Swaragini SWASAN FF# chapter4


Swara leaves with ragini to reach badi….they both take a taxi n go…..when they reach near badi ragini says swara u go inside I’ll just come in a min I need to talk to badi Maa…swara says I’ll wait for u we will go together….. Ragini goes n call AP swara is waiting for her suddenly 4 goons come n take swara in a cab swara tries to scream but before she could say they took her…ragini turns around sees swara being kidnapped and shouts her name

Ragini gets tensed n says …I need to inform sanskaar about it she calls sanskaar
Sanskaar: yes ragini
Ragini: sanskaar I was talking to badi maa when suddenly some goons came n kidnapped swara…..
Sanskaar gets shocked….
What?? Where did they go ?
Did u see the car no.??
Ragini says no
Sanskaar says Ok I’m coming there…..
Sanskaar hurriedly leaves for badi

Swara is tied up in a garage kind of area she tries to free herself but is unable…. The goons mistreat her….
One goon is talking to a mysterious lady….
Goon: should I kill her?
Lady:no not at all if someone gets to know I’ll be in trouble…
We have to wait for the correct time….

Sanskaar comes to the baadi all r tensed sumi is crying… Shekher n dadi are also worried
Sans comes to rags did u see their face
No I just saw the car it was a white cab she replies in a tensed voice…
So should we go n search for her sanskaar asks her rags agree they both leave
Sanskaar says we need to ask ppl whether they saw a white cab…
Ragini says…umm n even I saw that there was a black sticker at the back of the cab….
Sanskaar n ragini asks a no. Of ppl bit no one has seen the cab…
At last they ask a shopkeeper… Who says yes they went that said should I guide?
Ragini n sanskaar get happy on getting a little hope….
To be continued….

Precap: sanskaar finds swara they both hug each other khamoshiyaan…plays

Credit to: cherry

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