SWASAN – A CASE WITH LOVE (TS) By Mica part 2a

Bismillah, Hi i’m back again, sorry for late update, thank you for immense support
from readers, sorry to not reply yet, i will reply after this, inshaallah.
Let’s start..

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ACP Sanskar Maheswary : 27 years old, very strict

Swara Bose :22 years old, bubbly smart girl


Sanskar sat at waiting room for sometimes when noticed Dr Samrat Matur
arrival. He waved his hand and Dr Matur walked closer to him. Sanskar stood
to shake hand with him. He introduced himself.
” i’m Sanskar Maheswary, the detective chief of Kolkata police Departement,
nice to meet you Doctor!”
“I’m DR Samrat Matur, please take a sit!” the sadness appear on his face.

“I’m sorry for your lost Doctor!” Sanskar said politely, started their
“Thank you so much, i can’t believe it, why him Mr Maheswary, he was a good
person, he never harm anyone, he is my best friend, if only he agreed to
join me yesterday .” Dr Matur blabbered, his eyes brimmed with tears.
Sanskar handed tissue to him.

“Well can you tell me what happened yesterday Doctor ?” Sanskar asked.
“Every Sunday, as usual we are going for Golf course. Yesterday, after
finished our game, i asked him to join me to cafe as i have flight to
Mumbay at 21.00, but he refused, if only he joined me, he will still alive.”
his voice in regret..

“so you both went to your respective home ?” Sanskar asked again.
“Yess, i think so.”
“What do you mean Doctor ? you aren’t sure about it ?” Sanskar curious.
“well, you know that we both live at same area, so, we left from the golf
course in line, he was in front of me, i saw he went straight to his house
direction when i turned as we has 3 block differences.” Dr Matur explained.

“Do you remember what did you do after going home ?”
“I arrived at home at 17.30, freshen up then went to cafe about 17.45,” Dr
Matur said, tried to remember the moment.
“And what the name of Cafe you had to visit ?”
“Serenade Cafe, 1 block from my house, are you accusing me ?” Dr Matur in
uncomfortable tone.
“I’m sorry! we should do investigation and collecting every information,
i wish you don’t mind.” Sanskar said politely.
“It’s OK! i understand, anything for finding my best friend killer.” Dr
Matur smiled faintly.

“Can you tell me doctor, how about the enmity between Dr Maholtra and Dr
Nikith Sharma ?”
“Huh! It’s pure misunderstanding, there was nothing between Dr Maholtra
and Mrs Sharma, Dr Nikith only drive by his jealousy. Rohan was a very
polite person, he won’t ever did such affair. he loves his late wife very
much. Please Mr Maheswary, please find the killer soon.” Dr Matur pleaded
in sad tone.

“I’ll try my best Doctor! can you please call me if there is anything
regarding Dr Maholtra and this case.” Sanskar handed his card to him.
“Sure, but sorry i have to leave, many patients are waiting for me.”
He stood along with Sanskar, shook their hand.
“Thank you so much for your time Doctor.” both left the waiting room, Dr
Matur went to his cabin, meanwhile Sanskar walked toward entrance door,his
eyes to and fro looked for Swara. Impatiently, He called her

OS : Hei handsome, are you done ?

Sanskar :Where are you ?

OS :At Parking lot, plucking mangoes hehehe

Sanskar : Whaaatttt!!!

OS : come here soon, i kept some for you.

Omg! this girl! he murmured, walked toward parking lots.

“Handsooomee, here!!” Swara waved her hand to Sanskar, sat on the bottom
branch of mangoes tree at parking lots area. There was a guy under the tree
waiting for her, lift his hand up meanwhile Swara jumped to him. He catched
Swara by waist. Sanskar run to her and pulled her.

“What was that, who are you ? ” he yelled to the guy.
“What ? i’m only helping her, i’m valet boy here.” that guy Shrugged.
“Calm handsome, he is my friend, “Swara said, then turned to the guy, “where
is the mangoes ?”
He handed a bag full of mangoes to Swara. “Waaa, we got a bunch, let count!”
she accepted it in excitement, then sat on floor, followed by the guy.
“Handsome, you sit too! ” Swara persuaded.
“Nope” Sanskar said with annoyed face.

“OK then! let’s start! ” she opened the bag and took the mango, “1 for me,
1 for you, 1 for handsome.” she put the mangoes in front of them, counted
on it 1 by 1, until the bag empty.
” uft twelve mangoes, 4 for each, not bad ha ?” She tossed with the guy.

“Done ? Let’s go now !” Sanskar in stern voice.
“Huh! you are not cool at all.” Swara put the mangoes on bag, walked to
Sanskar’s jeep followed by him, hopped in and waved bye to the guy. they
went from there.

“What was that ? how can you climb the trees ? how if you fall ?” Sanskar
scolded Swara, while driving.
“Fall ? no way !!! you saw that guy ? the valet boy ? he definitely
will catch me if i’m falling. ” Swara said, acted to be shy.
“That guy catch you ha ? so why he didn’t climb that tree himself? ” Sanskar
mockingly said.
“He can’t climb tree.” Swara grinned widely.
“What a joke! body kinda John Abraham, but can’t climb a tree ? ” Sanskar
in disbelief.
“Indeed, he is John Abraham.”Swara said, blushing.
“Whaaaatt!!!” Sanskar aplied the brake, took deep breath several times,
murmured, “Oh my god! please save me from heart attack until the end of this
story.” He again started the engine. Thank god no curse words this time.

the author smiled, “Thank god! i’m safe! otherwise there will be many
complain from readers!”

Arrived at office, Sanskar entered the building, called his staffs.
“Gopal! you go to Serenade Cafe, search information about Dr Samrat Matur’s
visit at Sunday.” Gopal went with his partner.

“Namish! you go to pick him for interrogation.” Sanskar handed a paper to
him.”Varun Dhawaan ?” Namish shocked.

“Speak nothing! think nothing! just do what i said!” Sanskar warned him.
“But Sir! how could you ask me to bring him here ? how if my Alia Bhatt
goes to him ? you know they are couple in movies, i will broken heart sir!
i’m jealous!” he cried.

“Naamiiiisshhh! bring only the father here! and for god sake, Varun Dhawan
is a kid in this story!” Sanskar yelled in frustration.
“Is this so ? omg! you are the best Sir!” Namish’s eyes sparkled, he run to
“Dare no to hug me!” Sanskar warned him, made him stopped in the middle.
“Go now!”
“Yess Sir!” Namish walked out, murmured” huh! yesterday only he hugged Swara,
but he rejects my hug now, stone heart!”.

Sanskar walked to check his staff’s work for awhile then walked toward
terrace when he noticed Swara was sitting there, eating mango.
“Are you still here ?” Sanskar asked surprisingly.
“Hi handsome! wanna mango ? and yeah, i’m waiting lunch time.” Swara handed
a piece of mango to him.

“Lunch time ? well it’s next 30 minutes, so you want try food in that
canteen ha ?” he checked his watch.
“Nope! i have noon date with Arjun at Taste & Love ice cream parlor!” Swara
said. Sanskar choked and coughed.
“Are you OK, handsome ?” Swara in concern tone. He nodded.
“Arjun ha ?” Sanskar asked after he cleared his throat.
“yups!” Swara nodded.
“Well you stay here, i have to continue my work.” Sanskar walked fastly,
went inside the office, leaving confused Swara.

“Arjun! Arjuun!” Sanskar called, his walked to and fro looking for him.
“yess Sir!” Arjun out from washroom.
“Arjun, why don’t you go with Namish ?”
“But he already left Sir.” Arjun said.
“Is he ? ohh.. you can go with Gopal then!” Sanskar snapped his finger.
“Even he already left with 2 police officer.”
“huh! or maybe you can go to Home office to report the last week homicide
case.”Sanskar somehow insist.
“We both had been reported it last week itself Sir! don’t you remember?”
Arjun said in confusion. “Anything wrong Sir?” he added in curiosity.
“Whaatt ? noo nothing wrong, so what are you doing now ?” Sanskar tried
divert topic.
“I am trying to do something with that cctv video Sir! i wish we can find a
“OK then! continue it.” Sanskar left him, walked to his desk. Arjun took
deep breath, shook his head and went to audio room.


Lunch time, Sanskar called Arjun once he saw Arjun out from audio room,
walked toward entrance door, whistling.
“Arjun! where will you going ? “He asked, sat on his chair.
“It’s lunch time Sir!” arjun said casually.
“Do you find any clue ?” sanskar asked again.
“Nope Sir! not yet, sorry!” Arjun in disappointment.
“So why you didn’t continue it ? back to your audio room! maybe you will
find it!” Sanskar suggested him.
“Sure, i’ll continue later, after lunch time.” Arjun said.
“But…before sanskar could complete it, Swara’s voice heard, she was
standing at entrance door. ” Are you ready Arjun?”
“Absolutely cutie!” Arjun in excitement.
“So, what you waiting for ? come on! bye handsome!” she waved, went out
along with Arjun.

Arjun and Swara sat on chair opposite each other at one table of Taste &
Love ice cream parlor, waited their order when Arjun noticed something,
“Sanskar Sir! you are here ?” he shouted at him, made Swara turned her face.
Sanskar walked to them.
“Handsome! are you following us ? “Swara asked surprisingly.
“Huh! following you ? such a waste! i’m a regular customer here!” Sanskar
said in attitude, then sit beside Arjun. A waitress came to him.

“Good Afternoon Sir! any order ? ” she asked.
“Gimme a cup of espresso coffee.” Sanskar said.
“I’m sorry sir! no coffee here! we only serve ice cream.”
“So, a regular customer dunno that this cafe serving ice cream only ha ?”
Swara said teasingly to Sanskar. Sanskar could say nothing but frowned.
“Regular customer ? no mam, perhaps you are wrong, if only we have such
this handsome as regular customer, i’ll soo happy.” the waitress said in
flirty tone, made Swara widened her eyes, meanwhile Sanskar acted in cool

Swara smiled, “can i ask you a paper ? i will order for him.” She said
nicely. the waitress handed a piece of paper and a pen to her.
She wrote something on the paper, gave it to the waitress.
The waitress read it, then moved her gaze to Swara,
“please lil bit faster OK! ” Swara in nice way.
“Yyess mam!”
“Oh don’t forget my order, huh! it’s too long!” Arjun added.
“ssurree Sir!” the waitress walked fastly from there.
“What’s wrong with her ?” Arjun asked Swara in confusion.
Swara shrugged. “i dunno”

in front of the cabinet, the waitress open the order paper again,
written ” 1 cappuccino ice cream with biscuit.
2 hard punch at your face for flirting with him. MIND IT!”
she took deep breath.


“Ughh where is the ice cream ? why it’s so long ? “Swara said impatiently.
“Relax, there are so many customers.” arjun tried to calm her.
“But it’s so hot you know!” she waved her palm, then she arranged her pony
tail hairs to a bun.
“Waa,, Swara! you are so beautiful with bun, so mature.” Arjun mesmerized.
Made Sanskar who engaged to his mobile, lift his face to see Swara, frowned.
After sometime, he jerked his chair and walked to cashier. Arjun and Swara
confused with his behavior. He back with papers on his hand.

“whooaaa, yummyyy yummyyy! thank you so much!” Swara in excitement when
a waitress gave her the ice cream.
“Huh! a kid!” Sanskar mockingly.
“Weww, even you are another kid!”Swara retorted back to see Sanskar made
a paper plane, tried to flying it. The paper plane flow away.
Unfortunately, it felt on a guy’s table, litle far behind Swara. He walked
toward that guy’s table to take his paper plane, then walked back, but sat
behind Swara.

“Handsome! why are you sitting there ?don’t say that you want to hear my
heart beat!” Swara whispered on him.
“i only don’t want to see your face.” Sanskar whispered back.
“Huh! sadist!” Swara pouted.
They enjoyed their ice cream for sometime.

“I have to go now, Arjun!” Swara said, jerked the chair.
“So soon ? we don’t even go somewhere yet!” Arjun in disappointment.
She sighed.
“Wear this jacket!” suddenly Sanskar handed her his jacket.
“Whaatt ?” Swara shocked.
“I said wear this jacket!” Sanskar in stern voice.
“But it’s so hot! how can i wear it ? ” Swara in confuse state.
“You ate 3 bowls of ice cream, it’s so cold, you should wear this jacket
to give balance to your body ! “.
“Omg Handsome!! you are so clever! no doubt that you are a detective chief!”
Swara took the jacket, wearing it.
“let me go to washroom!” She went.

The author in mind, clever my foot! omg Swaraaaa! he is fooling youuu!

Swara walked back from washroom to their table and leaned her body to
Sanskar, whispered “Thank you for protecting me, i love it!” in husky voice.
“Huh! give my jacket back tomorrow!” Sanskar in cold tone.

“Wew! so stingy! bye handsome! bye Arjun!” she went away bid goodbye.
“What was that ? i’m the one who date with her, but she whispered only to
you, it’s not fair Sir!” Arjun protested.
“Don’t worry! she whispered to me to give message for you!” Sanskar said
“Really Sir! omgg! what is the message? ” Arjun jumped in excitement.
“She said you should pay the bills.” Sanskar put his sunglasses and walked
“Whaatt!” Arjun shouted.


At Police station, Namish and Gopal waited for Sanskar already to give the

“Sir! according to the cctv on entrance of Serenade Cafe and the watchman,
Dr Matur arrived there at 17.55 and left around 19.00 pm.” Gopal said once
Sanskar arrived the office.

“So, he said truth, thank you Gopal!” Sanskar somehow felt disappointment.
“What about you Namish ? you bring him ? you interrogate him already ?”
Sanskar felt ray of hope as he saw Namish’s face.
“No Sir! they went to London 5 days ago for treatment, the airline
confirmed already.”

“Whaat? ugh then why your face so happy ?” Sanskar confused.
“Because i’m safe.” Namish grinned widely.”Why? anything happen to you?”
Sanskar in concern tone.
“Arrey Sir! please be more smart about this situation, imagine if only
Varun Dhawan’s father here and he recognize my Alia as his bhahu, i’m
will be death na!”
Sanskar fainted.


Next morning, Sanskar walked to and fro inside the office in thoughtful
face.”Uday uncle!! did the newspaper come already ?” Sanskar shouted as
he saw Uday. Brought the newspaper, Uday walked toward him “this is today
newspaper, Sir!”

“Ha ? how come ? who deliver it ? “Sanskar surprised.
“Why Sir? don’t say that you waiting Swara ?” Uday suppressed his smiled.
“Huh! no way! i just surprised it’s so early, unlike that lazy pagal girl.”
Sanskar took the newspaper and walked to his desk.

“Sir! i found something!” Arjun shouted from audio room. Sanskar immediately
run there along with others. They put their intense gaze to the screen while
Arjun run on it.
“I distract the cctv video from Dr Maholtra’s entrance garage, which ruined
by something, the exact time of his car entry was 18.20 pm.” he explained.
“Why did he switch off the car lights ?”Sanskar asked.
“I dunno Sir!” Arjun shrugged, “and the driver invisible.”
“Then how about the car sound and the light we saw on this screen vaguely
before ?”
“Apparently it was a random car which want turned around.”

“So,He was still alive at 18.20, but what he did before ? where did he go ?
as our calculation, if only he went home directly from golf course, normally
it takes 35 minutes only, and our bad luck there was no GPS on that car.”
Sanskar in thoughtful state.”Namish! you said that Ramiresh and her wife’s
gynecologist is same block with victim’s house, check again his existence
between 18.20 to 19.00, Gopal! please check again the other suspect’s alibi
and bring the car here.” Sanskar back to his desk.

They drove by their respective works for few hours, but it’s kinda useless.
the all suspects alibi were perfect, they got nothing from the car.

“Anything new ? anything clue, Doctor!” Sanskar asked to Alia.
“Something weird, i found tarpaulin particle on his face skin and some parts
of his body.”
“What do you mean ? tarpaulin particle at face? a mask ?”Sanskar in curiosity.
“i don’t think so, the skin that uncovered with his clothes, had contact
with tarpaulin material.” Dr Alia explained.
“Maybe from our body bag.”
“No it’s not,” Dr Alia shook her head,” our body bag from parachute fabric.”

Sanskar was quite for awhile, “Damn it! so, Dr maholtra’s body was
transported !!! damn it! damn it!” He hit the wall. Alia startled a little
with his sudden action.” Calm Sir!”

“How can i to be calm ? we have fake crime scene, no suspect, no finger print,
no evident, no prove, no motif.” Sanskar walked out pissed off.

“Huh! how can in this story i have a turtle forensic, 1 clue per day,
first day i got time of death, yesterday i got only the type of weapon,
today i found out that my victim is transported and what she will give me
tomorrow ? that the victim got poison on his thumb? huh!” he blabbered to
himself, didn’t realized that Namish stood in front of him in peak of anger,
yelled in low voice,”Sir!! i told you dare no to underestimate my Alia bhatt!”
He clenched his fist, with a full force he punch Sanskar…s l o w l y…..
and wuuuzzzzzz…run from there in jet speed.

Sanskar shocked for a moment, confused, “what was that ? huh! love makes
people become stupid!”
“You are wrong!” Alia snapped from his back suddenly, “Love made Namish
become so brave, he has guts to face you for me huh!” she said mockingly,
suddenly, “Namish my herooo!!! waiting for me!,” she run away to see a
glance of Namish.

Sanskar’s jaw dropped. “Amazing!!! this moron author turned my great police
department to a circus.” he yelled in frustration.
BUUKK! he felt a punch on his shoulder. “What the…”when he saw Namish
stood in front of him.” This is for the author! stop cursing her huh! chalo
darling” Namish put his hand on Alia’s waist and they walked away.

the author fainted, melted to the core, muttered, Naamiiisshhhh

Sanskar got a call which made him more upset.” Good! now the major yelled
like a woman who demand her husband credit card.” he gathered his staffs to
do meeting.

“OK all! this is the situation of our case until now :
-according to golf course manager, he left at 17.00 -> still alive
-according Dr Matur, he arrived at his home 17.30, he saw victim when he
turned to his block, about 17.25 ->still alive
-according to forensic, the body of victim was transported.
-the victim car entered the garage at 18.20, mean the killer who was driving
the car,…mean, he killed between 17.25 pm -18.20 pm. 55 minutes, the
true crime scene might be not so far from victim’s house, so, it can be
Ramiresh, Dr Samrat Matur or random person.” sanskar wrote it at board.
Motif ??? revenge ? robbery ? random murder ?
“I doubt about revenge!” Dr Alia interupted, “the injured didn’t show the
hatred feeling from the killer.”
“Nothing missing property from victim, if only he killed at road for money,
the wallet and phone or even the car won’t be back to the house, Well, let’s
we find out” Sanskar took deep breath.

“Gopal! you lead a squad to comb out that housing complex, Namish! bring
Dr Samrat Matur here! and Uday uncle, bring Ramiresh again! please check
again the car.”
they separated to do Sanskar’s instruction.


Sanskar sat opposite Dr Matur at interrogation room, they were in the
middle of interrogation.
“I told you already, i was at Serenade Cafe those time!” Dr Matur in upset
“According waitress there, you disappeared for sometime doctor!” Sanskar
“I was at washroom, i got stomachache, anything else ?” Dr Matur in challenge
tone. Sanskar sighed.

“Sure! i think you killed him, put him at a body bag, brought him to his
house, unfortunately the powder of your gloves left at the car’s stir.”
Sanskar tried to provoke him.
“Glove ? what glove ? medical glove ? for god sake, don’t you remember that
Rohan was a doctor also ?” Dr Matur laughed mockingly.
“How do you know that it was medical glove ?” Sanskar asked.

“Well, I just guessing as only vinyl gloves which provide for medical
requirement which has powder on it.”
“Look! how can you think i able to kill him ? he is my best friend! i love
him, otherwise you have prove against me, let me go, i didn’t expect
this, you accusing me instead looking for my best friend killer out there.”
Dr Matur said. Sanskar couldn’t do nothing but released him.

The same happen went to Ramiresh, even the gynecologist herself confirmed
that He was inside doctor cabin accompanying his wife at that exact time.


“Handsooomee! are you here ? ” Swara shouted in excitement when she saw
Sanskar was sitting at her favourite pani pury stall.
“You!! don’t say that you following me.” Sanskar in cold tone.
“Following you ??? no way! i’m regular customer here,”
Sanskar gave her disbelief look. Swara pouted, let’s see, huh!”
the pani puri seller called her, made her give victorious smile to sanskar,
“See! i’m not a liar kinda you!”,she took her pani pury then sat opposite

“Why you didn’t deliver the newspaper this morning ?”Sanskar asked, eating
his pani pury.
“Awww do you miss me ?” Swara surprized.
“HHuh! you wish! Uday uncle only asked about you!”
“I don’t think so, i told him about my absence yesterday.” swara chuckled.
“Oh you was planning it to steal my jacket.” Sanskar said mockingly.
“Indeed!” Swara winked at him.”You know what? this jacket kinda your hug
for me.” Swara whispered. Sanskar frowned.

“How about the case ? don’t say that no progress!” Swara asked seeing his
sad face.Sanskar shrugged.
“So, yesterday suspect is useless also ?” Swara in disappointment tone.
“No, nothing useless, we should try everything, rite ? ” Sanskar said

“well, my …. i mean i ever read an article, if you feel there is no way,
there is no clue, back to the beginning. I think you should back to crime
scene.” Swara bite her pani pury.”
“it’s fake crime scene.” Sanskar in deep breath.
“What ? is it ? huh! whatever! come on! let’s go there !” Swara stood up,
dragging Sanskar. Sanskar jerked her.
“We already recheck it yesterday! so stop it!”
“We should try everything, rite ?” Swara dragged him again.
“OK! stop dragging me!”
And they drove the jeep.


Sanskar removed the police line, unlocked the door and switched on the lamp.
They started to check everything, from very inch of floor to the curtain
pleats of every windows, Living room, dining room, kitchen, bath room, bed
room, workroom.

“Look at that painting Handsome!” Swara chuckled, she pointed to a painting
which hang up at a side of workroom wall. A portrait of indian lady.
“What! something weird ?” Sanskar asked in tiredness.
“Of course weird! her arm remind me to John Abraham’s muscle, so s*xy!”
Swara drooling.
“Swaraaa!” sanskar shouted in low voice.
“Whoaah, stop jealous handsome! my heart only for you!” Swara said teasingly.
“Who’s jealous! i just want you to focus! stop playing.” Sanskar annoyed.
“If you done, let’s go now!” sanskar walked away.

“Wait handsome! stop!”
“What else ? or you want to…” he said turned to Swara only to see her
looked at the painting keenly.
“Something wrong ?” sanskar moved closer to her.
“The line at her left arm, it should be 2 lines, 1 of them kinda a
shadow, and now it’s only 1 perfect line. “Swara explained.
“This is the famous Ankit Sinh’s Indian Lady rite ? his first painting ?”
Sanskar said.
“Yeah, 2 billion US$ in market after his suicide, many collector are hunting
this painting.”Swara in agreement.

“You wanna say that someone change this painting ?” Sanskar asked. “Are you
sure? ” Swara nodded.
“Dr Maholtra showed this painting to me 3 days before his dead. He told me
about how lucky he was to get this from the painter himself and how lucky
that this painting so costly now. How if Dr Maholtra killed for this ? but
who ? less people knew about this!” Swara in thoughtful voice yet surprised.
“Perhaps!” Sanskar’s voice in hope.”Let’s we find out.”

DHEEPP! the power off suddenly, black out. Darkness everywhere.

Sorry if it’s out of your expectation, positive and Negative comments allowed
i wish it can improve my story. thank you

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