Sukor- Dard wala Love Chapter-7

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Episode starts with the troop standing at the Colosseum and taking pictures with it mostly Chakor, Rani and Imli were having a group selfies for their reunion while the remaining are listening to the history behind the Colosseum.

Imli: I can’t believe we’re here!! Rani : That to with Chakor!!!Chakor: Even me too guys!!!! It’s really a nice historical place to visit!!! Also the Roman Empire is the posh one too!!!Imli: Stop it !!!! I really get bored within this history stuf…
Imli: I can’t believe we’re here!!
Rani : That to with Chakor!!!
Chakor: Even me too guys!!!! It’s really a nice historical place to visit!!! Also the Roman Empire is the posh one too!!!
Imli: Stop it !!!! I really get bored within this history stuff!!! Really boring!!!
Chakor: Oh!!! So where next????
Imli: I think it’s to Trevi fountain next!!!!
Rani: Oh what’s to special about it???
Imli: As I read it was a fountain that served as water into the baths of Agrippa for more than 400 years!!!!
Chakor: Oh !!!! So where are the others???
Imli: Oh my god!! Oh my god!!! Rani, Chakor just see them !!!!!!

Imli pointed towards vivaan and Rahul who were trying their luck on the European girls. Imli and Rani headed to them and they were having a nok jhok!!!

Chakor giggles but her face changes seeing a girl trying her luck on Suraj!!!! Somewhere she felt a fire inside her!!!! She rushed to them.

Chakor: Hey !!!!! (Looking at the girl) Oh new gf!!!!
Suraj got shock listening to what Chakor is thinking.
Suraj: No just strangers!!!
Chakor(whispers): Then, you will talk to strangers in this manner. I mean closely.

Before suraj could say anything Chakor blurred out.
Chakor: Can’t you understand she was trying her luck on you.
Suraj: Really
Chakor: Yes and guess what??? She’s an European and just imagine how lovely your pair looks!!!!

Enough!!!! Suraj: Chakor just keep that mouth shut!!!! She’s just asking the route okay!!!!

He sighed her to leave. Before leaving, the girl said: Your girlfriend looks pretty!!!!

Sukor became shocked listening to what the girl thought of them and both left in silence.

All of them left to the Trevi Fountain!!! It’s such a beautiful fountain that no one can ever build nowadays!!!!

All are again having group selfies!!!!

After visiting some of the famous places in Rome they left to a Restaurant to have dinner (They roamed till the night)

At the restaurant,

Imli ordered some different varieties of Roman pizzas.

Vivaan: Imli is such a big fan of pizzas!!! My gosh!!!!
Aarav: Jab Bhabhi itna pizza khathi toh uska pett blast hogayegi!!!
Chakor: I remember when she ate her first pizza!!!
Vivaan: Even me!!!! On Rani’s Birthday, she gave us a pizza party !!!!! That day, Imli ate , (silently)I think 8 slices !!!

All bursts. Imli: What happened guys??? Why are you laughing????
Aarav: See Imli, Vivaan is saying that you will eat more than enough!!!!
Imli: Vivaan ki bacchi!!!! You will come back of me for forgiveness right??? I will see you that time!!!!!
Imli leaves to another table taking a pizza box
Vivaan: Ary !!!! Imli !!!!! Sorry baby!!!!

Vivaan also leaves whereas Aarav and Chakor have a hifi!!!!
Chakor: That’s really an awesome move !!!!!
Aarav: Hahahaha!!!!
Rahul: Okay so lets complete and head back to the hotel fast!!!
Rani: Sure!!!!

(Where are Suraj dialogues???? He’s completely into Chakor the whole time)

In the hotel,
Everyone gathered in Imli’s room.
Aarav: So Bhabhi what’s the plan for tomorrow????
Imli is thinking for a while.
Rani: Why not shopping????
Imli: Nice idea!!! What do you say, Chakor???
Chakor:Hmm… Its a good idea though!!! But sorry guys, maybe I can’t be able to make it!!!
Suraj(interrupted):But why????

Chakor was shocked by Suraj’s reaction.
Suraj: I mean why don’t you join us and have fun!!!
Rahul: Yeah!!
Chakor: Yes but I have some conference call tomorrow regarding our property. So, maybe I’ll join you for dinner!!!!
Vivaan: That’s completely okay!!!
Imli: So boys!! Get ready for tomorrow and head to your rooms fast!!!!

All headed to their rooms except Vivaan.
Imli: What happened??? Any problem???
Vivaan: Nothing !!! But feeling like to hug you and kiss you madly!!!
Imli: Besharam!!! No sense working!!!
Vivaan: But can’t see you like it wearing a shirt and half top!!! I mean literally half naked!!!
Imli: Chiiii!!! No shame!! Get out !!! I need to go for a shower!!!
Vivaan: Can I join you???
Imli got frustrated: If you don’t leave now I will not talk to you this whole trip!!!

Vivaan immediately rushed to door whereas Imli is giggling!!! But before Vivaan leaving he ran to Imli and kissed her cheeks and left in a minute!!!

Imli was at a time shocked and blushing!!!

Imli: Vivaan never changes!!!!

In Chakor’s room,
She was sitting in the sofa and was thinking how happy she used to be when her parents were alive!!!! She used to share everything with them!!! But her life turned downwards and how she became like this!!!!(revealed later)

She feels a dizzy and shaking sensation. She immediately haves her medicine!!!

Chakor: Why you did this to me???


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Wanna know about Chakor’s illness???

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  2. Awesome! Chakor is possessive about Suraj. Imvaan are cute. Felt sad for Chakor at the end. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  3. Superb update! I was thinking about this ff a few days ago and finally it’s here! Suraj’s attention was all on Chakor. Aww. Eagerly wanting to know Chakor’s illness..just hope it’s nothing serious.

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