Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part8,9

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Subbu is played by Sharad Malhotra in this FF.Disha is Leena Jumani.

Part 8

Raman:what r u telling Ishita?
ISHITA:there’s no other option that’s why
Pia:ok,but no compromise about money

Pia wears saree,sindoor and fake mangalsuthra.

Raman-Ishita r going 2 the bedroom.
Pia:u can’t share Ishita’s room
RAMAN:who the hell are you 2 tell that?
Pia smiles:ur wife

Pia smirks:b4 others I’m ur u’ve 2 share my room

RAMAN:how dare u?that’ll never happen
P:so u both r going 2 b in this room?funny.have some common sense.u guys will b caught
ISHITA:that’s true.u go with pia
ISHITA:I know u very well.but this is our circumstance.try 2 understand

Pia lies on the bed.RAMAN:how dare u use our bed?
Pia laughs:then where wil I sleep?dont think I’l lie down.u can lie down
RAMAN:coming 2 my house & ordering me?
P:y not?i’ve the ur life is in mine & surya’s hands.u guys have 2 obey me
Raman is upset

Raman Ishita r alone in the room.
ISHITA:why god is making us suffer us like this?
RAMAN:why shud v blame god?its all bcz of me
Ishita weeps & hugs him.
Raman:It’s all because of my sin.

Manorama and Manohar c this & r shocked.
Manorama:What are we seeing?
Manohar:This is totally unexpected.Such a big cheating.

Ishita Raman r shocked 2 see them.
Manorama:so this is what happening here.poor Subbu.he is getting cheated by his beloved wife whom he chose over our Disha
Raman Ishita become upset and helpless.
Manorama:Now we will show who v r.
They go.Raman ishita r tensed.
Ishita:What will we do now Raman?As far as I know they are very irritating cunning people.
Raman:We are helpless Ishita.What to do?
They sweat.

Manorama tells her Manohar:v shud’nt tell this 2 Subbu.he wont believe it.v’ve 2 show his wife’s adultery 2 him.he’l dump her&wil marry Disha
Both smile in an evil manner.

Inspector Abhishek comes 2 their house.He sees Manorama:Raman?
Manorama:he has gone out.i’m his relative
ABHISHEK:ok,can u plz call his wife?
Manorama goes & tells Piaa:inspector Abhishek has come.he wants 2 c u
Pia is tensed.Pia goes there hesitatingly.Manorama leaves the room.
Abhishek is shocked to see Pia:u r Raman’s wife?
Suddenly Ishita comes:I’m here
Abhishek smiles.
ISHITA:that’s my sister
ABHISHEK:ok.i enquired a lot about the accident your husband mentioned that far as I know it’s not a murder attempt

ISHITA:thx a lot.v r relieved
Abhishek goes.

Raman is thinking:who is that mystery man Surya?who is following us?THAT DRIVER?MIHIR?INSPECTOR ABHISHEK?

Part 9

1 month passed.Ishita is shocked 2 attend Subbu’s call.Raman:what happened?
ISHITA:Subbu is coming here 4 some days
Raman is shocked.
ISHITA:what’ll v do?i will act as kangana b4 any1 except Subbu.Before Subbu I can’t pretend to be his wife Kangana.
She weeps.

Raman tries to console her:Ishita..relax.God will show us a way.

Seeing Ishita very weak and sad to cheer her up Raman sings dancing around her:

Chaand Sifarish Jo Karta Hamari Deta Woh Tumko Bata
Sharm-O-Haya Pe Parde Gira Ke Karni Hain Hamko Khata
Zidd Hain Ab Toh Hain Khud Ko Mitana Hona Hain Tujhmein Fanaa
Chaand Sifarish Jo Karta Hamari Deta Woh Tumko Bata
Sharm-O-Haya Pe Parde Gira Ke Karni Hain Hamko Khata

Teri Adaa Bhi Hain Jhonke Wali Chhu Ke Gujar Jaane De
Teri Lachak Hain Ke Jaise Daali Dil Mein Utar Jaane De
Aaja Baahon Mein Karke Bahana Hona Hain Tujhmein Fanaa
Chaand Sifarish Jo Karta Hamari Deta Woh Tumko Bata
Sharm-O-Haya Pe Parde Gira Ke Karni Hain Hamko Khata – Fanaa

Finally Ishita smiles.She holds his hand:Thanks a lot Raman.
Ishi:For hiding your pain and trying to cheer me up.
Raman:I need to thank you for being with me even in this critical situation.
They share an emotional eye lock.

Raman Ishita go 2 their room and see pia in a sick stage.They take her 2 the hospital.

Disha packs her bag. Manorama:y r u going back 2 the hostel?
D:I stayed here hoping of getting Subbu back.but no hope.

Manorama:now u go.but I’l call u back 2 unite u and Subbu.he’ll b coming soon and he’ll know about his wife’s real color
Disha smiles and goes.

Next day,Subbu comes.Ishita opens the door & is shocked.
SUBBU:hi Ishita bhabhi
Manorama:Subbu beta what’s this.y r u teasing ur wife by calling her bhabhi?
Subbu is embarrassed.
Subbu:sorry kangana.I did’nt identify you.I thought…
Raman came.
Subbu:Hi Raman jeeju..We are seeing each other for the first time.

Subbu shake his hands with him:Very happy to see you directly.
Raman:Me too.
Subbu:where is bhabhi?
RAMAN:she’s in the hospital.i’m going there
SUBBU:then I’ll also come with u
Raman ishita r shocked.
RAMAN:no need.i u just came.suddenly going out…kangana will also b alone
SUBBU:let kangana also come with us
ISHITA:2day morning I had just met her
SUBBU:ok. then I’ll go with jeeju

Subbu Raman go 2 hospital.They enter the room.Raman closes the room with tension.
he says in mind:all games r over.Subbu will see pia & everything will be out


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    Maybe the truth will come out..
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    Nice and I don’t think so it will still bring a suspense

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    Awesome, loved it, you nailed it di, OMG! Is manorama wants her sister to get married to subbu. Ishra eye lock was emotional.I don’t think so, that subbu will come to know rhw truth, I guess, kangna will already there.

    1. Jasminerahul

      manorama wants her daughter disha to marry subbu,not sister.

  7. Manorama is a brainless monkey and don’t know how to stop interfered other people’s live and marriage. She should stop ruin other people’s marriage. If she did this so that she will end up like what she did to Subbu and Kangana. People will tell Manorama badly and every people say such cheaply about Disha. Subbu will tell other people what kind of women are Manorama and Disha?

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