swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-37)

Hello everyone I am sorry for being late I am back with another episode hope u like it thank for everyone who commented I glad that u liking my ff and silent readers plsz comment
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at MM
sanskar was sitting alone in garden
kira came to him
“what happened sanskar” she asked
“nothing kira” he said wiping his tears
“if u want u can share with me” she suggested
“nothing yaar its just that I am confused about what’s true and what I was doing all the way till know” he said thinking how he wanted revenge from dp and laksh and when today ragini said that it was not dp he was feeling guilty that he was too rude with his family with out knowing truth he was doing so much wrong
“sanskar I know I should not interfere its ur life but I feel that ragini is cheating on u” kira said this angered sanskar
“what the hell are u speaking kira u are my friend that doesn’t mean u can speak anything about my wife” sanskar shot at her
“don’t take me wrong yaar but the way I saw ragini and laksh together I felt so they were really close to eachother”
Sanskar left the place
“u are mine sanskar just mine” kira said to herself
At laksh room ragini was also their
Sanskar came back to room he didn’t find ragini he searched her and a servant said that she was in laksh room by this sanskar became more angry he headed their
At laksh room
“thank u so much ragini if u were not their na I don’t what would have happened” laksh said
“areh how many times will u say that”
“I am really sorry for what ever I did in past If possible plsz forgive me”
“laksh stop it I said na I forgave u long back and about helping u it was my duty I’ll always be their to help u I know what ever sanskar was doing was wrong so we needed to stop him”ragini said
Sanskar heard their half conversation and took it wrong
Sanskar left from their
“ok but then too”
“u remember na no sorry and thank btw friends”
“ok laksh hope u remember what’s our plan”
“umm I am with u at ur every step”
“laksh one more thing I know its going to be difficult to bid old relations but plsz then too try sanskar had to suffer a lot he was alone away from his family I hope u help me to bring him close to his family”
“I am with u and we would bring our old bhai back” laksh said assuring her

At ragsan room
Sanskar was doing some office work sitting on coach ragini came back to room she went and sat next to him keeping her head on his shoulders
“sanskar can I ask u something” she aksed
“yes” he said in strict tone not seeing towards her
“u can do ur work later” she said closing his laptop and keeping it aside
“what’s ur problem”
“u, u are my problem don’t u have some time for ur cute lovely and beautiful wife” she said dramatically
Sanskar smiled at her he forgot that he was angry on her or what ever
“ok my dear wife what is it” he asked holding her hand
“I know its difficult for u to believe what ever I said but still try it I know its difficult to bid old relations it reminds u of ur past which u want to forget but still try sanskar it was not just u but ur family too that has suffered they were away from their son for so many years try to forget what ever happened and start everything newly” she said
“ummm I’ll try”he said
“thank u” she said kissing his cheeks
She was about to go he held her hand she turned back questioning him what
“ragini where were u some time back” he asked
She was thinking wheter to tell him or not what will he think
“wow o sanskar ha I was with uttra” she said
“are u sure because I thought u were with laksh”
“sorry I thought u would get angry so I didn’t say” she said closing her eyes
“its ok” he said hugging her she was happy that he trust her but something else was going on in sanskar’s mind

The next day
Sanskar was behaving normal with his family ragini was happy seeing it he was teasing uttra with laksh everything was back to normal everyone was happy getting their old sanskar back
Later at ragsan room
Ragini was going through some files sanskar came in with some papers
“ragini” he called
He handed her those papers
“what is this sanskar” she asked taking those papers and seeing them she was shocked
“this are divorcee papers” he said
Tears rolled from her eyes
“u wanted me to be with my family I am what ever u wanted to do u have done so I am freeing u from this unwanted and forced relationship”
She was numb she was not understanding what was happening her world had become upside down where she was thinking about her happy life with sanskar their future and he did
“I have already singed u too sign and get rid of all this” he said
He was about to go ragini held his hand
“why did u do this u know I love u then why all this” she yelled
Sanskar freed his hand and left from their with out uttering a word ragini broke down she was crying so much remembering all their moments
On the other side
Sanskar drove his car tears rolled down from his eyes
I am sorry ragini for hurting u but this is important to keep u safe I’ll die if anything happened to u u have got just pain from me its better u be away from me and my life

Percap:why sanskar is doing all this………………………..
And culprit caught…………………..

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