He is impossible (IKRS) Episode 5

Dhaani does all extra work and when she looks at her watch she realises its already 12. She thinks tomorrow is di’s marriage how will I get up early now? Oh no this is all because of that Mr. Arrogant. She goes to Viplav’s office and says she has completed all the work. Viplav says ok now go. Dhaani says but I wanted to ask you something. Viplav’s mood was already bad because he had to wait for her till 12 and he was getting ready to leave. Viplav asks what? Dhaani says I wanted a leave tomorrow. Viplav asks what you joined just two days back and you don’t complete your work on time and on top of that you need a holiday?! Just forget it. Dhaani says but now I have completed all my work and tomorrow is my di’s marriage pls I want a holiday. Viplav remembers that he is also invited by Mohan for the marriage. He says no. Dhaani says forget it, you are just impossible. Viplav says I have lots of work and I am already pissed off so go don’t irritate me. Dhaani says am I irritating you? You are just impossible saying so she leaves. Viplav also leaves his office.

When Dhaani comes out she sees there is no car. She calls the driver, he says actually the car’s tire got punctured so I went to the mechanic but he is not there so it will take time for me to reach there. Dhaani says ok and gets frustrated. She searches for auto but could not find one. A car comes infront of her and the window opens, a man says get inside I will drop you. That man is none other than our hero Viplav. Dhaani says its ok I can go alone. Viplav says I am your boss and you have to listen to me. Dhaani says but I don’t need your help, you are my boss only in office not outside. Viplav says I am already very tired and I am in no mood to argue so just get inside. Dhaani gets inside and thinks he is really impossible. It is impossible to convince him. Dhaani plays the radio. Viplav gives her an annoyed look and switches it off. Dhaani again plays it Viplav switches it off. Dhaani says what is your problem cant you listen to songs? Viplav does not answer her.

Here Dulaari is tensed and asks Mohan I told you not to send her to office. Mohan says don’t worry she will come back. Mohan calls Dhaani. Her phone rings it’s a loud sound. Viplav again gets frustrated. Dhaani says yes dad I m coming this Mr. Arrogant is making me overwork and not even giving holiday for di’s marriage. Mohan says don’t worry he is good he will give you holiday. Dhaani says seriously dad you think he is good he is wor… She sees Viplav looking at her with an angry look. She says bye dad I m coming and keeps the phone. Dhaani says I m seriously fed up of this Mr. Arrogant aka Mr.Impossible. Viplav asks did you say something. Dhaani says n…oo.. Viplav thinks how can someone handle this crazy girl seriously Mr.Mohan is great to handle her. Dhaani says stop stop what are you thinking my home has arrived. Viplav stops the car. Dhaani removes the seat belt and comes out of the car. She closes the door and is unable to walk further she thinks what happened. Viplav comes out of the car and opens Dhaani’s side door. Dhaani sees that her dupatta was stuck in the car.

Viplav says are you dumb cant u see back and understand the problem instead of standing there and thinking. I wonder if all the work you have done is right or not?! Dhaani says you… and shows finger to him. He says ungli niche (finger down) Dhaani takes her finger back. She moves to her house. Viplav calls him from back and says you can take leave tomorrow. Dhaani hears it and gets overjoyed and turns and says seriously??? And in her excitement she hugs him. Viplav stands speechless and says do you like me? Dhaani realises what she just did. Viplav again asks do u like me as you always come and hug me. Dhaani is embarrassed and says its nothing like that okay?? Don’t think too much. It was just my excitement becoz of that… Mohan comes from behind and says oh Mohan beta (son) How are you and how come you are here? Dhaani says actually my car broke down so he gave lift to me. Viplav says its nothing like that uncle she did not have a car and was searching for an auto so I thought how can I let your daughter travel in an auto eventhough she deserves it. Dhaani asks what did you say? I am telling the truth the driver went to the mechanic that’s why I was searching for an auto. When you don’t know anything you should keep your mouth shut okay? Viplav says you keep your mouth shut. Its useless to talk to you. Mohan says just stop it you both. Vidhaa gets tensed and look down. The scene freezes.

Precap: Piya’s marriage. Vidhaa fights

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  1. Maria it’s superb. Vidhani nhok-jhoks r just so cute. Plz post next part soon.

    1. Thanks Louella 🙂

  2. Nice episode wow vidhaani’s nok Jhok good job Maria

    1. Thanks joyee keep reading and supporting me 🙂

  3. It’s really awesome. Eagerly waiting for next one. Also vidhani’s scenes are so superbbb..:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks midarshani keep reading 🙂

  4. Maria…lovely nokjhoks of ViDhaani…love it to the core…excited for next part

    1. Thank you so much Sujie keep reading and supporting me 🙂

  5. Maria, weldone, good job and keep going

    1. Thanks aish keep reading 🙂

  6. Well done maria…… too good…………………………….. 🙂

    1. Thanks ahana keep reading 🙂

  7. super effort good result nice epi maria

    1. Thanks our doc sweety. Keep reading 🙂

  8. Its becoming very interesting and everyday i eagerly wait for ur ff but it seems like u are really busy.no problem.just keep continuing ur beautiful story.

    1. Thank you so much saranya.. And I am so sorry for making you wait so much. But really I am busy as I told before also my mom is not well so I have to do her work. So I am unable to update everyday but I will try to.

      1. Oh Maria,u know i was also busy,so i forgot to ask abt ur mother’s health.how is she now?hope she is feeling good and u know my mother is also a patient of headache.i meant that bcz she always has headache when he gets tension and bp problem also.

      2. My mom is better now actually she is suffering from a disease which takes time to be cured. She is having her treatment now. And take care of your mother also. May God bless both our mothers and they get well soon…

  9. Maria you just made my day with this! ?
    I was feeling so low today but after reading this i’m so damn feeling well! Also anxiously waiting for the next episode. Post it soon!

    1. Thanks Mahira I am happy that you liked it and my ff made your mood good. Keep reading 🙂

  10. Hi maria good but there is one correction in episode 3 start of day 1 in office dhani had eorn a formal top pant now u r saying dupatta stuck . I might be wrong sorry for it

    1. Actually you are right first day she wore formal and the second day a dress. I didn’t notice that. But thanks for making me realise my mistake next time I will take care and no need of sorry for that… 🙂

  11. Superb Maria. vidha nok Johk was nice. I m liking this fight rather than their romance. Just loved it. Thanks Maria for this wonderful treat .

    1. Thanks Porkodi me too like their fights more than romance…

  12. Maria! From Saran’s comment I got to know that ur mother was not well..sorry 4 that. I wish ur mother a happy & healthy life..
    Now coming to ur ff… It was cute & funny. Vidha nokjhok always a treat & viplav’s sarcastic reply…just mind blowing… When he asked Dhani whether she liked him was really funny…superb episode.

    1. Thanks for your concern Rajee…
      And thanks for liking my ff keep reading

  13. maria praying for your mother’s health. i hope aunty is now ok.
    ff is really impossible like your title dear

    1. Thanks Laxmi for your concern she is ok now. Keep reading

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