. it’s my right for life long.
tanmay- oohhhoo.
swara- come let’s pray first then have to eat sargi too. and by the way tanmay ji congratulations for your first karwachauth. such a loving husband he is. hai naa sanskar.
sanskar- yaa right.
now it was tanmay’s turn to get embarassed and uttmay to blush and shy.
tanmay- bhabhi let’s pray and and i am tanmay only.
swara- yaa tanmay ji.
tanmay- bhabhi
swara- [laughing] sorry tanmay. now ok.
they all prayed and then had their sargi.
it was breakfast time not for the couples but for the kids.
swayyam and ayush were eating and sumi and swara were present there to see they eat full.
swayyam- mumma why aren’t you eating and where is papa bua fufaji.
swara- baby today we will not eat.
swayyam- why?
swara- today is our fast.

swayyam- fast. what is that?
swara- today is a festival in which married people like bua and fufaji and me and your papa don’t eat for whole day. when in night moon will appear in the sky then after seeing the moon we will eat.
swayyam- so difficult festival [all swara sumi chuckled and sanskar who too came down that time smiled hearing it] sanskar- champ it is not so difficult. you will understand it when you will grow big.
ayush- maa you are also not eating today like didi.
sumi- no beta i did not keep fast.
ayush- why. now didi told naa that marr..ried people keep fast. so you and baba are not doing it.
all were dumbfounded by his question.
sumi- beta your baba is out for work naa so…that’s why.
ayush- i will call baba. these many days he did not meet me. i will tell him to come and meet us.
sumi- [hesitant] beta…..he will be..busy…in work. we should not disturb him….
ayush- but….ok [sadly] ayush started eating his breakfast being sad. sumi felt guilty to lie him while swasan were feeling bad for him and swara had tears in her eyes feeling the sadness he must be going through because she has gone through the pain earlier.
sanskar- [to lighten the mood] ayush he can’t come but you daily talk to him naa, so why being sad and don’t you enjoy with us. am i not good. are you not happy with us.
ayush- [innocently] no you are very good and i am very happy. but i was missing baba but don’t worry i will talk to him in evening.
sanskar- ok. now both of you finish your breakfast and then i will drop you school.
swayyam/ayush- ok

they both had breakfast and then sanskar dropped them in school.
time passed and it was noon and time for kids to come back. sanskar came home with them and both of them ran in shouting for swara and sumi as do everyday they reach home. swara sumi came out and then took their bag and bottle from them and took them to their rooms and changed them. then they brought them down for lunch. they both were sitting on dining table and eating.
swayyam- mumma don’t you feel hungry seeing the food.
swara- [chuckled] no baby.
swayyam- but mumma when i see food i feel hungry and when it is my favourite food i feel more hungry.
swara- accha and when it is vegetables.
swayyam- mumma i don’t like vegetables. [made faces] bhaiyaa do you like vegetables.
ayush- i also don’t like but maa and didi make us eat all. [made faces too] swara- so what veggies are good for health.
swayyam- mumma whatever you say is good are all bad taste things only.
swara- baby what can i do if you don’t like them. god ji made these things.
swayyam- i will complain god that he made all good things of bad taste and also pray him to change the taste so that it becomes yummy like chocolate.
swara- [chuckled] accha you try by praying god. but for now finish your lunch.
both finished their lunch and then sumi swara made them sleep as in evening their is karwachauth function. then swara came in her room where sanskar was working reading some files.
swara saw him working so she started arranging the clothes in the cupboard and was smiling. sanskar once looked up from the file casuallyand saw swara smiling. he narrowed his eyes on the thought that swara is smiling herself.
sanskar- swara
swara- haan

sanskar- why are you smiling.
swara- [her smile broadened] sanskar i remembered swayyam’s talks and so smiled. if you will hear you will laugh.
sanskar- accha what did he say.
swara- while having lunch he said that…..[tells sanskar about swayyam telling that he will pray god to change the taste of good things like veggies with chocolate taste and his complain] [sanskar laughed listening this] he talks so cutely naa that any one may laugh and smile remebering his talks.
sanskar- true. his questions and confusions and conclusions are one of it’s own kind. one thing unique in him is that whatever we tell him he tries to understand and follow but at the same time never backs of doing mischievous things.
swara- sanskar every child is unique in themselves. they develop as the way they are brought up or the surroundings they are in. see ayush itself. he is so calm. yaa nowadays in rashika and swayyam’s company and obviously your and tanmay’s support he is turning naughty.
sanskar- swara it’s his childhood let him enjoy.
swara- i am saying nothing about that. i just stated the fact.
sanskar- accha by the way how are the preparations going on.
swara- tanmay has assured of everything and rashika is helping him and i think she is planning something but what i don’t know.
sanskar- if it is so let’s see it because she won’t buzz before if she has planned something.
swara- right. accha i will once again check them if they need any help.
sanskar- hmmmm.

time passed and it was evening and people started assembling on the terrace of tanmay’s house. the function is organised there as it is first karwachauth of uttmay. uttmay were welcoming guests and waiting for their wives to come. rashika was enjoying seeing their restlessness.
rashika- bhai jiju what happened why you both seem to be so lost.
sanskar- [acting] means
rashika- nothing [smirked] tanmay- angel devil tell directly what you mean. and why have you sent uttara and bhabhi to get ready separately.
rashika- some seems to be anxious about meeting my di.
tanmay- nothing like that. i asked casually as they both didn’t reach.
rashika- it means you are not waiting for her. i will tell this to di.
tanmay- arre no…. no i mean…… i am waiting for her… no actually…
rashika laughed- ohhh…….please jiju…..
tanmay- why are you laughing. [sanskar was seeing both and somewhat understanding that rashika has pre planned all this] rashika- [controlling her laugh] one minute.
she walked off and came back with a mike and stood in center grabbing everyone’s attention.
sanskar- [to tanmay] now what she is going to do.
tanmay- don’t know what she is up to.

rashika- attention everyone. first of all salute to everyone who has kept this fast. you all are really great and second welcome to you all in the function. it is the first karwachauth of my di and jiju so i have planned something. planned not only for them but for my bhai and cutie i mean my bhabhi too. so i hope you all enjoy and till then i hope moon also appears. so to make your wait more interesting let’s start the game. bhai jiju the game is that you have to recognise cutie and di respectively.
tanmay- so what’s the big deal in that.
rashika- [frown] the game is planned by me so don’t think it will be busy. first listen completely. haan toh you have to recognise di and cutie among the group of ladies and all will be having a veil and the surprise is even after having veil you will be parted from them by a transparent cloth in between. you will be given three chances and in this you can’t speak to them. but to make it a bit easier for you you can touch the hands of the suspected lady in all the three chances but as you will toch and try to recognise and it would be wrong then that chance gone. ok. and one more thing you need to call them upstairs but problem is u can’t go to them and so think of something to call them here.
tanmay- rashika is this task or starvation for few days. see one day is enough. at least call them here, how will we call them without going
rashika- accha i am calling them. i was just teasing you both.
rashika told nikita to bring them and in few minutes ladies in lehenga with veil came and stood on one side of partition which was made by a white transparent cloth.
rashika- so the game begins now. first with the new couple. jiju comeon find my di.
tanmay scratched his head and then was seeing through the cloth so that he can recognise uttara.
he was seeing every girl and nothing was coming in his mind. he carefully observed the ladies one by one. he then suspected on one and touched her hands but then nodded in negative and moved forward. his first chance got over. he again moved forward and this time he concentrated more and finally holding a lady said she is uttara.
rashika removed the veil and she was uttara.

rashika- congratulations jiju. you found di in second chance. woaho. i thought it will be difficult but you did it. accha now bhai it’s your turn.
sanskar nodded and from one side of the partition he started moving with closed eyes.
rashika- bhai why you closed your eyes. how will you recognise bhabhi without looking through.
sanskar did not respond to rashika and kept on moving like that and he was walking slowly. he took a pause at one place but then walked forward two steps but then again came back to the same place. all were looking curiously while rashika was seeing this with wide eyes.
sanskar coming back to the old place extended his hand for the lady to hold his hand. the lady there kept her hand on his and sanskar without opening his eyes held the hand and started walking. both were walking from either side of partition holding their hand. as the partition ended sanskar pulled the lady to himself and slowly lifted the veil revealing swara whose eyes were moist and a curved formed on her lips. everyone was dazed at the view and then clapped for sanskar.
sanskar was mesmerised to see her looking breathtaking in the lehenga with slight make up and jewellery. swasan were indulged in an eyelock and came to senses hearing the clap sounds.
rashika- [shocked] bhai how you did this.
sanskar smiled and patted her cheeks.- when you will love someone from your heart and soul you will understand how i did this.
rashika smiled- cutie such a loving husband you got.
swara blushed and moved from there and went towards the ladies. all heard a voice of someone humming and looked around to see the source of sound.
[sanskar was there standing at one side gazing swara and singing] YOON SABNAMI PEHLE NAHI THI CHANDNI

[sanskar approached swara and forwarded his hand to hold which swara held blushing and shy] HOO YOON SABNAMI PEHLE NAHI THI CHANDANI
[sanskar brought swara and and stopped in middle and took rounds around her] [DEKHO CHAND AAYA
TU BHI AAJA SHAWARIYA [saskar sang till here and then the song played in background] [AAYA]*3 DEKHO CHAND NAZAR VO AAYA
[sanskar and swara were standing in centre and sanskar caressed her cheeks once and then pulling her close to himself he extended his hand and pointed his hands in the sky. swara looked towards the sky and so did others to find that the moon is appearing. all became happy and rushed to bring there pooja thalli.] DHEERE DHEERE AAKE

[swara smiled looking at the moon and sanskar was looking at swara whose face was glowing in the moonlight. swara told him to leave her so that she can bring poja thal and they could break the fast. swara came with a pooja thal and dragged sanskar to one side who was all lost in her] YOON SHABNAMIIII
[swara did sanskar’s aarti and put tilak on his forehead and then sanskar took the thal and did her aarti and filled her hairline again. then swara took the channi and kept diya on it and lifted her hands to look at the moon through it when sanskar held her hand and both together looked at the moon simultaneously with the same channi and then moving the channi between them looked at each other. then both poured water to moon and prayed for each other’s life and togetherness] SAWARIYAA

[ then sanskar made swara drink water and she made him drink water. they both fed sweets to each other lovingly] rashika was capturing every moment in her handy cam dreamily looking at them. swayyam reached there who was busy in playing and looking at swasan feeding sweets to each other he beamed in between and shrieked to get swasan attention.
swasan looked at him and he said with cute innocence.
swayyam- mumma papa you both are eating sweets. i also wanna eat. you both forgot me.
swasan kneeled down in front of him.
swara- no baby we did not forget you.
sanskar- we were breaking our fast but now you have this.
sanskar said feeding him a piece of sweet.
swayyam- it is yummy. papa mumma do you want more.
swasan- no
swayyam- then i am taking this all.
swayyam picked up the sweets from the plate. when he was hand full he kissed on swasan’s cheeks and rushed from there to ayush and they both had it together. swasan smiled seeing this.
all others too broke the fast and then all headed towards to have their dinner. the function ended up and swasan came in their room after making swayyam and ayush sleep.
in swasan room-
as soon as they entered the room sanskar back hugged her.
swara- sanskar what are you doing
sanskar- swara you are looking very beautiful today. when the moon light fell on you, you were looking extraordinary. the most beautiful creation of god.
swara- [resting back on him] you were also not looking less. you know few girls were drooling over you and i didn’t like that even a bit.
sanskar- what can i do in that. i did not invite them and did you saw some men were there who were looking at you. i felt to punch them but then ignored so that i don’t create a mess. otherwise you would have been upset.
swara- acccha leave all this and let us change and sleep.
sanskar- what’s so hurry. i don’t feel to sleep now.
swara coming out of his grip and turning towards him.
swara- i know what you mean by this. but it’s not possible because for that you have to catch me.
saying this swara ran around the room and sanskar followed her to catch. running around the room swara was laughing while sanskar was trying to catch her. finally she was caught and both were breathing heavily.

sanskar- swara why do you make me run when ultimately i will catch you.
swara- i allow you to catch me that’s why otherwise i don’t get caught so easily dear patidev.
sanskar- in any way but i caught you.
sanskar leaned towards swara when swara
swara- swayyam baby you here.
sanskar hearing swayyam’s name left swara immediately while swara laughed loudly. sanskar looked back to find no one and then he thought how fool he was to believe her when they just now came after making him sleep.
sanskar moved towards swara but she ran in balcony and sanskar chased her and finally caught her.
swara was still laughing.
sanskar- swara please stop laughing
swara stopped but then again laughed and sanskar made faces. finally she stopped and what amazed was she started singing.
[swara ruffled his hairs and then caressed his face lovingly while sanskar was holding her] THODE BADMASH HO TUM
[she turned around and herself brought his hands around her to back hug her] sanskar- hmmm hmmmm hmmmm
[sanskar held her tightly while smiling] swara- MERI SAANSON KI JHANKAR HO TUM
[she again turned and keeping her forehead against his sang the above lines while looking in his eyes] [THODE VEIMAN HO TUM
[sanskar caressed her bare waist when swara sang the above lines but then looked at her when she sand the last line stating him as her god. swara too looked at him with full of love and respect in her eyes for him] THODE HMMMMMM HMMMM NADAN HO TUM.
[sanskar was seeing her and at the end of song swara pinched his nose and then she kissed his forehead] swara- i love you sanskar
sanskar- i love you too swara. i love you a lot. [sanskar was overwhelmed feeling her love through the song.] swara- sanskar mark me yours once today once again.
sanskar looked at swara and then seeing the love in her eyes and the way she asked he was feeling blessed to have someone who loves so immensely.
he picked her up in his arms and came and placed her on bed in half lying position. he sat beside her and leaning over her and kissed her forehead removing her maantika, then on ears and removed her earrings, hugged her and loosened the necklace and blouse dori. departing from her he removed the necklace and kissed on her neck and collar bone. while doing so he removed her bangles. he again looked up at her to find the love reflecting in her eyes. he kissed her eyes and then her cheeks and placed his lips on her in a passionate kiss. they were flowing in their love . sanskar removed her dupatta and squeezing her waist and bare back he leid her down and laid over her. soon their clothes were scattered oon floor and bed and they were under the comforter kissing and caressing each other. the room was filled with their moans and love making sounds and they were altogether in a different world. they were feeling each other’s love by each other’s as their yet again consummating again. the night was so blissful for both of them. after few hours of love making they both slept in each other’s embrace peacefully covered with the comforter.
done with this part.

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