Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 33


Sry for the confussion guys..Jaan is actually Janki’s elder cousin sister’s son…And Shrawu and Sparsh are SwaLak’s kids..No one other than Sujatha and Dhruv knws tht Laksh’s son’s name is Shrawan….Only Laksh Ragini and Jaan knws Laksh’s other son’s name is Sparsh ok….
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Recap: The new Rathore family.
Sparsh: Dad..
Sanskar hides his wallet.
Sanskar: Haan champ.
Sparsh: i am getting bored…anyway we have nxt i week holiday becoz of some camp in school..can we go to sm place?
Sanskar: which plae do u want to go?
Dhruv hears it.
Dhruv: what abt Delhi?
Sparsh: haan dad Delhi is fine.
Sanskar: Champ u go and ask dad ji.if he agrees we will go.
Sparsh: yah..lets go Dhruv bhaiya.
They leave
Swara comes in Sanskar’room
Sanskar: do u want anything Swara?
Swara: Sanskar pls forgive me.
Sanskar: i have forgiven u ..nw pls go..
Swara: I want to thank u for whatever u r doing for Sparsh. Even though he is not ur son.
Sanskar: Swara, Sparsh is my brother’s son so he is lyk my son only.
Swara: Sanskar ..r u ok?
Sanskar: hw can i be ok?. I lost my brother i lost my wife…my love..my life….nw its just Sparsh..i want him to be happy..
AP: Swara..
Swara: Sanskar Maa is calling me..
She goes…
Sanskar looks at the photos in his table on one phot its him and Sparsh and on another its him and Laksh.
Sanskar: i am sry Lucky….
Sparsh: papa dadu maan gaye…
Sanskar: ok then Sparsh we will go to Delhi tomorrow by our private plane ok?
Sparsh: ok..
Sanskar: nw u go and pack
Sparsh leaves
Nxt day
Ragini comes down..
Janki: Raghu u say.
Rathore: No u say..laksh u say..
Laksh: U r big ri8 so u say..
Rathore: den maa ji will tell
Ragini sees them.
Ragini: papa maa Lucky wat happened?
Rathore: Princess Riku wants to say smthing to u
Riku Muku dadi Taru Shrawu and Mehta’s were abt to go out.
(Rathore has already disused abt Jaan and Ragini to everyone except Ragini Jaan Taru and Shrawu.)
Riku(in mind): Kaha fasa diya aapne papa.
Riku: woh Ragu..
Janki: Raghu ….Riku ko pareshaan karna band karo…
Laksh: Ragini woh Riku Muku Taru Shrawu dadi and Mehta’s are going out..ri8..toh i ws thinking its been so many days tht me papa and maa ..sat together..so if u don’t mind can u and Jaan go smwhere out?
Jaan: acha toh massi u r throwing us away huh?
Ragini: its ok na Jaan ..come lets go.
Shrawu: I will also go wit Daddu and Mumma…
JHaan: of course…
Ragini Jaan and Shrawu leaves..
Rathores and Mehtas smile
Maheshwari family is in their private plane..
Swara is sitting alone Sanskar and Sparsh are sitting together…She sees them and thinks of laksh..she imagines Laksh and Sparsh sitting together …
Suddenly Sparesh comes to her.
Sparsh: Mumma
Swara: haan Sparsh.
Sparsh sits wit her.
Sparsh: do u knw mumma 2 new students joined our class..
Swara: oh thts nice.
Sparsh: Mumma they r twin brothers..i wish i also had one twin brother.
Swara: Sparsh tumhe dadi bula rahe hain.
Tears comes frm Swara’s eyes.
Swara(in mind): u have a twin brother Sparsh….
Maheshwaris reach Delhi.
They have a house in Delhi they stay there..
Kids: come we want to go for side seeing…
DP: Haan lets go.
They Maheshwaries leave.
RagJanShr..r in a mall..
Ragini and Jaan r doing shopping for Taru and Shrawu.
Ragini take same cloths for Taru and Shrawu.
Ragini: Jaan hw is it?
Jaan: very gud..ask Shrawu also.
Ragini: Shrawu ..
Shrawu: haan mumma.
Jaan: Sharwu hw is this dress?
Shrawu: Daddu same to same dress
Ragini: hain ek tumhare liye aur ek Taru keliye.
Sharwu: ek dum twins jaise hain na daddu..
Ragini gets disturbed hearing this..
Jaan: Shrawu iski colour uthna acha nahi hain ..ri8.
Shrawu: kyun aapko acha nahi laga.
Jaan nodes his head in no..And shows lyk vomiting..
Shrawu laughs..
Jaan also laughs ..
They see Ragini who is giving Jaan a deadly look..
Jaan and Shrawu stop laughing.
Shrawu: Daddu woh i am going to games section..meet me there after shopping ..
Shrawu(in mind): Bach gaye.
Jaan: no Ragini don’t look at me lyk tht..i ws just joking…
Shrawu runs to Jaan..and ask him to bend down.
Sharwu whispers in his ears: If smthing happends then Aman dude ko yaad karna..bagwaan tumhare raksha kare..
Shrawu runs from there.
Ragini: Mr.Jaan…
Jaan: Hmm Ragini see lets go there and select…come come..
Jaan walks ahead of Ragini. Ragini smiles…
Jaan and ragini selects dress for the kids..
Maheshwaris reach tht same mall..
Precap: Swara sees Ragini with Jaan and Shrawu.
Well guys i am going to start a new FF..Swaragini Nazideekiyan…its a RagLak FF……
A smile is happiness u’ll find it ri8 under ur nose….So keep smiling..
Have a great day buddies ..love ur Sarika Shah 😀

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. hey nice one pls [email protected] the next episode…love you

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  2. Thank u Sarika for a RagLak ff cant wait for u to start it I cant tell u how eager I am!!
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  3. Dont tell me she will again start against ragini
    Seriously in this ff swara has no job expect
    Doudting on all

    1. Dont worry Sindhu di..Swara is positive nw…
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  4. Interesting yaar.update nxt part soon

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    1. Arrey kaha thi aap..maine aapka comment bahut miss kiya…Laksh ke bare mein janne keliye thoda indezaar kijiye 😀

  7. OMG!!! Supper excited for the amazing news. Ragini and Lakesh FF.
    I like seeing the cemetery between Jaan and Ragini their moment together with Sarawa they almost looked like family almost. FAINALY Sanskar coconut head start working after 7 years and reales what he lost. Will love to read a cheaper from his point of view maybe it will readem him in my eye since am not a big fan of him at the moment. Can’t imagine how swara or ragini will react seeing my each other specialy if she came to know about her kid being raise by none other then her sister. Another great chapter I can almost see there will be anothet Maha cheaper will all the hint you leaving :D.
    Now I have to go back and pary the new fanfiction will be post soon.

    1. Thank u Leia for this wonderful comment…i loved it..Thanx for showing support lyk this…and yh i have posted My new FFs intro…. love u lots ..

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      2. Of course Leia…www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-nazdeekiyaan-raglak-intro/
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  11. How can janaki cousin sister’s son can be a pair to ragini he is also a brother too ragini…don’t make confuse through u r relations

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  14. Don’t make Sanky week he is right in his point of view actually ragini never trusted him jitna trust vo laksh ko kiya utna sanky pe kyu nahi karpayi ass she never loved him its true nd this silly laksh have draged it nd she went with him she never tried to clear their misunderstanding its not fair

    1. di woh actually Ragini loved him but she never expressed it to him in the correct way…thts y dis misunderstanding occured..thanx for ur lovely comment di ?

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