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“Sanskar” she uttered shockingly

He smiled seeing her shocked face

She got down from the bed and walked towards the huge glass window

And placed her palm on the window pane

She happily grinned looking at the beautiful scenario in front of her eyes

“liked it” Sanskar asked standing next to her

“loved it” she said happily looking at him

They were on some island near Mumbai

Surrounded by beautiful greenery, beach

The glass house was near the shore giving a beautiful view of sea from one side and from other the forest a open house


She walked out of house followed by Sanskar

She walked on beach and yelled in happiness when the wave of water touched her feet

She was running and Sanskar was glancing at her smiling

He got hold of her hand


“still there are many things but before that lets get fresh and eat something you didn’t eat anything from night” he said she smiled at him

He gestured her to move but she lifted her hands in air he smiled at her and picked her on his shoulder

She laughed at his antics


“Sanskar” she yelled out his name

He quickly ran inside there room

“what” before he completed he was awestruck looking at her

She was in bathrobe hairs all wet and tiny water droplets falling on her shoulder

She snapped her fingers in front of his face

“where are my dresses”

“haa” he came out of his lala land

“its here” he said walking towards the suitcase which was in cupboard

She could feel his gaze

“if you are done ogling at me can you leave the place so that I can change” she said a

she smirked when he frowned listening her

And dangerously walked close to her she shivered when he sensuously touched her waist

She closed her eyes in anticipation finding him that close to her

He huskily wishpered in her ears

“Quickly dress up” he said

“ah” she looked confused

“I am waiting in lobby” he said giving her his brightest smile

“what’s wrong with him why didn’t he react” she thought in mind

When she opened the suitcase she was bit shocked seeing the dresses

There were a pair of shorts, tank tops, and a white dress

She picked the white one

After a while she walked towards the lobby

Sanskar was no where

She scanned the place looking for him

He entered with a tray

“lets have breakfast” he said

She nodded

The breakfast went quite and she felt irritated by this fact

After they were done he forwarded his hand she lt looked at him and then happily placed her hand in his

“where are we going sanskar” she asked

“this is 8th time you are asking and its been just 5 minutes that we started” he said

She made a angry pout

“because you are confusing me and” before she could complete he placed his finger on her lips

“shhhh” “ you speak a lot” he said

“trust me you’ll love it” he said and she nodded her head

She held his hand tight and walked some distance

Soon a visiting car stopped in front of them she looked more confused now

“I thought there’s no one other than us”

“in this part of beach there’s no one but for further adventure we need to move to other place” he said

Soon they got in

She looked surprised seeing the car moving on bridge that was joing two ends of island she smiled

And looked at Sanskar who signaled her something

He stood up titling his head out of car holding the top

Ragini too followed him

 Aankhon ko teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai (x2)

She looked at him lovingly and he smiled at her

Bin chhuye chhu liye hai
Tune mujhko diye hai
Pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya

Sanskar placed his hand over her’s

They were enjoying the breeze that was touching there faces

Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyaar ka hai ehsaas

They stopped at resort , there fingers were entangled and walked in

Soon they dressed up in para diver suits

Walked towards the boat which was waiting for them

They reached the point from where they had to dive Sanskar looked at ragini who was hell nervous

She knew a bit swimming but sea diving was going to be total experience

Sanskar assured her and when he said something she didn’t wish to listen anything else and follow him blindly 

Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x2)

They were in water

And opposite to each other Sanskar held her both hands

The eye lock they shared expressed there feeling for eachothers

Words were not needed

All there was just love

Jaane kya hone laga
Mujhko nahi hai khabar
Kyu neend se door ye
Jaani laggi hai nazar

Sanskar pointed towards him and then at her and made a heart shape from his hands

Conveying his love to her

She gave a flying kiss to him and caught it

Sometimes we are silly when we are with our loved once those small gestures means nothing but still we continue them as they give some sense of joy

Its not easy to describe as it means different to all

Chhodo ye sari baatein
Ab milli hai jo raatein
Inhe jaane na dena jaaniya

The coral reef was enchanting it was beautiful a different place underneath the water

When some fishes moved close to her she feared and Sanskar laughed at her situation she held his arm tight

He ensured her that they won’t harm but she was not listening to him

Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas

She was busy seeing the jelly fish and sea horse when Sanskar tapped her shoulder she turned and looked at him

He had held something in his palms she wanted to see what it was

He moved his hand ahead and suddenly a fish jumped towards ragini

She was shocked and scared

Because the fish touched her nose

She wanted to hit but he escaped

Sau aasmano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x2)

they continued there chase and sea adventure

Aankhon ko teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai
Lyrics at www.lyricsted.com
Bin chhuye chhu liye hai
Tune mujhko diye hai
Pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya

Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaa

There sea dive went amazing both were relaxing on boat deck

Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x3)

They were sitting on beach

She had rested her head on his shoulder and were seeing sunset

Beach was special for them

It connected them to there memories ,there love

As the sun sets below the horizon
we share memories of the day now past.
Awaiting the moon and stars that follow,
both signs of our love that was made to last.

Our love is like a sunset on the beach,
a beauty that can never be erased.
Entranced by each other we are fulfilled,
we’ll never let one moment go to waste.

Soon they returned back to resort

Sanskar pushed ragini inside the room

“Sanskar” she called

“move in I’ll be back in some time” he said

She was confused but then she found a note there

Along with a parcel

“to the love of my life” she read

She got the ready in that black gown

It was strapless and backless

Soon she heard a knock on her door

She thought may be it would be Sanskar

But it was hotel staff

They guided her and she moved

Soon a vintage car stopped infront of her

She got inside it

The car travelled back to the place which was booked for them

And stopped

Sanskar was waiting for her

He was wearing black suit his shirt’s few top buttons were open and hairs were perfectly set

He smiled at her forwarding his hand and then he lead her way

She was just looking around being lost

Soon they walked towards the path which was decorated with candle’s

“this” she looked at him

They were standing in a heart shape

“Sanskar” she called him when she found him kneeling down

“ragini”he softly called her name

“I wanted to tell you something from a long time”

She smiled at him asking him to go ahead he held her hand in his

“I am sorry” he said closing his eyes tight

“Sanskar” she knelt down and hugged him

“how many times will you say this” she asked breaking the hug

“how many times ever  I say I can’t compensate the pain I caused you”

“sanskar lets forget the past we have started our new life and I don’t want any talk on past”

She said holding his face in her palms

“true but new start can’t be made with some hidden lies” he said she looked confused at him

“I hided it from you never shared but now I want to confess everything I don’t wanna hold this grudge of lying to you” he said

“you were like an angle in my life who lighted my dark world, when I was lost in revenge and vengeance it was your love and care that help me find true way” she smiled listening to him

“I hurt you many a times unknowingly and most of times knowingly I made many impulsive decision and I know I was wrong but I was helpless I didn’t know what took my mind but every matter relating to you I was more cautious than I should have been, i can’t deny the fact that once there was a time when I  wanted to use you for my revenge” he stopped and looked at her

“but trust me I never meant to do it, Kavitha was my first love and I can’t deny the fact that she was a great loss of my life and when she left me other than revenge there was nothing over my mind because I felt lost I didn’t have any goal in life I thought of our future we left everything to be with each other but then destiny had its own plans but I am thankful to life because it gave me you” he completed

Tears rolled  down her cheeks

“I never shared with you what I felt and I was wrong about it if I had been brave enough and shared may be we would have been different now”

“Sanskar we are best now whatever happened may be it was planned by god if it didn’t happen may be we would have never known truth and you would have still hated your family you only said na new start can’t be made with hidden lies trust me, it was all well planned by god and I am happy, happiest of all because I have you”

“I am luckiest man because I have you but you can’t deny it that I left you when I promised you that I’ll be with you forever”


“let me complete , I never wanted to go but when I saw you dying in front of me, I turned helpless trust me then each moment passing by I felt I was dying, I couldn’t protect you was something that was constantly ringing in my mind, all the incidents from the time we met and all accidents that happened with you I felt it was my bad luck that was reason that every time you land up in fight with death I didn’t know what to do I left because I wanted some answers but all the time when I was away from you each second felt like years I was missing you badly I was worried for you but then I felt it would be best if I am away from you but in all this I forgot about your love I didn’t give a second thought about your feelings and I just made a decision and it affected both of us badly in thought of giving you all happiness I ended up giving you pain ” he lacked words to say

It was not easy for him he had been through great trauma, his decision looked like it was taken in hast but he found himself responsible for all her pain  

“you were the best thing that happened in my life , your love gave me courage to be the one which I was always it gave me wings to fly in sky and for being with you I need to fight god trust me I’ll go to any extent , I’ll even win over death to be with you”

He looked at her over whelmed she slowly pecked his lips and he closed his eyes

It was like a assurance to her words

She hugged him and he hugged her back pulling her as close as possible

“I love you” he said kissing on top of her head

“love you too” she replied

They were in that position for some time

“you spoiled my surprise with your emotional attyachar”he wishepred still hugging her

She broke the hug

“me” she questioned him

“off course you” he said

“it was you who started”

“and as if you ended that amazingly by saying all filmy dialogues”

“what I said were filmy dialogues and what about you”

“you spoke about death and all” he said

“and you”

“ha me” he tried to irritate her and he was successful because she really was

What can she except more from this piece of her’s

She thought it would be some romantic date but now

“oltha chor kotwal ko data” she tried to pull apart but her chain was stuck in his button

She tried to remove it and was successful but he pulled her close by holding her waist

“leave me”

“my angry bird” he said pinching her nose


“I love you”

“and I hate you” and she pushed him and he chuckled a bit

She started walking and he followed her

“Areh listen na”

“what” she turned to him

He forwarded her a rose and she took it

He forwarded her one more and other

And at last handed her a bouquet to her

She laughed at his antics

“Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheswari” he once again kneeled down

“I SanskarMaheswari confess that I am in madly with you and can’t imagine my life without you, you are my life, my reason to breath will you forgive this stupid husband of yours for his impulsive decisions and all his past mistake and hold his hand for life long, will you give me a honor to call you mine, will me be reason for your happiness will you give me a chance to love you” he asked

Forwarding his hand and she just held it

“what I am waiting for your reply” he said

She giggled

“I will honor you Mr.maheswari to call me yours, I’ll hold your hand for lifelong”

“And even torture you at times with my tantrums” she said and he chuckled


The night was going to be beautiful

Some times our minds are filled with many grudges and anger

The only way to overcome it is by saying our feelings

Caging them would just increase our misery and hurt our loved one’s


Precap: raat abhi baki hai

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