Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 11)

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Swasan moments.. swara kavita face off

@ragini’s room
Ragini offered swara a glass of water. Swara looked at her and gulped it at once.
Swara: was i right?
Ragini: yes.. you did right thing. She deserves such kind of treatment only.
Swara: but what if she tell sanskar about all this?
Ragini: and what will she say… That she had threatened you..
Swara smiled a little…
Swara: i felt a gush of anger in my blood. Whatever i said were my inner emotions. She thought i was docile… But i am fierce for those who are enemies of my family.
Ragini held swaraa’s hand. She smiled at her.
Ragini: well… I got your payal today…
Swara: how… I mean when..
Ragini: in the garden when you were busy looking at your husband…. Ahem ahem…
Ragini pinched her arm… Swara lowered her gaze and blushed hard.
Ragini: you have fallen in love with him na…
Swara nodded shyly.
Ragini: i am glad…
Swara: but sanskar doesn’t feel so… And i ll not force him to love me…
Ragini: your love will make him love you. Don’t worry.

@ap’s room.
Ap was sitting on the couch. Dp was smiling looking at her.
Ap: why are you smiling maharaj?
Dp: you don’t look even a day older when we got married.
Ap blushed hard.
Dp: your blushes can compete with those of a bride.
Ap: dhat… Kch bhi…
Dp: well i was thinking that we should send swara and sanskar to the temple of kali ma. You know very well about this ritual.
Hearing the name of that temple ap felt a chill running down her spine. She stood up at once.
Ap: no… How can you even think of it?
Dp: i know your concern… But ap ji..
Ap: you know very well maharaj… We lost lakshya there only… Ragini is like this because of that trauma only… But stil you are even thinking of sending sanskar there…
Dp held ap’s hand. Ap looked at him.
Dp: i know… But if we don’t follow the rituals people will assume sanskar is weak. He is incapable to rule. Do you want this to happen?
Ap looked at dp with tears. Dp held her chin.
Dp: loss of lakshya can not be revived. I know how a mother feels. You can show your emotions but what about me? Have ypu ever thought how strong i had to be not to cry in front of anyone? I am his father and i lost my son. We were not able to see him for the last time. In fact we don’t know who is behind this. How helpless i feel when i think this.
Ap looked at dp. His eyes were twinkling with tears.
Ap: don’t say anything… I know… Please.. please don’t cry.
Dp hugged ap. They both were crying on their fate. Tears were telling the story of their grief. They were unaware of someone who was hearing this and tried hard not to interfere. It was sanskar. He heard everything. He heard the grief of his parents. The smiling image of his brother came in front of him. He moved from there.

Sanskar was walking in a fast pace . He just wanted to be alone for a moment. He wanted to shed all his tears. He went straight to the terrace. This was the place where he and lakshya used to hang out. All their tricks and stories were hidden there. Sanskar sat on a swing. He looked at the sky.
Sanskar: lakshya…. Please come back…. Please. What did you get by doing this. Why you left us? Why……
He sat there. He cried there. He felt himself alone. Suddenly he felt as if someone was staring at him. He looked and found two innocent eyes on him.
Sanskar: swara… You here… You didn’t sleep.
Swara: no
Sanskar: go and sleep now.
Swara: no.
Sanskar: i said go and sleep and leave me alone.
His voice was heavy. It was a command. He never talked to swara in this way. He looked at swara immediately and realised what he had done.
Sanskar: i am sorry…. But please leave me alone…
Swara nodded. She turned to go. Sanskar felt as if his soul wanted her to stay. He didn’t want her to go. He wanted her to talk to him. But he saw swara going away. He held her head. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was swara
Swara: wipe your tears please. For a while only. I don’t want the servants to think you are weak.
And at the moment sanskar felt the touch of her soft hands on his cheeks. Swara wiped his tears. Her touch was divine. Sanskar felt his pain has gone at once by her touch.
Some servants came. They placed food on the table.
Swara: everyone go.
The moon was shini brightly in the sky. Swara looked at the moon and then at sanskar.
Swara: you were crying before the moon was there in the sky.
Sanskar: how did you know?
Swara: it was you only who offered me friendship. So it’s the duty of a friend to take care of another friend na.
Sanskar smiled a little.
Swara: thank god you smiled. At least my blabbering proved to be useful.
Sanskar laughed a little.
Swara: o my god… I should distribute laddoos tomorrow…. You know why… Because i did a good work today..
Sanskar gave her a surprising look.
Swara: nhi smjhe na… Are budhhu… I made a crying baby laugh…
Sanskar looked at her with anger. Swara looked down and then again at him.
Sanskar: do i look like a cry baby…
Swara made a puppy face. Sanskar felt as if he cannot resist her eyes.
Swara: truth or lie…
Sanskar: truth…
Swara: no….
Sanskar: see…
Swara: you don’t look like a cry baby…. You are a cry baby….
Swara said and she started to run… Sanskar too ran behind her. They both were running like kids on the terrace. Finally swara sat down.
Sanskar: tired….
Swara: nah… But if we run here continuously then people will think there is a ghost on the terrace.
Sanskar laughed again. He smiled looking at her.
Swara: you didn’t have your dinner na. Have it…
Sanskar nodded… He realised something.
Sanskar: did u…
Swara: no… I was waiting for you…
Sanskar looked at her in amazement.
Swara: are baba… Can we have dinner please… There is whole army of rats in stomach.

After they finished dinner sanskar gave a smile to swara.
Sanskar: swara…
Swara was busy staring at the stars…
Sanskar: swara…..
Her trance was broken. She looked at sanskar.
Sanskar: what are you thinking?
Swara looked at him.
Swara: nothing. I was just admiring the beauty of nature. See to devour the darkness of night nature created moon. ( Turns towards sanskar) similarly if you find your life engulfed by darkness search for the moon.
Sanskar: but have you forgotten about the dark amavasya.
Swara: this is also the beauty of nature. Men do not appreciate the things they got easily. That’s why to realise human the importance of moon god created amavasya.
Sanskar smiled at her.
Sanskar: you are indeed matured.
Swara smiled at him.
Swara: i know you miss your brother.. but you can share with me whenever you feel like. I am always there. But don’t sit alone and cry for hours. This will only increase your pain.
Sanskar nodded. His smile now reached his eyes. Seeing this swara felt a relief in his heart.

Blames on swara…. Sanskar pushes swara away…

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