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Misunderstanding btw all family members were becoming more and more ap was still in shock about what her sons did all family members were in hall except ragsan they were in their room ragini some how convinced sanskar about the family staying their she was progressing in gaining sanskar’s trust
At some villa
“that girl ragini is becoming a hurdle in our plan” a girl screamed
“u are right she’s becoming a trouble for us and sanskar is trusting her we need to do something” kartick says

“um……… ragini I thought she may be any help for us but she’s uniting sanskar with his family” a man said
“kavitha’s death proved so helpful to us but this ragini she’s getting on top of our heads” the girl screamed in frustration
Kartick was shocked listening to recent confession
“wait what do u mean by that kavitha’s death proved helpful to u guess what do u mean by this” kartick asked

“wo kartick she meant that kavitha’s death helped to ignite sanskar it motivated him to take revenge from his own family” the man said
“ do u think fool of me what did she meant” he yelled
“u know na we wanted revenge from maheswari’s from long back kavitha’s death helped us to take revenge from them” the girl said
“I don’t know why u want revenge from them but right know what to do about ragini”kartick asked
“she has to die” the girl said
“what” asked the shocked kartick
“yes she has to die her death would bring that animal sanskar who would go to any extend but everything should look like laksh killed her” the man
Trio laughed evilly
They planned everything
Ragini got a call saying that her dadi met with an accident near temple ragini rushed immdeately without informing anyone
When she was about to leave she got arnav’s call
“ragini I got some information about kartick” arnav said
“bhai I’ll talk to u later about it I need to rush to hospital dadi met with an accident near temple” she said
“what when how” aranv asked
“ bhai I have no idea I am just leaving their I’ll call u later” saying she hanged up the call

Arnav was getting some doubt he called swara who was at badi
“ha bhai did u tell ragini about kartick” swara asked
“swara ur dadi met with an accident” arnav said
“what when just tell me where I am coming” she said moving out of house
Their she saw dadi and dida fighting dadi was holding pooja plate in hand swara was shocked
“bhai its really a bad joke” swara said taking a sigh of relief
“swara I am not joking ragini got a call saying that dadi met with an accident near temple and is in hospital” arnav said
“how can that be possible bhai dadi is standing in right in front of me fighting with dida she has just returned from temple I guess having pooja plate in her hand” swara said
Another shock for arnav

“what but then who called ragini”
“bhai I think something is wrong ragini bhai something is going to happen” she sais
“swara some one had called her intentionally she’s at risk she said she’s going to hospital which hospital I don’t know”
Scenes shift to the same villa
The man and girl were speaking in a room kartick felt something fishy he came back and heard some noise he headed towards that room he was dumbstruck listening to their conversation

“how foolishly u were talking in front of kartick what if he got to know truth” the yelled at the girl
“I am sorry dad I won’t repeat this mistake”the girl said
“mistake their’s no chance of mistake here I some how managed him what if he got to know that it was us who killed kavitha not dp everything that he have been planning from so long everything would have gone waste” he tells
“I know dad how important this is to u what ever dp did to u he has to pay for his deeds” the girl said

Kartick was shocked that till know he was helping those people who were the reason behind his beloved sister kavitha’s death then it flashed he had sent some men to kill ragini it was important to save her some how kartick was in a hurry to leave by mistake the vase their fell down hearing the sound both man and girl became alert kartick was badly sweating he knew how dangerous these both were he ran from their but to his bad luck the man saw him
He escaped from their
“kartick he got to know everything” the man yelled

“know what dad” the girl aksed
“he has to die” the man said then he called his men and said them to kill kartick
Kartick was sure that man would have definitely sent mens to kill him he was feeling guilty that what he was doing till know he needed to some how save ragini and tell truth to sanskar
He rushed to the place where ragini had been called he was thinking that how they made plan to kill ragini the place she was called was hospital area and sharp shooter was appointed to kill ragini and when that shooter when get caught would tell laksh’s name ragini would also die and sanskar’s hatred towards his family would increase that would be worst than death of his family tears escaped from his eyes thinking about it
He was sweating badly
Scenes shift back to arnav and swara
They were trying to call ragini but failed to contact her they some how located her they rushed to reach that place
Ragini reached that hospital she enquired about her dadi but didn’t get any information she was confused that why would anyone call her to such place
Their some nurse gave her a letter she was shocked reading it she headed out of hospital she walked some what way from hospital near some shop she was standing in mid of the road a car was about to hit her some how she escaped that shooter was in some building aiming towards ragini

Kartick reached the place he couldn’t find ragini their because of traffic swara and arnav too reached their they saw ragini standing near some shop they headed towards her
Finally kartick found her then he looked around to find that shooter he saw him aiming towards ragini he ran towards ragini the shooter had pulled the tigger the bullet was moving in full speed towards ragini on right time kartick pushed her she fell with a thud and that bullet hitted kartick ragini was shocked that shooter was also shocked he called his boss and said him about what happened

Arnav and swara were shocked
Ragini and arnav rushed to him
“kartick” arnav called him ragini was shocked knowing that he was arnav
“kartick open u r eyes we’ll let nothing happen to u” arnav said they were near hospital some how they reached hospital
“rag… ragini ………… sanskar” kartick was berathing heavily
“plsz don’t speak we’ll reach hospital soon and we’ll save u” ragini said
“plsz let …….me…… say dp didn’t……… didn’t….. kill kavitha ……..their some……… some else behind all this………. he….. he ….. wants revenge ……from maheswari” kartick said

He was falling unconscious he was slowly closing his eyes
“he…… wants to destroy……. ur family…… he wants revenge from DP” katrick said
“kartick ji plsz u can tell all this later don’t stress ur self plsz” ragini said
“he …. he ….is……….shiv………….. shiv… raj………. mal……… malhotra…..” saying he closed his eyes
Giving a big shock to ragini and others
“shivraj malhotra who is he and why he wants revenge from bade papa” ragini thought
The only one person who could answer all their questions was kartick he was taken to hospital and he was in ot

Percap: what do u think………………….

Guess I know u want ragsan romance plsz bare this drama for 2 episodes and then everything would be all is well
So plsz comment love u all plsz comments my readers …………………..

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