Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan asks Rishab to end this relation

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Preeta yells at Karan saying that she does not want to be part of his stupid plan anymore, he say that she is only part of his plan because she wants to prove him wrong and does not care that he is right about Prithvi, Shristhri also says that they found a photo which had them both in them. They reach at their house and he says that they should go and always get angry and does not even answer them.
Prithvi is in the car with Sherlin and says that she is a very big fool and she should not have made Rishab feel guilty to which she says that she only did this because he always let her down in front ogf Rishab but this time he came to her and she did what she thought was right to which he sys that he is aa soft hearted person just like _Preeta, hearing which she gets angry saying that he loves Preeta

now and is fed up with her, and in angry mood pulls the handbrake at which he gets angry and she says that she wants a break from him and they should not meet for a few days.
Shristhri comes to Janki and says that she knows that Prithvi and Sherlin have something between them, she thinks as to how did she come to know of this and what will she do now, Shristhri says that she knows that he is not a good person but her sister thinks otherwise and does not trust her and just because she is younger than her she thinks that she is always right, Preeta is standing at the back and hears everything, she comes up to her and slaps her from behind saying that she should not say this kind of a thing and leave and go to sleep as it is very late at night, She says to Janki that she knows that she also does not like Prithvi and if she gets better soon and says to her to end this relation then she will do it.
Prithvi is trying to strop Sherlin but she gets angry saying that she doesn’t want to talk to her and she says to him to give her some time as she doesn’t want to listen to him, he say that she must forgive him but she says that she wants some time to think about their relation and yells at him, he leaves and when she goes to the door she finds that someone picked the lock of her house and wonders if there has been a robbery at their house, she gets confused and calls Prithvi asking him to co0me back and he hurriedly comes back, when he arrives she says to him that there has been a robbery and when her mother called she thought that she was talking about him but there was someone else here, he says that he will call the police as there was her wedding jewelry in the house but she says that they must first look for themselves.
Rishab is looking for some files and is wondering where her put them and says that he said to everyone not to touch his almirah but no one listen and is not able to finds a photo of Preeta and thinks of all the time he had with Preeta and then get up and thinks that the way she stole his heart what would have been wrong if it was that easy to steal her and thinks of all the courage her had to gather to steal the photo. Karan comes and asks as to whose photo it is , Rishab hides it and they both struggle to get it, Rishab doesn’t give it to him and he also fights at which he say that it is a photo of Sherlin and he cannot show it to him because she is not wearing proper clothes to which Karan says that he is finding ways to hide the photo and must tell him the truth otherwise he will not go away from his room and will stay here all night, he asks as o what the matter is to which Karan says that he thinks as to why did god put Sherlin in his life to which he say that he is right and he feels like this because they both are not on good terms and of they get married then their fights will continue and he will get in trouble, Karan says that he must end the relation to which Rishab says that it is not so easy and he kisses and hugs him and then Karan goes to his room.

Precap: Prithvi finds Preeta’s earing in Sherlin’s room and he says that they were here and Sherlin says that means that her book is with Preeta. Karan picks up her book and says that now he will find the clue he needs to stop her from marrying his brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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