SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 2

Hey guys Samaira here! Thanks a lot for ur response..
Let’s start:-
The scene continues with swara crying uncontrollably..
Just then her eyes went of veer who was just standing numb seeing his parents..
Swara smiles sadly seeing him and went to him..
Swara- veer Mera baccha.. Listen..
Listening his Maasi ‘s voice veer breakdowns badly..
Veer- Maasi what happened to mama papa… I won’t do any naughtiness now plzz Bring them back..
He cries badly while stammerinh..
Swara was also not in a state to console him but still..
Swara- veer di and juju r just playing with us.. U don’t worry OK they will come back to us u know na they love both of them a lot..
She says whole controlling her tears..
Veer smiles..
Just then the doctor came and told tht bodies will given by tommrow.. So now they have to go back homr..
On the way veer sleeps on swara ‘s shoulder..
Swara caresses his hair..

And goes to home..
After making him sleep on bed swara completely gets broken..
Her sister and her juju whom she considered the most important things in her life were no more..
How could she belive this so soon..
Swara messes all the house and sits in a corner taking the family photo of raglak and swaveer..
Swara- juju di plzz come back.. Di I will be a gud girl I will wake up at time.. Won’t trouble u.. She says sobbing.. At least come back for veer what did the poor soul did to u both Hann..
Swara keeps the picture near her heart and closes her eyes whole crying..
So this is what happend so u might guess tht girl in the starting was obvious swara…
Next day:-
Swara was no less than a dead body now.. She had lost her support system.. She was just talking with veer… As there was no mistake of the poor soul..
Swara and veer gets ready in white dress..
And veer does the rituals..
Veer was still not getting what was happening.. Swara was just consoling him..
Everything was finished for them.. No ray of hope.. Swara was just living for veer.. Thts it!
Now let’s go towards our hero..
A bigg mansion was shown… More bigger than the maheshwari(in serial) it was no less than a palace..
All the servants were working..
There we enter to our hero ‘s room..

Which was very huge and lavish..
Our hero was waking up and as usual looking damn hot making any girl go mad…
He gets up and fresh n ups..
Getting ready in blue shirt and black jeans cones down to hall..
Where 2 persons r shown sitting..
A lady and a man..
Sanskar goes and greets them..
Sanskar – gud morning Maa paa..
Hos parents bless them..
Whose none other than sanlak ‘s parents..
Just then a cute girl like in her teenage 19 comes there.. Wearing white top and back jeans..
She hugs Sanskar and takes blessings from her parents..
Girl- Bhayyu I need some money.. She says to Sanskar..
Sanskar just pats her head and gives his credit card to tht girl..
Sanskar- here u go uttu..
OK so the girl is uttara sanlak ‘s younger sis..
Uttara- huhh Bhayyu plzz call me uttara not this uttu puttu..
Sajskar smiles..
Sanskar- OK Mrs uttu..
And he runs away showing his tongue whole uttara chases him..
Sujata- because of them only this house is looking home..
Rp nods..
Today was something very special for Maheshwari family.. Laksh ‘s birthday..
Everyonewere just trying to ignore it..
Sujata goes to her room and locks it..
Sujata tales the frame out which was of laksh..
And cries bitterly..
Sujata- my son.. Laksh I’m missing u so much baccha.. U shouldn’t have done tht.. But it’s not ur fault too.. (said with anger is eyes) it’s just fault of tht Nagin ragini because of her u left her..
I warned u a lot of times tht ur father won’t let u marry a middle class girl but see because of ur silly mistake ur considered no more a part of this family..
She cries a lotttt..
Just then our hero enters.. Sujata composes herself fastly..
Sanskar comes and side hugs Sujata..
Sanskar Maa I know u miss laksh bhaiya even I do.. A tear rolls from him eyes.. But u know na he broke the rule.. If u want shall I ask my pa to find out abt him..
Sujata nods happily..
Sanskar smiles and wipes her tears..
Sanskar – no tears..
Just then they see uttara standing there..
Uttara comes and hugs Sujata Sanskar..
Uttara – just because of tht lady we r not having Laksh bhaiya with us today..
And cries.. All the trio were consoling each other..
# I hope u got the reason y raglak were dismisses.. # they don’t know abt veer nd swara..
Swara ‘s side:-
Veer was on swara ‘s lap she was just caressing his hair..
She was not yet settled swara was just crying..
Her state was really bad..
Sanskar ‘s side%-
Sanskar calls his pa to get the information abt laksh..
And after an hour he gets the news…
Sanskar gets devasted and breaks down.. As he gets to know tht raglak r no more..
Sanskar starred crying bitterly not able to accept the harsh reality..
Just then uttara Sujata and ro comes.. There.
They get shocked seeing Sanskar like this..
Uttara- Bhayyu what happen..
Sanskar- Maa papa laksh laksh bhaiya.. He was saying while stammerinh..
Rp- I don’t want to listen his name in my house.. I just wish tht he is no more!!
Sanskar gets really angry and stands up..
Sanskar-just because of u Mr Rp Maheshwari..
Sujata ND everyone gets shocked..
Sanskar- just because of ur stupid class u removed my bhai bhabhi and u know what congrats tht ur wish is fulfilled my brother and my bhabhi r no. More..
This gives a bigg shock to them..
Sujata sits with thud..
Rp gets shocked to the core..
Uttara was just standing sternly mm not getting what was actually happening..!!
Sanskar started crying badly..
Sujata too..
There was a guilt layer covered on Rp ‘s heart.. He was feeling extremely bad..
From past 5 yrs they didn’t met laksh..
Sujata ‘s state got really bad..
Just as she was fainting.. Rp was coming near her but Sanskar stopped..
Sanskar- plzz don’t show ur concern where was it when my mom fell on her knees to u.. To get back her son.. We don’t need ur help..
Rp was standing alone..
Sanskar Uttara called the doctor..
And was said tht she dossent get stress..
Leap of 7days:-
A lotttt of things changed in this week in Maheshwari family.. Rp was still not forgives..
But there they got a big shock getting the news of veer and Swara.. But both didn’t saw them..
Sujata and Uttara were really happy.. They atleast wanted their sign of their son..
Rp also agreed leading a slight difference on the change of family..
But still swara and veer ‘s condition was the same..
Veer knew tht his parents r not going to come back.. EVER!!

Swara ‘s side:-
Swara ‘s usual after being with veer was just behaving like a dead body.. And this was affecting the little veer a lot.. Ad his swara Maasi was never like tht..
But swara didn’t notice this..
Swara made veer sleot and went to her room..
After coming down.. She heard some voices from veer ‘s room which made her very guilty..
Swara as she peeped through the window.. Saw veer… And heard his Covo with the picture in his hand which was the full family pic..
Veer- mom dad.. U both left me.. But now my swara Maasi is also not the same.. She is very changed.. I don’t have anyone with me..he says cutely..amd started crying.
Swara sees this and runs to her room crying..
She goes and stands in front of her mirror and was shocked seeing herself.. She was actuakly so changed.. Got more thin eyes puffy and red.. Hair messy… And what not!!
Swara smiles bitterly..
Swara- Mr laksh and Mrs ragini what do u think of ur selves Haan if u both leave then me and veer won’t be happy.. We will be more happy.. Happy than before.. Get it..she pints towards the sky..
A tear rolls through her eyes..
But she decided tht no more crying from today more will make her di and juju proud.. And won’t let veer feel lonely.. They both r only the support of each other.. Who is there for them in the world other than them..
Screen freezes on swara ‘s determined face..

Precap- SwaSan meet

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