SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 5

It was morning and Swara was just resting her head on the window.. As she just woke up..
Veer is still in her lap cuddling into her Maasi and sleeping..
Swara was very happy tht she is now going to work in SM industries.. Which in world ‘s top 10..
And she had no tension for home also as the company is providing them it..
She just had one thing more to do find a gud school for Veer.. As he have to join school in a few months..
Train finally stopped at it station..
Swara-(caressing veers hair) Veer Mera baccha wake up.. We have reached Mumbai..
Veer(smiles in sleep) mamma plzz na only 2 minutes..
Swara gets shocked as still he didn’t get habitual to forget calling her mamma..it was always ragini ‘s routine to caresses Veer ‘s hair and wake him up..

Veer(just then realized what he said and gets up and smiles to swara) gud morning Maasi!
Swara also smiles at him.. – gud morning..
SwaVeer takes thir luggage which is only 2 suitcases..
SwaVeer really got tensed seeing so much public.. In dehradun ‘s small town where they live it was not half of the people also which they r seeing now..
Swara was tensed a little bit but for Veer she stayed strong and asking the directions she took Veer outside..

Finally they were here for the first time in the city of dreams!!
SwaVeer ‘s mouth were just open and seeing Mumbai with their widen eyes..
Swara was just like how am I going to live in this big city.. Where I don’t know anyone..
Both the little kiddos where also scared tht they won’t go lost in this city!
As both of them knew every single route of dehradun..
Veer being very small also knew every thing as he is live there since his childhood..

Seeing SwaVeer standing there almost 10 people which r the taxi drivers came running to them..
Making them a lil scared as they were fighting..
Driver1- I saw them first they will come in my car..

Other- no they will come in mine..
Just then a decent person who is Lil old silently took swara ‘s luggage and signaled them to come with her..
Still the drivers being engrossed in the fight didn’t realized tht they both went..
SwaVeer sat in the car and was laughing seeing the drivers fight..
Swara told the address which was told by company to live in..
Before leaving both SwaVeer waved their hands to the drivers indicating tht they left.. The drivers left disappointingly..

SwaVeer were sitting in car seeing Mumbai..
It was soooooo big.. So many people… It was going to be a Lil difficult for me to handle.. Thought swara..

SM homes:-
Finally SwaVeer reached the apartment which was approximately 20 floors..
More than tht swara was really happy to see the SM industries which was beside the house only!
She was kept OK staring tht..
Driver-beta plzz give my money fast I have to go for other rides too..
Swara bits her tongue while Veer chuckles seeing her..
Swara gives him the money..

Sanskar ‘s side:-
As usual our handsome hunk after getting ready was sitting on the dining table having his food..
Everyone were present there only..
Just then Sanskar gets a call..

Op-hello sir I’m ur detective talking..
Sanskar-oh yeah any information he asked in curiosity..
Op- sir not tht much but just wanted to say tht he is not in dehradun any more and came to Mumbai today morning only.. We have asked from his neighbors.. With his Maasi it seems..
Sanskar was like who Maasi then thought ragini would be having a sister..
Sanskar-OK and anything else..
Op-no sir but we r asking them to make Veer ‘s sketch.. Actually they left by now till tommrow I would send it to u..
Sanskar-hmm OK..
Everyone had listened the convo..
Sujata-how will be my grandson.. Tht too in Mumbai..

Rp-yeah and one girl is also there with him.. His Maasi..
Sujata nods..
Uttara-mom dad dont worry I know abt his Maasi..
Everyone looks at her..
Uttara- actually I used to talk with bhayya during starting days and got to know abt ragini bhabhi ‘s younger sister.. She is something 2 years younger to bhayya.. She is very caring she will take care of him…
Everyone nods..

Swara ‘s side:_
Swara calls the Manager telling tht she have reached Mumbai and is waiting for them to bring the keys..
But then she got a BIG shock!
Manager-I’m really sorry mam I forgot to check u will get ur home in a month till tht time u adjust somewhere and join by tommrow..
And he disconnect before swara said something..
Swara was just shocked standing there..

Suddenly tears started to flow through her eyes.. She was not worried for herself but what abt Veer..
Veer got shocked seeing her crying.. He made her clam.. Whole swara narrated the incident..
Swara was really angry…

Sanskar ‘s side:-.
Till tht time after taking the blessing from his parents.. He left to office only to be awaited by a bigg STROM!

Swara ‘s side:-
Swara was just standing there thinking what to do..
Just then she gets the idea of going to the boss directly!
Swara had researched everything abt this industry from the rooms of persons.. Abt the boss.. And every single thing.! Which a normal person who works in the industry might know..

Sanskar finally reached office and left to his cabin..

Swara- Veer baccha stand there with the luggage and I’m coming back in 5minutes..
She took Veer and the luggage and asked the watchman to take care of him..
Swara in full rage left to the office..

Just when swara opened the door she for shocked seeing it.. For a moment she forgot everything.. Finally she was here in her dream company.. She knew tht raglak would be proud of her.. It was sooooooooo classy and more beautiful than she saw in the pictures..

But then she remembered for what she came and rushed to Sanskar ‘s cabin..

Sanskar ‘s cabin:-
Sanskar was sitting there reading some files.. Just then swara entered his room like a storm .
Swara- excuse me Mr Maheshwari
Sanskar got shocked seeing swara here as no one has ever dared to enter like this..
Sanskar stood up from his seat..
Sanskar-excuse me Mrs whoever u are.. Don’t u have single manner tht u gave to knock before coming..

While swara standing there shocked listening his words..
Before swara could say something..
Sanskar – and how the hell can u come here, without appointment…
Swara- excuse me I’m not dying to come to ur office.. And don’t talk abt manners only yesterday only calling tht I have got the job u called me to this city.. Where I don’t know anyone and now when I came here ur Mr Manager is saying me tht the rooms r not vacant and I would get it by a month or so..

She says with Dame attitude and anger..

Sanskar for a moment was lost in her as firstly no girl ever came and talked to him like this..always trying to seduce him.. But this girl which is swara was sooo daring.. And she was looking sooooooooo cute while fighting showing her little finger to him..
Sanskar came out of his thoughts..

Sanskar-(in a Lil guilty tone) sorry Mrs..
Swara- Mrs swara she says..
Sanskar-hmm swara I didn’t knew tht u were called and tht too came here.. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience I really didn’t knew tht u were not given the hoyse..
Swara calms down seeing his politeness.. And smiles..
Sanskar-umm I’m having a lot of mangers to handle the home so plzz can u give the number which they called u from..

Swara nods and gives them the number..
Sanskar hello Ramesh..
Ramesh-yes sir…
Sanskar-what the hell how can u do like this u called one of our employees Mrs swara bose and now telling her tht the homes r not vacant.. How can u do this way..
Ramesh-sorry sir but actually my assistants said tht the homes were vacant I’m really sorry it won’t repeat again..
Sanskar-not to me ask from her whom u said tht..
He gave the phone while Ramesh asked sorry from swara and after giving him a class she disconnected the call..

Sanskar chuckled seeing her behavior..
Swara(crossing her arms) now where I’m going to stay..
Sanskar-wait I will try to call my other makers for ur house too..
Swara nods..
Sanskar called atleast 15 mangers but every single house was filled..
Sanskar rubbed his hairs in frustration..
Swara was also standing tensed..

#sorry for a short update in running g out of time I will post it by tommrow for sure..
Comment down below where do u think now swara is going to live?

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